I have received reports that the calculated CP cost differs wildly from the in-game cost. This seems to happen only if the cost of the first spin is 10 or 20 CP. If this occurs to you as well, please first check the "Use alternative formula" checkbox and see if the results are closer to reality. If not, please join my Discord so we can talk. Thanks!

Lucky Draw Calculator

Using this calculator you can find out how much CP the selected Lucky Draw will cost you each spin and in total. Since the base cost is different for each region, you'll need to enter it as well. You can also choose your country to see how much playing the draw will cost you in your local currency.

Costs are calculated using the values provided by Activision in-game. In some cases, actual costs may differ slightly due to rounding errors, but generally the calculator's results should be very close to reality. Real-money values are user provided and may change over time. I'll try my very best to keep them updated, but if you see something wrong, please report it on Reddit or Discord! Thanks!

Please note: this calculator is only available for Global servers. Costs for other regions may differ.

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Is your country missing from the list? Please post the price for the largest CP package (10800 CP) in your country on Reddit or Discord.

Please enter the normal cost (10, 20 or 30 CP depending on your region). Don't enter 0 if the first draw is free!