Source Information

Bitter Stinger Crate

Added in version on 2021-08-30

This item source is no longer available in the game.
Dupe Protection

This item source is dupe protected. Items marked with will not drop again after you obtained them. Instead, the remaining dupe protected items' drop chance is increased.

  Additional Information

  • Rarity: Epic
  • Paid Only: Yes
Item Name Camo Name Item Type Rarity Drop Chance
LK24 Down Range Assault Epic 0.50%
Karambit Down Range Base Melee Epic 0.50%
Calling Card That's Gotta Sting Calling Card Epic 1.15%
Parachute Down Range Parachute Epic 0.80%
Renetti Down Range Pistol Epic 0.50%
Fennec Knife Arts SMG Epic 0.30%
Soldier Zero - Scorpion Queen Soldier Epic 0.30%
Spray Spider Climb Spray Epic 1.15%
Gas Grenade Down Range Tactical Epic 0.80%
Wingsuit Down Range Wingsuit Epic 0.80%
M4 Feathered Mail Assault Rare 2.00%
HBRa3 Runes Assault Uncommon 5.00%
ICR-1 Runes Assault Uncommon 5.00%
Avatar Scorpion Queen Avatar Rare 2.50%
Backpack Feathered Mail Backpack 1 Rare 2.50%
Backpack Runes Backpack 1 Uncommon 5.00%
Calling Card Ant Hill Calling Card Rare 2.50%
Clown Runes Class Skill Uncommon 5.00%
Ninja Runes Class Skill Uncommon 5.00%
Emote Whiskey Hotel Alpha Tango Emote Rare 2.50%
Frame Hemorrhage Frame Rare 2.50%
Knife Runes Knife Uncommon 5.00%
SMRS Feathered Mail Launcher Rare 2.00%
SMRS Runes Launcher Uncommon 5.00%
Thermite Runes Lethal Uncommon 5.00%
Parachute Runes Parachute Uncommon 5.00%
.50 GS Feathered Mail Pistol Rare 2.00%
Arctic .50 Runes Sniper Uncommon 5.00%
M21 EBR Runes Sniper Uncommon 5.00%
Sticker Deadly Lamp Sticker Rare 2.50%
Smoke Grenade Runes Tactical Uncommon 5.00%
Flashbang Grenade Runes Tactical Uncommon 5.00%
Boat Feathered Mail Vehicle Rare 2.20%
Wingsuit Runes Wingsuit Uncommon 5.00%