Item Details



Fully automatic assault rifle. High damage with high recoil.

Heads up! Weapon stats have changed in version 10.26.0


Damage: 33


Accuracy: 67


Range: 58


Fire Rate: 55


Mobility: 74


Control: 44

AK-47 Assault in Call of Duty Mobile
Blueprint Name Rarity Sources
Artillery Epic
Deep Tech Epic
Frostbrand Epic
Graveyard Watch Epic
Jade Epic
Koi Pond Epic
Kuromaku Legendary
Life and Death Epic
Metallic Mist Epic
Mirage Epic
Paranormal Prize Epic
Pumpkin Head Legendary
Red Action Epic
Rogue Intel Epic
Shore Leave Epic
Stakeholder Epic
Steel Blue Epic
Tank Epic
Trial and Error Epic
Woodland Strife Epic
Wrath Black & Gold Legendary
Year of Ox Epic
Camo Name Rarity Sources
1001 Nights Uncommon
Abominable Common
Aether Crystal Common
Air Brush Rare
Airborne Strike Rare
Anaconda Common
Angles (Grindable) Common
Arctic Abstract Common
Arctic Digital Uncommon
Arctic Seafoam Common
Asphalt Common
Aurora Borealis Rare
Autumn Dazzle Common
BDU Rare
Bandit Rare
Black Top (Grindable) Common
Blood in the Water Rare
Blue Graffiti Uncommon
Blue Iguana Common
Blue Scratch Rare
Blue Tiger Common
Blue Wave Uncommon
Brushed Steel Rare
Bug Spray Rare
Bullet Point Uncommon
Bullsnake Common
Burnt Ruin Rare
Calcium Chloride Uncommon
Canopy Common
Chain Link Common
Championship 2020 Rare
China Lake Common
Chopper Command Rare
Chupacabra Common
Coat Uncommon
Commando Common
Copperhead Rare
Corpse Digger Uncommon
Corroded Uncommon
Crawlers Rare
Crime Scene Common
Cumulus Uncommon
Damascus Common
Dank Forest Common
Dark Fiber Uncommon
Dark Victorian Rare
Default Common
Desert Cat Common
Desert Hybrid Common
Desert Snake (Grindable) Common
Desert Sunset Rare
Diamond Common
Dirt Common
Distressed Uncommon
Easter '20 Uncommon
Epiphany Rare
Faded Veil Common
Federation Rare
Feral Beast Common
Festival Uncommon
Flannel Uncommon
Foliage Common
Forest Fabric Uncommon
Freight Train Rare
Frontier Rare
Frostbite (Grindable) Common
Gartersnake Common
Gas Cloud Uncommon
Gecko Common
Ghosts Rare
Glacier Rare
Gold Common
Gridiron Football Uncommon
Ground Splitter Rare
H2O (Grindable) Common
Hearts Uncommon
Heliotrope Uncommon
Hemophiliac Uncommon
Holster Rare
Ice Breaker Common
Indomitable Rare
Jack Frost Uncommon
Jingle Bells Uncommon
Kill Brush Common
Komodo Common
Labyrinth Rare
Last Will Rare
Lemon Drop Candy Rare
Light Show Uncommon
Lurk Rare
Macaw Uncommon
Mail Blade Uncommon
Marshland Common
Mechanized Rain Rare
Melon Uncommon
Metal Note Rare
Meteors Uncommon
Modern Woodland Common
Moroccan Snake Common
Moss (Grindable) Common
Mudslide Common
Neon Green Uncommon
Neon Pink Common
Night Time Uncommon
Nightfall (Grindable) Common
Nightfrost Common
Overgrown Common
Paint Smear Uncommon
Pink Python Common
Pinstripe Suit Common
Pitter Patter Common
Plated Red Uncommon
Platinum Common
Posted Rare
Pumpkin Candy Uncommon
Python Common
Radio Current Rare
Rattlesnake Common
Red Dragon Rare
Red Tiger Common
Red Triangle Uncommon
Reticulated Uncommon
Rip 'N Tear Common
Ruins Common
Sand Dance Common
Scarab Uncommon
Seaweed Uncommon
Sharp Edges Common
Shocking Uncommon
Side Scale Rare
Signal Marking Uncommon
Smoke Common
St. Patrick's Day Uncommon
Stalwart Rare
Swamp (Grindable) Common
Tagged Uncommon
Tagged (Grindable) Common
Task Force 141 Rare
Tiger Stripes Common
Trailblazer Common
Tundra Common
Undergrowth (Grindable) Common
Wanted Uncommon
Warcom Blues Common
Warcom Greens Common
Warship Rare
Wiremass Uncommon

Attachments have changed greatly in Season 13 and need to be manually redone on the site. This will take quite some time, so apologies if this section isn't helpful right now.

Attachment Name Attachment Type Unlocks at Level
Classic Red Dot Sight Optic 1
5.45 Caliber Ammo Ammunition 1
Red Dot Sight 3 Optic 2
Strike Foregrip Underbarrel 3
OWC Light Suppressor Muzzle 4
Extended Mag A Ammunition 5
Stippled Grip Tape Rear Grip 6
RTC Laser 1mw Laser 7
YKM Light Stock Stock 8
FMJ Perk 9
Red Dot Sight 6 Optic 10
Tough Perk 11
Long Shot Perk 12
Holographic Sight 2 Optic 13
Melee Master Perk 14
OWC Light Compensator Muzzle 15
3X Tactical Scope 1 Optic 16
MIP Light Barrel (Short) Barrel 17
Classic Holographic Sight Optic 18
Merc Foregrip Underbarrel 19
Holographic Sight 3 Optic 20
MIP Laser 5mW Laser 21
4X Tactical Scope Optic 22
RTC Light Muzzle Brake Muzzle 23
Operator Foregrip Underbarrel 24
3X Tactical Scope 2 Optic 25
MIP Strike Stock Stock 26
Sleight of Hand Perk 27
3X Tactical Scope 3 Optic 28
Tactical Suppressor Muzzle 29
OWC Ranger Barrel 30
Red Dot Sight 4 Optic 31
Ranger Foregrip Underbarrel 32
Red Dot Sight 5 Optic 33
Large Extended Mag B Ammunition 34
Granulated Grip Tape Rear Grip 35
Holographic Sight 1 Optic 36
YKM Combat Stock Stock 37
Wounding Perk 38
4.4X Tactical Scope OWC Optic 39
MIP Light Flash Guard Muzzle 40
OWC Marksman Barrel 41
4.4X Tactical Scope RTC Optic 42
MIP Extended Light Barrel Barrel 43
Tactical Foregrip A Underbarrel 44
Red Dot Sight 1 Optic 45
Full Ammo Perk 46
Rubberized Grip Tape Rear Grip 47
Red Dot Sight 2 Optic 48
No Stock Stock 49
Tactical Scope Optic 50
Monolithic Suppressor Muzzle 51
OWC Skeleton Stock Stock 52
Disable Perk 53
OWC Laser - Tactical Laser 54