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YKM Combat Stock


Added in version

Slightly increases ADS'ing speed.

  • ADS Speed
  • ADS Bullet Spread Accuracy
  • Flinch Stability
  • Vertical Recoil Control
Camo Name Item Name Item Type Item Rarity
Airspace PDW-57 SMG Epic
Antivenom LK24 Assault Epic
Artillery AK-47 Assault Epic
Basecamp DR-H Assault Epic
Black Gold HG 40 SMG Epic
Black Gold QQ9 SMG Epic
Black Knight RUS-79U SMG Epic
Byakko AGR 556 SMG Epic
CQB Chicom SMG Epic
Chevalier Chicom SMG Epic
Chrome Bones ICR-1 Assault Epic
Crimson Knife ICR-1 Assault Epic
Dealer Kilo Bolt-Action Marksman Epic
Death Scythe Man-O-War Assault Legendary
Demon Eyes Echo Shotgun Epic
Demon Fury Chicom SMG Epic
Dream Crystal Man-O-War Assault Legendary
Eruption HVK-30 Assault Epic
Eruption M4 Assault Epic
Flood QQ9 SMG Epic
Fortress Chopper LMG Epic
Ghoul Bot Razorback SMG Epic
Gold Standard HG 40 SMG Legendary
Heartbreaker Type 25 Assault Epic
Hive Motor PDW-57 SMG Epic
Hoard S36 LMG Epic
Holidays DL Q33 Sniper Legendary
Insurgent HVK-30 Assault Epic
Jungle Militia Type 25 Assault Epic
Living Rust HG 40 SMG Epic
Lost Treasure Type 25 Assault Epic
Matchstick AGR 556 SMG Epic
Maximum Security HVK-30 Assault Legendary
Meltdown HG 40 SMG Epic
Metallurgy DR-H Assault Epic
Meteor Core ICR-1 Assault Epic
Midnight Fennec SMG Epic
Monkey in the Wrench QQ9 SMG Epic
Moonlight Rime Type 25 Assault Epic
New Year '20 BK57 Assault Epic
Nuclear Fallout ICR-1 Assault Epic
Ooze MSMC SMG Epic
Ooze M4LMG LMG Epic
Ooze HS2126 Shotgun Epic
Ooze PDW-57 SMG Epic
Pack Leader Man-O-War Assault Epic
Pane Kilo Bolt-Action Marksman Epic
Pharao Pharo SMG Epic
Phobos S36 LMG Legendary
Radar M4 Assault Epic
Railgun Kilo Bolt-Action Marksman Legendary
Red Action DL Q33 Sniper Epic
Ritual S36 LMG Epic
Royal Guilt Razorback SMG Epic
Scion GKS SMG Epic
SigrĂșn QQ9 SMG Legendary
Starstruck Chicom SMG Epic
Surgical Incision DL Q33 Sniper Epic
Tactical Unicorn GKS SMG Legendary
Tank Wheels GKS SMG Epic
Target Lock HVK-30 Assault Epic
Teal Steal M4 Assault Epic
Tomb Trapper ASM10 Assault Epic
Toxic Waste PDW-57 SMG Legendary
Trendsetter QQ9 SMG Epic
Trial and Error AK-47 Assault Epic
Wanderer GKS SMG Legendary
Zilch Man-O-War Assault Epic