Item Name Item Rarity Item Sources
2021 Series 1 Epic
2021 Series 2 Epic
2nd Anniversary Epic
2nd Anniversary Limited Epic
A Curse Unearthed Legendary
A War You Won't Believe Epic
AGR 556 - Weapon Mastery I Rare
AGR 556 - Weapon Mastery III Epic
AK-47 - Weapon Mastery I Rare
AK-47 - Weapon Mastery III Epic
AK117 - Weapon Mastery I Rare
AK117 - Weapon Mastery III Epic
AS VAL - Weapon Mastery I Rare
AS VAL - Weapon Mastery III Epic
ASM10 - Weapon Mastery I Rare
ASM10 - Weapon Mastery III Epic
Abandoned Rare
Abominable Rare
Adam Bomb Rare
Aerial Assault Legendary
Aftershock Rare
Aim Carefully Rare
All Out War Legendary
All Star Rare
Allig8r Rare
Alone on Top Legendary
Ancient Ceremony Rare
Anime Enthusiast Epic
Annihilation Epic
Another Notch Rare
Ant Hill Rare
Arboreal Assault Epic
Arctic .50 - Weapon Mastery I Rare
Arctic .50 - Weapon Mastery III Epic
Artistic Touch Legendary
Asexual Pride Rare
Atlanta Faze Rare
Automatic Shogun Rare
BK57 - Weapon Mastery I Rare
BK57 - Weapon Mastery III Epic
BR Legend Epic
BR Legend Series 4 Epic
BY15 - Weapon Mastery I Rare
BY15 - Weapon Mastery III Epic
Back Stab Rare
Backdraft Legendary
Bandita Rare
Bang Rare
Beach Day Rare
Beast Chained Legendary
Beastly Pursuit Rare
Beatdown Legendary
Before the Storm Legendary
BiSH Epic
Big Game Epic
Bioengineered Rare
Bisexual Pride Rare
Bit Warrior Epic
Black Cat Rare
Blunt Suggestion Rare
Bobbyplays Rare
Boneyard Rare
Breakout Legendary
Bullets for Days Epic
Bury the Hatchet Rare
Bus Ride Epic
CR-56 AMAX - Weapon Mastery I Rare
CR-56 AMAX - Weapon Mastery III Epic
Cackle Epic
Camper Rare
Carnage Rare
Carrion Crow Rare
Catching Some Air Legendary
Championship Racer Rare
Chaotic Evil Legendary
Check Engine Rare
Cherry Blossom Legendary
Chest Pain Rare
Chicom - Weapon Mastery I Rare
Chicom - Weapon Mastery III Epic
Chopper - Weapon Mastery I Rare
Chopper - Weapon Mastery III Epic
Chopper Command Rare
Chummed Waters Epic
City Limits Rare
Clashing Blades Rare
Comedy of Error Codes Legendary
Comfort from the Cold Legendary
Commemoration Epic
Contract Killer Epic
Cordite - Weapon Mastery I Rare
Cordite - Weapon Mastery III Epic
Counterattack Legendary
Covert Operation Epic
Crash Landing Rare
Cyborg Showdown Rare
DL Q33 - Weapon Mastery I Rare
DL Q33 - Weapon Mastery III Epic
DR-H - Weapon Mastery I Rare
DR-H - Weapon Mastery III Epic
Daimyo Legendary
Dallas Empire Rare
Dangerous Elements Rare
Dark Country Legendary
Dark Quill Rare
Dark Sunmmoning Legendary
Darkness Returns Legendary
Dead End Epic
Dead Roses Legendary
Deadlands Rare
Deadly Intuition Legendary
Death Stare Rare
Death Support Epic
Death Vestige Rare
Death at Dawn Legendary
Deep Sea Rare
Deep Sea Battle Epic
Deploy Rare
Desolate Despair Rare
Devil's Horns Epic
Discord Legendary
Do You Want Some More Rare
Don't Look Back Rare
Double Crossed Epic
Double Tap Epic
Downfall Rare
Drag Out Rare
Dragonbreath Rare
Drop Dead Rare
Drop In Common
Dual Cast Epic
Dystopia on TV Rare
Eat Lead! Rare
Echo - Weapon Mastery I Rare
Echo - Weapon Mastery III Epic
Element of Surprise Epic
Embers Rare
Enemy Spotted Epic
Escape in Style Legendary
Evil Clown Rare
Evil Medicine Legendary
Evil Presence Legendary
Extinction Epic
Eye Catcher Epic
Eye of the Storm Legendary
FR .556 - Weapon Mastery I Rare
FR .556 - Weapon Mastery III Epic
FREELO Calling Card Rare
Fantastic Vulture Rare
Fatal Attraction Legendary
Fennec - Weapon Mastery I Rare
Fennec - Weapon Mastery III Epic
Ferocious Rare
Fields of the Fallen Rare
Fill'em Up Legendary
Finisher Rare
Fire Warriors Rare
First Anniversary Rare
First Birthday Epic
Flames of the Fox Legendary
Florida Mutineers Rare
Fool's Angel Legendary
Forbidden Incantations Legendary
Forces of Good and Evil Legendary
Foreign Substance Legendary
Forest Assault Rare
Forest Fight Legendary
Form Up Epic
Fragged Rare
From Below Legendary
From the Depths Rare
Frostbitten Legendary
Full Moon Rare
Fury Epic
GKS - Weapon Mastery I Rare
GKS - Weapon Mastery III Epic
Game Over Rare
Games of Summer Rare
Gas Cloud Rare
Getting Started Legendary
Ghost Town Epic
Ghosted Epic
Ghostly Vessel Rare
Ghostly Watery Grave Rare
Ghoul Whip Rare
Give Wing to Chance Epic
Glide Bomb Legendary
Glowing Eyes Epic
Gnasher Epic
Go Code Epic
Going Ghoul Legendary
Golem Round Up Rare
Grave Robber Rare
Graveyard Rare
Green Army Flak Rare
Green Team Rare
Grim Reaped Epic
Gruesome Howl Epic
Gun Rattler Rare
Gunzo's Folly Legendary
HBRa3 - Weapon Mastery I Rare
HBRa3 - Weapon Mastery III Epic
HG 40 - Weapon Mastery I Rare
HG 40 - Weapon Mastery III Epic
HS0405 - Weapon Mastery I Rare
HS0405 - Weapon Mastery III Epic
HS2126 - Weapon Mastery I Rare
HS2126 - Weapon Mastery III Epic
HVK-30 - Weapon Mastery I Rare
HVK-30 - Weapon Mastery III Epic
Hades - Weapon Mastery I Rare
Hades - Weapon Mastery III Epic
Hamburger or Hot Dog Epic
Hand Cannon Epic
Hand Cannon Epic
Hang Loose Rare
Haunted Sky Rare
Having a Blast Rare
Havoc Created Legendary
He Looked Back Epic
Head Hunter Rare
Heart Breaker Rare
Heartbreaker Legendary
Heat of the Battle Legendary
Heavy Sting Rare
Hidden Power Legendary
Hidden Shot Legendary
High Roller Epic
High Speed Rare
Highwaymen Rare
Hive Mind Rare
Hold the Line Legendary
Hold the Perimeter Rare
Holger 26 - Weapon Mastery I Rare
Holger 26 - Weapon Mastery III Epic
Horde Run Rare
Hot Box Rare
Hot Metal Legendary
Hunter Stalker Legendary
Hydra Burst Rare
ICR-1 - Weapon Mastery I Rare
ICR-1 - Weapon Mastery III Epic
In Reverence Epic
In The Stars Legendary
In the Grid Rare
Inbound Rare
Industrial Revolutionary Rare
Inferno Rare
Ink Spiller Epic
Interstellar Dreams Rare
Into the Fire Legendary
Jack of Flames Rare
Joust Rare
Jug Out Rare
Jungle Prince Epic
Just Puuurfect Epic
KN-44 - Weapon Mastery I Rare
KN-44 - Weapon Mastery III Epic
KRM 262 - Weapon Mastery I Rare
KRM 262 - Weapon Mastery III Epic
Kaboom Rare
Kill Command Rare
Killer Host Rare
Kilo Bolt-Action - Weapon Mastery I Rare
Kilo Bolt-Action - Weapon Mastery III Epic
King Cobra Rare
King of the Spine Rare
LGBT Pride Rare
LK24 - Weapon Mastery I Rare
LK24 - Weapon Mastery III Epic
Lesbian Pride Rare
Leviathan Rare
Lightgun Trainer Rare
Lights Out Legendary
Lizard King Rare
Locus - Weapon Mastery I Rare
Locus - Weapon Mastery III Epic
London Royal Ravens Rare
Long Distance Call Legendary
Loose Ends Legendary
Los Angeles Guerrillas Rare
Los Angeles Thieves Rare
M13 - Weapon Mastery I Rare
M13 - Weapon Mastery III Epic
M16 - Weapon Mastery I Rare
M16 - Weapon Mastery III Epic
M21 EBR - Weapon Mastery I Rare
M21 EBR - Weapon Mastery III Epic
M4 - Weapon Mastery I Rare
M4 - Weapon Mastery III Epic
M4LMG - Weapon Mastery I Rare
M4LMG - Weapon Mastery III Epic
MK2 - Weapon Mastery I Rare
MK2 - Weapon Mastery III Epic
MSMC - Weapon Mastery I Rare
MSMC - Weapon Mastery III Epic
MX9 - Weapon Mastery I Rare
MX9 - Weapon Mastery III Epic
Mace Face Rare
Magic Powers Epic
Main Stage Rare
Malignance Legendary
Man-O-War - Weapon Mastery I Rare
Man-O-War - Weapon Mastery III Epic
Mech Attack Rare
Mercenaries Rare
Metal Wall of Death Legendary
Midnight Train Rare
Minnesota ROKKR Rare
Mistakes Were Made Rare
Mobile Common
Monkey Down Rare
Monster in the Mask Epic
Moon Mesas Rare
Mosh Pit Rare
Motor Mechanic Legendary
Multiplayer Legend Season 4 Epic
Mushroom Rare
Mutant Shark Rare
Mystic Flame Epic
NA-45 - Weapon Mastery I Rare
NA-45 - Weapon Mastery III Epic
Nature of War Rare
Neigh Slayer Rare
Neon Horizon Rare
Neon Samurai Rare
Nevermore Rare
New York Subliners Rare
Nice Gun Rare
Night Hunt Rare
Night Watcher Epic
No Saints Rare
Non-Binary Pride Rare
Odin's Call Legendary
Ominous Entrance Rare
On Patrol Legendary
On Target Rare
On the Prowl Legendary
One Hot Ticket Rare
One on One Rare
Optic Chicago Rare
Ordnance Rare
Ornament Rare
Osito En Vivo Epic
Out of the Fire Legendary
Outlaw - Weapon Mastery I Rare
Outlaw - Weapon Mastery III Epic
Outside the Circle Legendary
PDW-57 - Weapon Mastery I Rare
PDW-57 - Weapon Mastery III Epic
PP19 Bizon - Weapon Mastery I Rare
PP19 Bizon - Weapon Mastery III Epic
Para-Shoot Rare
Paris Legion Rare
Party On Rare
Payload Rare
Peacekeeper MK2 - Weapon Mastery I Rare
Peacekeeper MK2 - Weapon Mastery III Epic
Perfect Landing Epic
Phalanx Epic
Pharo - Weapon Mastery I Rare
Pharo - Weapon Mastery III Epic
Phoneix Rare
Piercing Hawk Rare
Poised Rare
Posted Up Rare
Power Play Rare
Powered Wyvern Rare
Prey and Predator Rare
Price's Holiday Epic
Prize of the Horde Legendary
Protective Gear Rare
Pulled Down Rare
Pursuit Legendary
QQ9 - Weapon Mastery I Rare
QQ9 - Weapon Mastery III Epic
QXR - Weapon Mastery I Rare
QXR - Weapon Mastery III Epic
Quick Escape Legendary
R9-0 - Weapon Mastery I Rare
R9-0 - Weapon Mastery III Epic
RPD - Weapon Mastery I Rare
RPD - Weapon Mastery III Epic
RUS-79U - Weapon Mastery I Rare
RUS-79U - Weapon Mastery III Epic
Radio Free Country Rare
Raid Rare
Raze Epic
Razorback - Weapon Mastery I Rare
Razorback - Weapon Mastery III Epic
Re-Entry Legendary
Ready for Action Rare
Reclaimed Rare
Recovered Rare
Red War Rare
Repugnance Legendary
Revive Rare
Ritual Rare
River Raid Rare
Rocket Man Rare
Rott's Fortune Legendary
Royal Guard Rare
Rugged Rare
Rupture Legendary
Rytec AMR - Weapon Mastery I Rare
Rytec AMR - Weapon Mastery III Epic
S36 - Weapon Mastery I Rare
S36 - Weapon Mastery III Epic
SKS - Weapon Mastery I Rare
SKS - Weapon Mastery III Epic
SP-R 208 - Weapon Mastery I Rare
SP-R 208 - Weapon Mastery III Epic
Sacrifices Made Epic
Sacrificial Legendary
Samba School Rare
Samurai Slash Rare
Sanction Legendary
Sandy Treads Rare
Saw Legendary
Scorpion Shoot Rare
Scylla's Gaze Legendary
Sea, Land and Air Rare
Seattle Surge Rare
Security Breach Legendary
Seeing Double Epic
Seeing Red Rare
Senses Red Epic
Shadow Corps Legendary
Shadow Ops: Lerch Epic
Shadow Puppet Legendary
Shadow of Death Rare
Shark Bait Rare
Shot Down Rare
Showdown Legendary
Siege Crisis Legendary
Silent Flight Epic
Siren's Call Legendary
Skull Bash Rare
Skull Ray Rare
Skull Spy Rare
Skulls in Arms Epic
Sleeved Assassin Rare
Smoke Shroud Epic
Snake Strut Epic
Snow Pursuit Rare
Solemnity Legendary
Solstice Rare
Space Rations Rare
Speed and Style Legendary
Squad Victory Rare
Squatch Epic
Staging Area Rare
Standoff at Dusk Legendary
Starlight Rare
Strike Team Common
Striker - Weapon Mastery I Rare
Striker - Weapon Mastery III Epic
Submerged Attack Rare
Summer Standoff Rare
Sunken Eyes Rare
Surf's Up Rare
Survival of the Fittest Legendary
Survivor Rare
Swordfish - Weapon Mastery I Rare
Swordfish - Weapon Mastery III Epic
Synthpop Rare
Tac Insertion Legendary
Tactical High Ground Rare
Tactically Aware Rare
Take Cover Legendary
Taken Out Rare
Takeoff Rare
Taker of Souls Legendary
Taking a Dip Rare
Target Acquired Rare
Team Up Rare
Tech Death Rare
Telescopic Rare
That's Gotta Sting Epic
The Big Guns Epic
The Brave Epic
The Drifter Epic
The Fallen Rare
The Horns Epic
The Megastructure Rare
The Omniscient Rare
The Pillager Epic
The Road Less Traveled Rare
The Stack Rare
Thermal Marksman Rare
Throne Room Rare
Thunder Surge Rare
Tiki Warriors Rare
Tools of the Trade Rare
Toronto Ultra Rare
Total Deletion Rare
Tough Choices Legendary
Transgender Pride Rare
Tricked Out Treat Legendary
Try Me Rare
Twelve Terrorists. One Cop. Epic
Type 25 - Weapon Mastery I Rare
Type 25 - Weapon Mastery III Epic
UL736 - Weapon Mastery I Rare
UL736 - Weapon Mastery III Epic
Ultimate Ascension Legendary
Undead Freeze Rare
Under Control Rare
Under Science Legendary
Up In Arms Rare
Up On Infrared Rare
Usurper Legendary
Valiant Attempt Legendary
Valorous Rare
Venerable Brat Epic
Victoria Epic
Vigilant Legendary
Wanderer Rare
War and Peace Rare
Warlock Legendary
Warring Factions Legendary
Weapon Systems Rare
Wetworks Epic
Wild Man Rare
Wild and Vicious Legendary
Wind Speed Shadow Legendary
Wingman Rare
Winter Siege Rare
Winterwood Epic
Wish Granter Epic
Wolf Hunt Rare
World Wide Legendary
XPR-50 - Weapon Mastery I Rare
XPR-50 - Weapon Mastery III Epic
Zen Master Legendary
Zero Gravity Legendary
Zork Rare