Item Details



Semi-automatic with medium capacity and power.

Heads up! Weapon stats have changed in version 10.26.0


Damage: 26


Accuracy: 62


Range: 50


Fire Rate: 44


Mobility: 96


Control: 41

MW11 Pistol in Call of Duty Mobile
Blueprint Name Rarity Sources
Azurite Epic
Bear Trap Epic
Beekeeper Epic
Bite Size Epic
Bombs Away Epic
Bubblegum Epic
Bullet Ants Epic
Chevalier Epic
Circuit Board Epic
Color Spectrum Epic
Cosmos Epic
Dangerous Waters Epic
Dive Bomb Epic
Echolocation Epic
Emergence Epic
Exosphere Epic
Glow Fly Epic
Gold Glitter Epic
Holidays Epic
Hot Spot Epic
Ice Crystal Epic
Living Rust Epic
Mire Epic
Mitosis Epic
Murder Epic
Noir Epic
Nuclear Fallout Epic
Oil Spill Epic
Party Area Epic
Patriotic Epic
Quartz Epic
Radar Epic
Revolution Epic
Rogue Intel Epic
Sakura Storm Epic
Serpentine Epic
Sharkbite Epic
Strafing Run Epic
The Standard Issue Epic
Uncaged Epic
Visceral Epic
Wicked Whisper Epic
Wrath Black & Gold Epic
Camo Name Rarity Sources
Abominable Common
Action Scene Rare
Adaptable Rare
Aether Crystal Common
Alligator Uncommon
Ammo Box Uncommon
Anaconda Common
Angles Uncommon
Angles (Grindable) Common
Anniversary Rare
Apparition Rare
Arctic Abstract Common
Arctic Seafoam Common
Artisan Rare
Ashen Viper Rare
Asphalt Common
Autumn Dazzle Common
Backdraft Rare
Bandit Rare
Bats Uncommon
Black Cat Uncommon
Black Lime Rare
Black Marble Uncommon
Black Top (Grindable) Common
Blend Uncommon
Bloodline Rare
Bloody Uncommon
Blue Carbon Rare
Blue Hazard Uncommon
Blue Iguana Common
Blue Tiger Common
Bolted Metal Uncommon
Brain Freeze Uncommon
Brains! Uncommon
Brushed Red Uncommon
Brushed Steel Rare
Bullet Point Uncommon
Bullsnake Common
Canopy Common
Canvas Rare
Cash Flow Rare
Cathedral Uncommon
Cerulean Uncommon
Chain Link Common
China Lake Common
Chupacabra Common
Coalition Rare
Coat Uncommon
Color Streak Rare
Commando Common
Concrete Lightning Uncommon
Connection Rare
Corroded Uncommon
Cosmic Wave Rare
Courage Uncommon
Court Blue Uncommon
Crackle Uncommon
Crane Style Uncommon
Crayon Uncommon
Crime Scene Common
Crossed Cables Rare
Dalmatian Uncommon
Damascus Common
Danger Zone Rare
Dank Forest Common
Dark Flower Uncommon
Dark Light Rare
Data Blocks Uncommon
Deep Forest Rare
Default Common
Desert Cat Common
Desert Hybrid Common
Desert Snake (Grindable) Common
Desperate Measures Rare
Diamond Common
Digital Exotic Rare
Dirt Common
Drone Uncommon
Duct Tape Uncommon
Duel Uncommon
Easter '20 Uncommon
Electric Wilds Rare
Eyes in the Dark Uncommon
Faded Dream Rare
Faded Veil Common
Feathered Mail Rare
Feral Beast Common
Festival Uncommon
Fiber Ray Uncommon
Fire Squad Rare
Fission Rare
Flannel Uncommon
Foliage Common
Forest Fabric Uncommon
Forward Motion Rare
Foxtail Uncommon
Fractal Sight Uncommon
Frostbite Uncommon
Frostbite (Grindable) Common
Fuel Tank Uncommon
Gartersnake Common
Gecko Common
Gold Common
Graceful Gold Uncommon
Great Wave Rare
Great White Rare
Gridiron Football Uncommon
Guarana Uncommon
H2O (Grindable) Common
Hard Water Uncommon
Hazard Rare
Hazardous Uncommon
Hearts Uncommon
Heliotrope Uncommon
Helm Uncommon
Hemophiliac Uncommon
Hot and Cold Rare
Ice Breaker Common
Immortal Rare
Industrial Revolution Rare
Infected Uncommon
Infraggable Rare
Jingle Bells Uncommon
Jungle Terrain Uncommon
Kapow Uncommon
Kill Brush Common
Knighted Rare
Komodo Common
Labyrinth Rare
Lingering Uncommon
Liquid Mercury Rare
Lunar Tide Rare
MacTavish Rare
Macaw Uncommon
Mail Blade Uncommon
Mardi Gras Rare
Marshland Common
Mechanized Rain Rare
Medieval Rare
Modern Woodland Common
Moonlight Wisp Rare
Moroccan Snake Common
Moss Rare
Moss (Grindable) Common
Moss Rock Uncommon
Mudslide Common
Navy Digital Uncommon
Neon Army Uncommon
Neon Pink Common
Night Time Uncommon
Night Vision Uncommon
Nightfall (Grindable) Common
Nightfrost Common
Obstacle Rare
Old News Uncommon
Open Circuit Rare
Overgrown Common
Overpower Rare
Paint Smear Uncommon
Paper Star Uncommon
Parasol Rare
Pelt Uncommon
Perfect Balance Rare
Permafrost Rare
Pine Cone Uncommon
Pink Python Common
Pinstripe Suit Common
Pitter Patter Common
Plated Gray Uncommon
Plated Green Uncommon
Plated Red Uncommon
Platinum Common
Pocket Shock Uncommon
Posted Rare
Powder Bomb Rare
Preserver Uncommon
Propaganda Rare
Purple Core Rare
Purple Geode Uncommon
Python Common
Radioactive Rare
Rainforest Rare
Rattlesnake Common
Raven's Wing Rare
Record Scratch Uncommon
Red Uncommon
Red Burst Uncommon
Red Curtain Rare
Red Tiger Common
Repellent Uncommon
Rewind Uncommon
Rip 'N Tear Common
Ripped Camo Uncommon
Rock Cairn Uncommon
Ropework Uncommon
Ruins Common
Rusted Uncommon
Sand Dance Common
Sandbox Uncommon
Scarab Uncommon
Screen Tear Uncommon
Seaweed Uncommon
Severed Rare
Sharp Edges Common
Shell Hell Uncommon
Shocking Uncommon
Shuttle Rare
Sight Unseen Rare
Slate Uncommon
Smoke Common
Snakelike Uncommon
Soaring Talon Rare
Spiral Scale Uncommon
Spoils Rare
St. Patrick's Day Uncommon
Stalwart Rare
Star Camo Rare
Steam Engine Rare
Steel Defense Rare
Strapped Rare
Street Art Rare
Strongbox Rare
Subterfuge Rare
Swamp (Grindable) Common
Synapse Rare
Tagged Uncommon
Tagged (Grindable) Common
The Numbers Uncommon
Tiger Stripes Common
Tourniquet Uncommon
Trailblazer Common
Tree Ring Uncommon
Tundra Common
Ultramarine Rare
Uncertain Uncommon
Undead Crusade Rare
Undergrowth Uncommon
Undergrowth (Grindable) Common
Upper Hand Rare
Urban Orange Uncommon
Vine Growth Rare
Wagon Wheel Uncommon
Warcom Blues Common
Warcom Greens Common
Warmth Uncommon
Warp Uncommon
White Lies Uncommon
Wind Streak Uncommon
Worn Fabric Uncommon
Year of the Rat Rare
Yellow Abstract Uncommon
Yellow Camo Uncommon
Yellow Fabric Uncommon
Zombie Gene Uncommon

Attachments have changed greatly in Season 13 and need to be manually redone on the site. This will take quite some time, so apologies if this section isn't helpful right now.

Attachment Name Attachment Type Unlocks at Level
Classic Red Dot Sight Optic 1
OWC Light Suppressor Muzzle 2
Red Dot Sight 2 Optic 3
.45 Tac Long Barrel 4
Wounding Perk 5
10 Round Reload Ammunition 6
RTC Laser 1mw Laser 7
Match Grade Trigger Trigger Action 8
FMJ Perk 9
Granulated Grip Tape Rear Grip 10
OWC Light Compensator Muzzle 11
.45 Suppressor Light Barrel 12
Disable Perk 13
Classic Holographic Sight Optic 14
RTC Light Muzzle Brake Muzzle 15
Holographic Sight 2 Optic 16
Sleight of Hand Perk 17
Tactical Suppressor Muzzle 18
Red Dot Sight 3 Optic 19
Full Ammo Perk 20
OWC Laser - Tactical Laser 21
Holographic Sight 3 Optic 22
Stippled Grip Tape Rear Grip 23
Heavy Duty Trigger Trigger Action 24
.45 Compact Barrel 25
Red Dot Sight 4 Optic 26
MIP Light Flash Guard Muzzle 27
Red Dot Sight 5 Optic 28
Red Dot Sight 1 Optic 29
15 Round Reload Ammunition 30
Red Dot Sight 6 Optic 31
MIP Laser 5mW Laser 32
Holographic Sight 1 Optic 33
Rubberized Grip Tape Rear Grip 34
Monolithic Suppressor Muzzle 35
Lightweight Trigger Trigger Action 36