Source Information

Sanguine Survival Lucky Box

Added in version on 2021-11-08

This item source is available.

The following items are obtainable by hitting purchase milestones only:

  • Backpack - Bats Reunion at 10 purchases
  • Baseball Bat - Bats Reunion at 15 purchases
  • M4LMG - Vector Pop at 20 purchases

Dupe Protection

This item source is dupe protected. Items marked with will not drop again after you obtained them. Instead, the remaining dupe protected items' drop chance is increased.

  Additional Information

  • Rarity: Epic
  • Paid Only: Yes
Item Name Camo Name Item Type Rarity
KN-44 Bats Reunion Assault Epic
DR-H Altered Human Assault Epic
ICR-1 Crimson Moon Assault Uncommon
Man-O-War Crimson Moon Assault Uncommon
Avatar Misty Barton Avatar Rare
Axe Deep Vein Axe Rare
Backpack Bats Reunion Backpack 1 Epic
Backpack Crimson Moon Backpack 1 Uncommon
Baseball Bat Bats Reunion Baseball Bat Epic
Calling Card Hive Mind Calling Card Rare
Charm Optical Charm Epic
Scout Crimson Moon Class Skill Uncommon
Emote In the Club Like Emote Rare
Frame Blood Red Frame Rare
Knife Crimson Moon Knife Uncommon
M4LMG Vector Pop LMG Epic
S36 Crimson Moon LMG Uncommon
FHJ-18 Deep Vein Launcher Rare
Frag Grenade Bats Reunion Lethal Epic
Sticky Grenade Crimson Moon Lethal Uncommon
Parachute Crimson Moon Parachute Uncommon
.50 GS Bats Reunion Pistol Epic
J358 Deep Vein Pistol Rare
J358 Crimson Moon Pistol Uncommon
MSMC Deep Vein SMG Rare
HS0405 Crimson Moon Shotgun Uncommon
Soldier Misty Barton Soldier Epic
Spray Eye Popping Spray Epic
Sticker Soul Harvest Sticker Rare
Heartbeat Sensor Crimson Moon Tactical Uncommon
Flashbang Grenade Crimson Moon Tactical Uncommon
Snowboard Deep Vein Vehicle Rare
Wingsuit Crimson Moon Wingsuit Uncommon