Item Details

Flashbang Grenade


Device that blinds and deafens the target when detonated.


Radius: 60


Duration: 60

Flashbang Grenade Tactical in Call of Duty Mobile
Camo Name Rarity Sources
1001 Nights Rare
Abnormality Uncommon
Acid Helix Rare
Alarm Uncommon
Alligator Uncommon
Ambush Uncommon
Angles Uncommon
Ashen Viper Rare
Aurora Borealis Rare
Azurite Epic
Bandit Rare
Barrier Break Epic
Beekeeper Epic
Black Marble Uncommon
Black Top Uncommon
Blend Uncommon
Blue Carbon Rare
Blue Graffiti Uncommon
Blue Wave Uncommon
Bogged Down Rare
Bolted Metal Uncommon
Brains! Uncommon
Brambles Rare
Brush Stroke Uncommon
Brushed Red Uncommon
Bullet Point Uncommon
Bunker Uncommon
Calcium Chloride Uncommon
Candy Cane Rare
Catch of the Day Uncommon
Cathedral Uncommon
Cerulean Uncommon
Citrine Epic
Clown Rare
Coat Uncommon
Color Burst Rare
Colorful Rare
Concrete Lightning Uncommon
Corpse Digger Uncommon
Corroded Uncommon
Cosmic Wave Rare
Courage Uncommon
Court Blue Uncommon
Crackle Uncommon
Crayon Uncommon
Crescent Moon Rare
Crimson Moon Uncommon
Cumulus Uncommon
Dangerous Waters Epic
Dark Fiber Uncommon
Deep Tech Legendary
Default Common
Desert Snake Uncommon
Distressed Uncommon
Dotted Scale Rare
Dragonfly Uncommon
Duct Tape Uncommon
Duel Uncommon
Easter '20 Uncommon
Echolocation Epic
Electric Rare
Electric Wilds Rare
Eruption Epic
Eternal Youth Uncommon
Evil Chip Rare
Eyes in the Dark Uncommon
Fashion Purple Uncommon
Feathered Mail Rare
Fiber Ray Uncommon
Fine Art Uncommon
Foggy Forest Uncommon
Forest Fabric Uncommon
Frostbite Uncommon
Fuel Tank Uncommon
Gallant Rare
Gas Cloud Uncommon
Glacier Rare
Graceful Gold Uncommon
Gray Skies Uncommon
Gridiron Football Uncommon
Grime Uncommon
Groovy Rare
Halloween Rare
Hazard Rare
Hearts Uncommon
Heliotrope Uncommon
Hemophiliac Uncommon
Horseshoe Uncommon
Industrial Revolution Rare
Infected Uncommon
Irradiated Amethyst Rare
Jungle Cat Rare
Kapow Uncommon
Light Show Uncommon
Lingering Uncommon
Lunar New Year Rare
Lunar Tide Rare
Magic Eye Rare
Mail Blade Uncommon
Maple Leaves Uncommon
Mardi Gras Rare
Marine Blue Uncommon
Meteors Uncommon
Moon Glow Epic
Moss Rock Uncommon
Neon Green Uncommon
Neon Tiger Uncommon
Nonconformist Uncommon
Oil Spill Epic
Osito Uncommon
Paint Smear Uncommon
Plated Gray Uncommon
Plated Red Uncommon
Pocket Shock Uncommon
Preserver Uncommon
Propaganda Rare
Purple Geode Uncommon
Quartz Epic
Red Uncommon
Reindeer Uncommon
Reticulated Uncommon
Rewind Uncommon
Runes Uncommon
Ruptured Steel Rare
Rusted Uncommon
Screen Tear Uncommon
Shrine Uncommon
Slate Uncommon
Sleight of Hand Rare
Snake Bite Epic
Snakelike Uncommon
Space Station Epic
Spoils Rare
St. Patrick's Day Uncommon
Stained Steel Rare
Starlight Rare
Steel Cut Rare
Stream Uncommon
Street Art Rare
Tagged Uncommon
Target Lock Epic
Technologic Uncommon
The Numbers Uncommon
Tracker Uncommon
Tree Bark Uncommon
Tree Ring Uncommon
Tropical Uncommon
Ukiyo-e Rare
Uncertain Uncommon
Undergrowth Uncommon
Warhead Uncommon
Warmth Uncommon
Watcher Uncommon
White Lies Uncommon
Wind Streak Uncommon
Worker Ant Uncommon
Year of the Rat Rare
Yellow Camo Uncommon
Yellow Snow Uncommon
Yellow Triangle Uncommon
Zombie Gene Uncommon