Skin Name Item Type Item Rarity Item Sources
Abstract Foil ORV Uncommon
Abstract Foil Motorcycle Uncommon
Abstract Foil Boat Uncommon
Accelerator Snowboard Epic
Accelerator Motorcycle Epic
Accelerator Helicopter Epic
Accelerator Antelope A20 Epic
Accelerator ORV Epic
Acid Helix Boat Rare
Acid Helix ORV Rare
Adaptable Motorcycle Rare
Adaptable Boat Rare
Airstrike Helicopter Rare
Airstrike ORV Rare
Alarm ATV Uncommon
Alaska ATV Rare
Alleyway ORV Rare
Alleyway Antelope A20 Rare
Alleyway Helicopter Rare
American Pastime Cargo Truck Epic
Angles Helicopter Uncommon
Angles ATV Uncommon
Anniversary ATV Rare
Anniversary Helicopter Rare
Apparition Muscle Car Rare
Apparition Helicopter Rare
Arctic Digital Motorcycle Uncommon
Arctic Digital ATV Uncommon
Artisan Helicopter Rare
BDU Tank Rare
BDU Helicopter Rare
Backdraft Motorcycle Rare
Bad to the Bone Muscle Car Epic
Bad to the Bone Snowboard Epic
Bad to the Bone Helicopter Epic
Bad to the Bone ORV Epic
Bad to the Bone Motorcycle Epic
Bandana Antelope A20 Uncommon
Bandana Motorcycle Uncommon
Bandana Helicopter Uncommon
Bandana Boat Uncommon
Bandana ORV Uncommon
Bandana ATV Uncommon
Battle Dressed Tank Rare
Battle Dressed Helicopter Rare
Bioluminescence Motorcycle Rare
Bioluminescence Antelope A20 Rare
Bioluminescence Tank Rare
Bioluminescence Boat Rare
Birthstone ATV Rare
Black Marble Boat Uncommon
Blend Motorcycle Uncommon
Blood in the Water Boat Rare
Bloodline ATV Rare
Bloodline Antelope A20 Rare
Bloodsucker ORV Rare
Bloody Antelope A20 Uncommon
Bloody ATV Uncommon
Blossom Branch Antelope A20 Rare
Blossom Branch Boat Rare
Blossom Branch ORV Rare
Blue Camo ATV Uncommon
Blue Camo ORV Uncommon
Blue Graffiti Helicopter Uncommon
Blue Graffiti ATV Uncommon
Blue Graffiti Boat Uncommon
Blue Scratch ORV Rare
Blue Wave ORV Uncommon
Bolted Metal Tank Uncommon
Bolted Metal Helicopter Uncommon
Bombastic Motorcycle Rare
Boom Scrawl ATV Rare
Boom Scrawl Helicopter Rare
Bootstraps Motorcycle Rare
Brain Freeze Motorcycle Uncommon
Brains! Boat Uncommon
Brains! ORV Uncommon
Breaker Bolt Snowboard Rare
Breakup Helicopter Rare
Breakup Boat Rare
British Red ORV Rare
Broken Road Helicopter Uncommon
Broken Road Antelope A20 Uncommon
Bronze Arrow Helicopter Rare
Bronze Arrow Antelope A20 Rare
Brush Stroke Antelope A20 Uncommon
Brushed Chrome ORV Rare
Brushed Red Motorcycle Uncommon
Brushed Red ATV Uncommon
Brushed Steel ORV Rare
Brushed Yellow Antelope A20 Rare
Brushed Yellow Helicopter Rare
Bubblegum Motorcycle Epic
Buckles & Spurs ORV Rare
Buckles & Spurs Boat Rare
Buckskin ORV Rare
Bug Spray Antelope A20 Rare
Bug Spray Helicopter Rare
Bullet Point Boat Uncommon
Bullet Point ATV Uncommon
Bunker Antelope A20 Uncommon
Burial Ground Tank Rare
Burial Ground ATV Rare
Burnt Ruin Motorcycle Rare
Burnt Ruin ATV Rare
CODM Helicopter Rare
CODM Motorcycle Rare
Cactus Antelope A20 Rare
Caramelo Motorcycle Rare
Card Armor Tank Rare
Card Armor Motorcycle Rare
Cash Flow ORV Rare
Cash Flow Tank Rare
Catacombs Helicopter Rare
Catacombs Antelope A20 Rare
Caution Antelope A20 Uncommon
Caution Boat Uncommon
Caution Helicopter Uncommon
Cerulean Boat Uncommon
Cerulean ORV Uncommon
Chem Lab Helicopter Rare
Chem Lab Motorcycle Rare
Clout Antelope A20 Rare
Clout Helicopter Rare
Cogged ORV Rare
Cogged Boat Rare
Coiled Motorcycle Rare
Coined Tank Rare
Coined Helicopter Rare
Coined Boat Rare
Coined Motorcycle Rare
Coined ORV Rare
Coined Antelope A20 Rare
Coined ATV Rare
Collapse ORV Rare
Collapse Helicopter Rare
Colorweave ORV Rare
Colorweave ATV Rare
Comeback Tank Epic
Commonwealth ATV Uncommon
Commonwealth Boat Uncommon
Compound Motorcycle Uncommon
Compound ORV Uncommon
Concrete Lightning Helicopter Uncommon
Concrete Lightning Antelope A20 Uncommon
Conifer Boat Uncommon
Conifer Antelope A20 Uncommon
Connection ORV Rare
Construct Antelope A20 Rare
Copilot Tank Rare
Copilot Antelope A20 Rare
Copperhead ATV Rare
Copperhead Helicopter Rare
Cosmic Wave ORV Rare
Cosmic Wave Helicopter Rare
Cosmonaut Antelope A20 Rare
Cosmonaut ORV Rare
Countdown Tank Epic
Court Blue Antelope A20 Uncommon
Court Blue Tank Uncommon
Covenant ATV Rare
Covenant ORV Rare
Crackle ORV Uncommon
Crackle Antelope A20 Uncommon
Crawlers Helicopter Rare
Crisis ATV Rare
Crisis ORV Rare
Crossed Cables Boat Rare
Crossed Cables ORV Rare
Cumulus Helicopter Uncommon
Cumulus ORV Uncommon
Cut Wave Motorcycle Rare
Cut Wave ATV Rare
Cyber Crystal ORV Rare
Cyber Crystal Boat Rare
Cyber Crystal Antelope A20 Rare
Cyberline Motorcycle Rare
Cyberline Boat Rare
Cypher Glitch Snowboard Epic
Danger Zone ORV Rare
Dark Flower ATV Uncommon
Dark Flower Boat Uncommon
Dark Light Boat Rare
Dark Light Helicopter Rare
Dark Tech Motorcycle Epic
Dark Victorian ATV Rare
Deadly Helix Motorcycle Epic
Decay Antelope A20 Uncommon
Decay Motorcycle Uncommon
Deep Vein Snowboard Rare
Deep Vein Helicopter Rare
Default Tank Common
Default Snowboard Common
Default Cargo Truck Common
Default Muscle Car Common
Default Rally Car Common
Denim ORV Uncommon
Denim Boat Uncommon
Depth Metal ORV Rare
Depths ORV Uncommon
Depths Boat Uncommon
Desert Snake Boat Uncommon
Desert Sunset Motorcycle Rare
Desert Sunset ORV Rare
Desolate Motorcycle Rare
Desolate Antelope A20 Rare
Desperate Measures Motorcycle Rare
Direct Fire Support Helicopter Legendary
Dogfur Helicopter Uncommon
Dogfur Motorcycle Uncommon
Dotted Scale Helicopter Rare
Doubloons Helicopter Rare
Doubloons ORV Rare
Dream Glacier Boat Rare
Droplets Boat Rare
Duct Tape ORV Uncommon
Duel ORV Uncommon
Duel Boat Uncommon
E-Waste Helicopter Uncommon
E-Waste Motorcycle Uncommon
Easter '20 Boat Uncommon
Easter '20 ORV Uncommon
Electric Wilds ORV Rare
Eternal Youth Boat Uncommon
Eternal Youth Motorcycle Uncommon
Eternal Youth ORV Uncommon
Experimental Toxin ORV Rare
Eyes in the Dark ATV Uncommon
Eyes in the Dark Motorcycle Uncommon
Eyes in the Dark Antelope A20 Uncommon
Eyes in the Dark Helicopter Uncommon
Eyes in the Dark ORV Uncommon
Fashion Purple ORV Uncommon
Fashion Purple ATV Uncommon
Fashion Purple Helicopter Uncommon
Fashion Purple Boat Uncommon
Feathered Mail Boat Rare
Fenrir Antelope A20 Epic
Festival ORV Uncommon
Festival Motorcycle Uncommon
Fiber Mesh ATV Rare
Fiber Mesh Helicopter Rare
Fine Art ATV Uncommon
Fire Squad Antelope A20 Rare
Fire Squad Tank Rare
Fireflies Boat Uncommon
First Horseman Boat Rare
First Horseman Motorcycle Rare
Fission Tank Rare
Fission Helicopter Rare
Fission Antelope A20 Rare
Flannel Helicopter Uncommon
Flannel Antelope A20 Uncommon
Flowing Bronze ATV Rare
Fool Square Motorcycle Epic
Forest Fiber Boat Uncommon
Forest Fiber ATV Uncommon
Forest Floor Boat Rare
Forward Motion ORV Rare
Forward Motion Tank Rare
Fragment Helicopter Epic
Freight Train Antelope A20 Rare
Freight Train ATV Rare
Frozen Sun Tank Epic
G-Series Helicopter Rare
Gas Cloud Boat Uncommon
Gas Cloud Motorcycle Uncommon
Gas Cloud Antelope A20 Uncommon
Ghillie Motorcycle Rare
Ghost of the Sea Boat Epic
Giraffe Motorcycle Uncommon
Giraffe ATV Uncommon
Glitch Helicopter Uncommon
Going Dark Helicopter Rare
Going Dark Boat Rare
Going Dark Tank Rare
Going Dark Motorcycle Rare
Gold Bar Motorcycle Epic
Graceful Blue Tank Uncommon
Graceful Blue Boat Uncommon
Graceful Blue Helicopter Uncommon
Graceful Gold Boat Uncommon
Graceful Gold ORV Uncommon
Graffiti Cargo Truck Epic
Graffiti Snowboard Epic
Graffiti Antelope A20 Epic
Grating Helicopter Rare
Grating ORV Rare
Gravestone ATV Rare
Gravestone Boat Rare
Gray Skies Helicopter Uncommon
Gray Skies ATV Uncommon
Gray Skies Motorcycle Uncommon
Gray Skies Boat Uncommon
Great Wave Boat Rare
Great White Antelope A20 Rare
Great White Helicopter Rare
Green Terror Helicopter Rare
Gridiron Football ORV Uncommon
Gridiron Football ATV Uncommon
Gridiron Football Helicopter Uncommon
Gridiron Football Boat Uncommon
Groovy Motorcycle Rare
Guarana Boat Uncommon
Guarana ATV Uncommon
Gulag Tech Tank Epic
Halberd Motorcycle Epic
Halloween ATV Rare
Hard Water ORV Uncommon
Hard Water Boat Uncommon
Hard Water Helicopter Uncommon
Haunted Motorcycle Rare
Haunted Helicopter Rare
Hazardous ATV Uncommon
Hazardous (Epic) Cargo Truck Epic
Head Trauma Antelope A20 Uncommon
Head Trauma ORV Uncommon
Head Trauma Boat Uncommon
Hearts ATV Uncommon
Hearts Boat Uncommon
Heliotrope ORV Uncommon
Heliotrope Antelope A20 Uncommon
Hephaestus Tank Epic
Hereafter Boat Uncommon
Hexoglyph Antelope A20 Epic
Hoard Tank Epic
Holidays ORV Epic
Holy Blue Boat Rare
Holy Blue Helicopter Rare
Honeycomb ATV Uncommon
Honeycomb Helicopter Uncommon
Horde Antelope A20 Rare
Horde ATV Rare
Horseshoe Helicopter Uncommon
Horseshoe Motorcycle Uncommon
Hounded Motorcycle Rare
Hounded Boat Rare
Hounded Snowboard Rare
Icefall Antelope A20 Rare
Immortal ORV Rare
Immortal Helicopter Rare
Impulse Motorcycle Rare
Impulse ORV Rare
Indomitable Motorcycle Rare
Industrial Revolution Motorcycle Rare
Infected Boat Uncommon
Infected Motorcycle Uncommon
Infected ORV Uncommon
Infected Antelope A20 Uncommon
Infected Helicopter Uncommon
Infected ATV Uncommon
Inferno ORV Rare
Infraggable ATV Rare
Insulated Antelope A20 Rare
Insulated Motorcycle Rare
Iridescent Helicopter Rare
Iron Hunter ATV Rare
Iron Hunter ORV Rare
Iron Hunter Boat Rare
Irradiated Amethyst Boat Rare
Isometric ORV Rare
Ivory Tickler Helicopter Rare
Jaguar Motorcycle Rare
Jaguar ORV Rare
Jungle Cat Tank Rare
Jungle Cat Helicopter Rare
Jungle Snake Helicopter Rare
KDR Muscle Car Rare
Kapow Motorcycle Uncommon
Kapow Tank Uncommon
Keelhauler Tank Epic
Keelhauler ORV Epic
Keelhauler Antelope A20 Epic
Keelhauler Helicopter Epic
Keelhauler Muscle Car Epic
Killer Whale Motorcycle Rare
Killer Whale Boat Rare
Knockout Tank Epic
Knockout Helicopter Epic
Knockout ORV Epic
Knockout Boat Epic
Knockout Motorcycle Epic
Labyrinth Helicopter Rare
Labyrinth Antelope A20 Rare
Last Stand (Unique) Tank Epic
Last Will Boat Rare
Last Will Motorcycle Rare
Lattice Antelope A20 Rare
Lattice Motorcycle Rare
Leather & Lead ATV Rare
Leather & Lead ORV Rare
Lens ORV Uncommon
Lens Motorcycle Uncommon
Light Show Helicopter Uncommon
Light Show Antelope A20 Uncommon
Light Show Boat Uncommon
Light Strips Tank Uncommon
Light Strips Helicopter Uncommon
Light Strips Boat Uncommon
Light Strips Motorcycle Uncommon
Light Strips ORV Uncommon
Light Strips Antelope A20 Uncommon
Lighthouse ATV Uncommon
Lighthouse ORV Uncommon
Lighthouse Motorcycle Uncommon
Lingering Antelope A20 Uncommon
Liquid Mercury Motorcycle Rare
Lost Gothic Cargo Truck Epic
Lost in Time Boat Rare
Lovestruck Tank Rare
Lovestruck Motorcycle Rare
Lunar Tide Helicopter Rare
Lunar Tide Motorcycle Rare
Luxury Tank Epic
Luxury ORV Epic
Luxury Helicopter Epic
Luxury Motorcycle Epic
MacTavish Boat Rare
Malware ATV Uncommon
Meteors Helicopter Uncommon
Meteors Boat Uncommon
Meteors ATV Uncommon
Meteors ORV Uncommon
Minos Boat Uncommon
Minos Motorcycle Uncommon
Minos Antelope A20 Uncommon
Monarch Motorcycle Uncommon
Monarch Antelope A20 Uncommon
Moonlight Wisp Motorcycle Rare
Moonlight Wisp Boat Rare
Mosaic Motorcycle Rare
Mosaic ATV Rare
Mosaic Helicopter Rare
Moss Rock ATV Uncommon
Moss Rock Motorcycle Uncommon
Motherboard Motorcycle Uncommon
Nakatomi Security Antelope A20 Epic
Naval Mine ORV Rare
Navigator Boat Uncommon
Navigator ATV Uncommon
Navy Digital Boat Uncommon
Navy Digital Helicopter Uncommon
Navy Digital Motorcycle Uncommon
Neon Army Motorcycle Uncommon
Night Vision Antelope A20 Uncommon
Night Vision ORV Uncommon
Nightfall Antelope A20 Uncommon
Nightfall Motorcycle Uncommon
Nine Round Motorcycle Rare
Nine Round ATV Rare
Nine Round Tank Rare
Obstacle Antelope A20 Rare
Ocean Current ORV Rare
Old News Antelope A20 Uncommon
Old News Motorcycle Uncommon
Opening Ceremony Helicopter Rare
Opening Ceremony Boat Rare
Opening Ceremony ORV Rare
Orange Helicopter Rare
Orange ATV Rare
Overpower ORV Rare
Overpower Antelope A20 Rare
Overpower Motorcycle Rare
Overpower Helicopter Rare
Override ATV Epic
Oxidized ATV Uncommon
Oxidized Motorcycle Uncommon
Pagoda Boat Rare
Pain Train Cargo Truck Epic
Palanquin Tank Epic
Palanquin Cargo Truck Epic
Palanquin ORV Epic
Palanquin Motorcycle Epic
Palanquin Helicopter Epic
Paper Fan Helicopter Uncommon
Paper Fan ATV Uncommon
Paper Fan ORV Uncommon
Paper Star Boat Uncommon
Paranormal Prize Motorcycle Epic
Parasol Helicopter Rare
Pathripper Antelope A20 Legendary
Permafrost Boat Rare
Persisted Helicopter Rare
Phantom Limb Boat Rare
Phobos Motorcycle Epic
Plated Gray ATV Uncommon
Plated Gray Motorcycle Uncommon
Plated Gray Helicopter Uncommon
Pocket Shock ORV Uncommon
Pocket Shock Antelope A20 Uncommon
Posh ORV Epic
Posh Antelope A20 Epic
Posh Boat Epic
Posh Tank Epic
Posh Motorcycle Epic
Propaganda ATV Rare
Propaganda Motorcycle Rare
Pulsar ATV Rare
Purple Prism Helicopter Rare
Purple Prism ORV Rare
Radioactive ATV Rare
Radion Burst Snowboard Epic
Radion Burst Helicopter Epic
Radion Burst ORV Epic
Radion Burst Motorcycle Epic
Rainforest ORV Rare
Raven's Wing ORV Rare
Raven's Wing ATV Rare
Raven's Wing Helicopter Rare
Razor Barb Boat Uncommon
Rebar ORV Rare
Red Sun Motorcycle Uncommon
Refined Motorcycle Rare
Refined Antelope A20 Rare
Reflective ORV Rare
Regicide Motorcycle Epic
Reindeer Boat Uncommon
Reticulated ATV Uncommon
Reticulated Helicopter Uncommon
Reticulated Boat Uncommon
Rewind Antelope A20 Uncommon
Rewind Motorcycle Uncommon
Ripped Camo ATV Rare
Ripped Camo Helicopter Uncommon
Ripped and Torn Antelope A20 Rare
Ripped and Torn Boat Rare
Rock Cairn Antelope A20 Uncommon
Rock Cairn Boat Uncommon
Ropework Antelope A20 Uncommon
Rose Cinder ORV Rare
Royal Flush ORV Rare
Royal Flush ATV Rare
Royal Flush Antelope A20 Rare
Royal Flush Helicopter Rare
Rune Weave Antelope A20 Rare
Rune Weave Snowboard Rare
Runic Axe ORV Rare
Ruptured Steel Antelope A20 Rare
Ruptured Steel ORV Rare
Ruptured Steel ATV Rare
Ruptured Steel Helicopter Rare
Rust Trim Antelope A20 Rare
Sand Dunes ORV Uncommon
Sand Dunes ATV Uncommon
Sand Storm Snowboard Legendary
Sandbox Boat Uncommon
Scale Up Helicopter Uncommon
Scale Up Boat Uncommon
Scatter Force ATV Rare
Scratched Antelope A20 Uncommon
Scratched Helicopter Uncommon
Sea Serpent Boat Rare
Section Helicopter Rare
Severed Boat Rare
Sewed Leather Antelope A20 Rare
Sewed Leather Motorcycle Rare
Sewed Snake Antelope A20 Rare
Sewed Snake Tank Rare
Shipwrecked ORV Rare
Shipwrecked Motorcycle Rare
Shrine Antelope A20 Uncommon
Shrine Motorcycle Uncommon
Shuttle Snowboard Rare
Side Scale ATV Rare
Side Scale Helicopter Rare
Skulls & Blood ORV Rare
Slapstick Snowboard Epic
Slate ATV Uncommon
Sleight of Hand ORV Rare
Sleight of Hand Antelope A20 Rare
Snow Owl ORV Rare
Snow Stream ORV Rare
Snow Stream Motorcycle Rare
Snowblind ATV Rare
Snowblind Helicopter Rare
Snowblind Antelope A20 Rare
Snowflakes ORV Rare
Snowframe ATV Rare
Soaring Talon ATV Rare
Soaring Talon Boat Rare
Soaring Talon Motorcycle Rare
Soaring Talon Tank Rare
Soaring Talon Helicopter Rare
Soaring Talon Snowboard Epic
Special Operations ORV Rare
Special Operations Helicopter Rare
Splinterburst Tank Rare
Splinterburst ORV Rare
Splinterburst Helicopter Rare
St. Patrick's Day Boat Uncommon
Stalwart Boat Rare
Static Electricity Boat Rare
Static Electricity Antelope A20 Rare
Steam Engine ORV Rare
Steam Powered Motorcycle Epic
Steam Powered Cargo Truck Epic
Step Right Up! Tank Epic
Street Art Helicopter Rare
Street Art Tank Rare
Street Art Motorcycle Rare
Street Art Boat Rare
Street Art ATV Rare
Strongbox Tank Rare
Strongbox ATV Rare
Supernova Motorcycle Rare
Swamp Boat Uncommon
Swamp ATV Uncommon
Synapse Antelope A20 Rare
Tagged ORV Uncommon
Tagged Boat Uncommon
Tangled Web Helicopter Rare
Tangled Web Motorcycle Rare
Taped Boat Uncommon
Taped ORV Uncommon
Taped Flecktarn Motorcycle Rare
Taped Flecktarn Tank Rare
Tarnished ATV Uncommon
Tarnished Helicopter Uncommon
Task Force 141 Helicopter Rare
Tin Stitched Antelope A20 Rare
Tin Stitched Boat Rare
Tire Chains Boat Uncommon
Tire Chains Motorcycle Uncommon
Tire Chains Antelope A20 Uncommon
Topography ORV Uncommon
Topography Antelope A20 Uncommon
Tracker ATV Uncommon
Tracker ORV Uncommon
Tracker Helicopter Uncommon
Trance ORV Rare
Tropics ATV Uncommon
Tropics Boat Uncommon
Turquoise ATV Rare
Umber Muscle Car Rare
Un-Official Merch Muscle Car Epic
Uncertain Boat Uncommon
Uncertain Antelope A20 Uncommon
Undead Crusade Tank Rare
Upper Hand Boat Rare
Upper Hand Antelope A20 Rare
Urban Blue Navy Helicopter Uncommon
Urban Orange ATV Uncommon
Urban Yellow Motorcycle Uncommon
Urban Yellow ORV Uncommon
Vaporwave Tank Rare
Vaporwave Motorcycle Rare
Viaje de la Muerte Muscle Car Epic
Volley Antelope A20 Uncommon
Voltaic Tank Rare
Voltaic Motorcycle Rare
Volution Motorcycle Epic
Wagon Wheel Helicopter Uncommon
Wagon Wheel Boat Uncommon
Wagon Wheel Antelope A20 Uncommon
Wanted Helicopter Uncommon
Wanted Motorcycle Uncommon
Warhead Boat Uncommon
Warhead Motorcycle Uncommon
Warhead ORV Uncommon
Warmth Helicopter Uncommon
Warship Antelope A20 Rare
Wasteland Red Antelope A20 Uncommon
Wasteland Red Motorcycle Uncommon
Wasteland Red ORV Uncommon
Wasteland Red Boat Uncommon
Water Lantern ORV Rare
Waterfall Antelope A20 Rare
Waterfall Boat Rare
Waterfall Motorcycle Rare
Waterproof Cargo Truck Epic
Wavelength ATV Uncommon
Wintergreen Antelope A20 Uncommon
Winterwood Boat Rare
Winterwood Tank Rare
Winterwood Helicopter Rare
Winterwood Motorcycle Rare
Wiremass Boat Uncommon
Wolves Motorcycle Rare
Wolves Snowboard Rare
Woodland Helicopter Rare
Woodland Antelope A20 Rare
Worn Yellow Boat Uncommon
Worn Yellow ORV Uncommon
Wrecked Tank Rare
Wrecked ORV Rare
Wyrm Antelope A20 Epic
Yellow Abstract Helicopter Uncommon
Yellow Fabric Helicopter Uncommon
Yellow Fabric Motorcycle Uncommon
Yellow Snake Helicopter Rare
Yellow Snow Boat Uncommon
Yellow Snow ORV Uncommon
Yellow Snow ATV Uncommon
Yellow Snow Helicopter Uncommon
Zagged Antelope A20 Uncommon
Zagged Boat Uncommon
Zebra Motorcycle Uncommon
Zebra Antelope A20 Uncommon
Zero-G Helicopter Epic