Starting in May 2020, I created this website to provide the Call of Duty Mobile community with a comprehensive database of all items and skins that ever existed in the game.

A year and more than 10,000 items later the database is almost complete with only a handful of items lacking their images or sources. The focus is now on keeping the site current with daily updates.

Richard aka "mindphlux" // UID 6827578162600738817 on Global


If you want to talk to me about anything related to this website, please post on the official Subreddit.

Additional Credits & Acknowledgements

Many thanks to the CODM.GG volunteer squad:

Thanks to the team at Activision for their support and for providing some items that would have been otherwise lost in time.

Chibi artwork created exclusively for CODM.GG by Shawn Yap (SectionX27). Use on other sites is strictly prohibited.

This database would not have been possible without videos by the following Youtubers. Thank you!

Animated WebP images created using ezGif.
MP4 and WebM videos created using Corel VideoStudio 2020 and HandBrake.
Screenshots are taken using the Gameloop emulator.