Source Information

Aquanaut Crate

Added in version on 2021-06-29

This item source is no longer available in the game.
Dupe Protection

This item source is dupe protected. Items marked with will not drop again after you obtained them. Instead, the remaining dupe protected items' drop chance is increased.

  Additional Information

  • Rarity: Epic
  • Paid Only: Yes
Item Name Camo Name Item Type Rarity Drop Chance
M4 Dangerous Waters Assault Epic 0.50%
Charm Aquanaut Charm Epic 1.00%
Knife Dangerous Waters Knife Epic 0.80%
Parachute Dangerous Waters Parachute Epic 0.80%
MW11 Dangerous Waters Pistol Epic 0.80%
AGR 556 Wreck Diver SMG Epic 0.30%
Soldier Recon - Frogman Soldier Epic 0.30%
Spray Gaming Afloat Spray Epic 1.00%
Flashbang Grenade Dangerous Waters Tactical Epic 0.80%
Wingsuit Dangerous Waters Wingsuit Epic 0.80%
HVK-30 Preserver Assault Uncommon 4.00%
Avatar Frogman Avatar Rare 2.50%
Backpack Naval Mine Backpack 1 Rare 2.50%
Backpack Preserver Backpack 1 Uncommon 5.00%
Baseball Bat Naval Mine Baseball Bat Rare 2.50%
Calling Card From the Depths Calling Card Rare 3.00%
Mechanic Preserver Class Skill Uncommon 5.00%
Medic Preserver Class Skill Uncommon 5.00%
Emote Nosedive Emote Rare 2.50%
Frame Deep Diver Frame Frame Rare 4.00%
S36 Naval Mine LMG Rare 2.50%
Frag Grenade Preserver Lethal Uncommon 5.00%
Parachute Preserver Parachute Uncommon 5.00%
J358 Naval Mine Pistol Rare 2.50%
MW11 Preserver Pistol Uncommon 4.50%
J358 Preserver Pistol Uncommon 5.00%
QQ9 Preserver SMG Uncommon 4.00%
Striker Preserver Shotgun Uncommon 4.50%
XPR-50 Preserver Sniper Uncommon 4.00%
Sticker Shark Breach Sticker Rare 2.50%
Smoke Grenade Preserver Tactical Uncommon 5.00%
Flashbang Grenade Preserver Tactical Uncommon 5.00%
ORV Naval Mine Vehicle Rare 2.50%
Wingsuit Preserver Wingsuit Uncommon 4.90%