Posted on 2021-10-25 11:01 AM

License Revoked Crate, Game Over Draw, Trick or Treat Event

License Revoked Crate, Game Over Draw, Trick or Treat Event

Editor's note: apologies for not posting news over the last few days but I didn't feel up to it. I have a lot on my mind at the moment and CODM certainly isn't among these things.

Let's recap the last few days, shall we?

If you'd like to play a game, you're likely at the right place already but the Game Over Draw is a collaboration with the SAW movie franchise. It's related to the latest outing called "Saw: Spiral" - which critics and viewers alike deemed to be rather terrible, by the way - and includes a skin for Morte dressing him up like Billy, the killer. Also included is a very elaborate and detailed Chopper skin full of sawblades, gore and even a torn foot dangling from it. It's all rather disgusting and led to the skin being toned down for the chinese version of the game. There's also a rather decent knife remodel looking more like a drill than a blade. All in all a decent draw but why isn't this a bundle like the other movie crossovers were? For a glorified advertisement this is much too expensive.

Since the general theme of this season is Halloween there's an appropiate event to celebrate the occasion. Trick or Treat is your typical score collection event. Collect "movement points" by playing BR/MP matches, then use these to move between your friend's "houses" to collect candy from them. Your friends can choose to trick you - which means you'll have to complete an objective - or simply treat you and give you the candy straight away. It's a nice twist on a rather worn out mechanic. There's also a leaderboard with extra rewards.

Today's crate is the License Revoked Crate. It features Ajax dressed up as some sort of doctor - or "doctor", as he's clearly not of the medical profession. Maybe that's the reason he was also a convict? The weapons include a DL Q33 and QXR remodel called "Surgical Incision" where all features are rounded and looking like the weapon's made from surgical steel. Oh, and there's blood on them. Looks like Ajax doesn't care much about sterilizing his tools after use.

The other stuff in the crate isn't half bad, by the way. Even the uncommon camos look rather decent and if you like your guns green the rares should be right up your alley. Also included is the first epic Crossbow blueprint.