Source Information

Player Level Rewards (Season 9)

Added in version on 2020-08-16

This item source is available.

With Season 9, Player Level Rewards have been streamlined to make all weapons, perks, scorestreaks and operator skills available within the first 55 levels.

  Additional Information

  • Rarity: Common
  • Paid Only: No
Item Name Camo Name Item Type Rarity
M4 Default Assault Common
ICR-1 Default Assault Common
AK117 Default Assault Common
HVK-30 Default Assault Common
AK-47 Default Assault Common
KN-44 Default Assault Common
Type 25 Default Assault Common
ASM10 Default Assault Common
BK57 Default Assault Common
LK24 Default Assault Common
M16 Default Assault Common
HBRa3 Default Assault Common
Man-O-War Default Assault Common
BK57 Ancient Runes Assault Rare
M16 Evil Clown Assault Rare
Frame Berserker Frame Frame Uncommon
Frame Shooter Frame Frame Uncommon
M4LMG Default LMG Common
UL736 Default LMG Common
S36 Default LMG Common
M4LMG Crimson Vampire LMG Rare
SMRS Default Launcher Common
FHJ-18 Default Launcher Common
Frag Grenade Default Lethal Common
Molotov Cocktail Default Lethal Common
Trip Mine Default Lethal Common
Sticky Grenade Default Lethal Common
Combat Axe Default Lethal Common
Purifier Default Operator Skill Common
Death Machine Default Operator Skill Common
War Machine Default Operator Skill Common
Tempest Default Operator Skill Common
Transform Shield Default Operator Skill Common
Parachute On Fire Parachute Rare
Parachute Zombie Gene Parachute Uncommon
Parachute Maple Parachute Uncommon
Parachute Yellow Snow Parachute Uncommon
Perk Cold-Blooded Perk Common
Perk Persistence Perk Common
Perk Lightweight Perk Common
Perk Tracker Perk Common
Perk Dead Silence Perk Common
Perk Agile Perk Common
Perk Toughness Perk Common
Perk Flak Jacket Perk Common
Perk Tactical Mask Perk Common
Perk Skulker Perk Common
Perk Ghost Perk Common
Perk Alert Perk Common
Perk Demo Expert Perk Common
Perk Engineer Perk Common
Perk Hard Wired Perk Common
J358 Default Pistol Common
PDW-57 Default SMG Common
Cordite Default SMG Common
HG 40 Default SMG Common
GKS Default SMG Common
Pharo Default SMG Common
Chicom Default SMG Common
MSMC Default SMG Common
Razorback Default SMG Common
Chicom Yellow Triangle SMG Rare
MSMC Ancient Runes SMG Rare
Scorestreak Care Package Scorestreak Common
Scorestreak Counter-UAV Scorestreak Common
Scorestreak SAM Turret Scorestreak Common
Scorestreak Sentry Gun Scorestreak Common
Scorestreak Stealth Chopper Scorestreak Common
Scorestreak VTOL Scorestreak Common
Striker Default Shotgun Common
HS2126 Default Shotgun Common
KRM 262 Default Shotgun Common
HS0405 Default Shotgun Common
HS0405 Ancient Runes Shotgun Rare
HS2126 Balloons Shotgun Rare
M21 EBR Default Sniper Common
Locus Default Sniper Common
Arctic .50 Default Sniper Common
XPR-50 Default Sniper Common
XPR-50 Ancient Runes Sniper Rare
Flashbang Grenade Default Tactical Common
Concussion Grenade Default Tactical Common
Trophy System Default Tactical Common
EMP Default Tactical Common
Helicopter Yellow Snow Vehicle Uncommon
ATV Yellow Snow Vehicle Uncommon
ORV Yellow Snow Vehicle Uncommon
Boat Yellow Snow Vehicle Uncommon
Wingsuit On Fire Wingsuit Rare
Wingsuit Zombie Gene Wingsuit Uncommon
Wingsuit Maple Wingsuit Uncommon
Wingsuit Yellow Snow Wingsuit Uncommon