Item Details

Sticky Grenade


A grenade that sticks to surfaces before detonating.

Heads up! Weapon stats have changed in version 10.26.0


Damage: 60


Radius: 50

Sticky Grenade Lethal in Call of Duty Mobile
Camo Name Rarity Sources
Alaska Rare
Alligator Uncommon
Angles Uncommon
Bandana Uncommon
Bats Uncommon
Bloodline Rare
Bolted Metal Uncommon
Brain Freeze Uncommon
Breakup Rare
Brushed Red Uncommon
Brushed Steel Rare
Bullet Point Uncommon
Calcium Chloride Uncommon
Caution Uncommon
Cerulean Uncommon
Citrine Epic
Coat Uncommon
Cogged Rare
Color Spectrum Epic
Concrete Lightning Uncommon
Corpse Digger Uncommon
Corroded Uncommon
Cosmos Epic
Court Blue Uncommon
Crackle Uncommon
Crane Style Uncommon
Crayon Uncommon
Crimson Moon Uncommon
Dark Light Rare
Deadly Helix Epic
Default Common
Desert Snake Uncommon
Distressed Uncommon
Duct Tape Uncommon
Easter '20 Uncommon
Electric Rare
Ferrofluid Epic
Festival Uncommon
Firecracker Epic
Flannel Uncommon
Flesh Bite Uncommon
Flora Epic
Forest Fabric Uncommon
Forward Motion Rare
Foxtail Uncommon
Frostbite Uncommon
Fuel Tank Uncommon
Glitch Uncommon
Gold Glitter Epic
Graceful Blue Uncommon
Graceful Gold Uncommon
Gridiron Football Uncommon
Grime Uncommon
Ground Splitter Rare
Guarana Uncommon
Hard Water Uncommon
Heliotrope Uncommon
Hemophiliac Uncommon
Holiday Ribbons Uncommon
Ice Crystal Epic
Immortal Rare
Infected Uncommon
Jack Frost Uncommon
Jungle Snake Rare
Kapow Uncommon
Koi Pond Epic
Light Show Uncommon
Longship Uncommon
Meteors Uncommon
Moss Rock Uncommon
Neon Army Uncommon
Neon Green Uncommon
Nonconformist Uncommon
Oil Spill Epic
Old News Uncommon
Pagoda Rare
Paper Fan Uncommon
Party Area Epic
Plated Red Uncommon
Purple Geode Uncommon
Quartz Epic
Record Scratch Uncommon
Reindeer Uncommon
Reticulated Uncommon
Revolution Epic
Rewind Uncommon
Ritual Epic
Royal Flush Rare
Rusted Uncommon
Sakura Rare
Section Rare
Serpentine Epic
Sight Unseen Rare
Slate Uncommon
Snake Bite Epic
Soaring Talon Rare
St. Patrick's Day Uncommon
Star Rare
Street Art Rare
Subterfuge Rare
Taped Flecktarn Rare
Task Force 141 Rare
Tree Bark Uncommon
Tree Ring Uncommon
Uncertain Uncommon
Undergrowth Uncommon
Vase Uncommon
Warhead Uncommon
Wasteland Red Uncommon
White Lies Uncommon
Wiremass Uncommon
Worker Ant Uncommon
Wrath Black & Gold Epic
Wrecked Rare
Wrong Way Uncommon
Yellow Camo Uncommon