Item Name Item Rarity
Afterlife Rare
Alex Mason Rare
All Hands Rare
Angel of Death Rare
Arctic Captain Rare
Artery Epic
Artery Rare
Artery Epic
Axed Rare
Ayakashi Rare
B.A.T. Agent Rare
BP S1 Ghost Avatar Uncommon
Back for More Epic
Bail Out Rare
Bathysphere Rare
Beast of Prey Rare
Black Gold King Epic
Black Hole Epic
Blood in the Water Rare
Bloodletter Rare
Bone Dry Epic
Bone Dry Rare
Bonefire Rare
Bounty Hunter Epic
Bunyan Rare
Bushido Rare
Butcher Rare
CDL Rare
Cactus Buddy Epic
Championship 2020 Rare
Charged Battery Epic
Charly Rare
Checkhov's Gun Rare
Chem 141 Epic
Chopper Command Rare
Cobalt Cobra Rare
Cosmic Silverback Rare
Cowboy Ghost Epic
Crash Test Rare
Crimson Lotus Rare
Dark Nikto Rare
David Mason Rare
Death Ray Rare
Defected Rare
Deputy Epic
Dot Exe Epic
Dragonfang Rare
Drawstring Rare
Easter '20 Uncommon
Endowment Rare
Endowment Elite Epic
Enforcer Epic
Entombed Rare
Ethan Rare
FTL Rare
Festa Rare
Firestarter Rare
Flickering Shadow Rare
Frogman Rare
From Dog, With Love Rare
General Shepherd Epic
Ghost Alone Rare
Ghosts Epic
Gilded Assassin Rare
Goblin King Rare
Golden Dragon Epic
Golem Rare
Grizzled Command Epic
Guerilla Rare
Guilt Epic
Gungnir Rare
Gunzo Epic
Hades Rare
Hazmat Bomber Rare
Hazmat Ghost Epic
Hazmat Soap Rare
Heart of a Lion Rare
Heavy Metal Epic
Hired Gun Rare
Holo Skull Epic
Holster Rare
Honorbound Rare
Honored Rare
Iconclad Rare
Infiltration Rare
Irradiated Rare
John McClane Epic
John Rambo Epic
Jungle Ops Rare
Kaboom Rare
Keeper Epic
Kitty Six Rare
Leopard Roar Epic
Lerch Rare
Lynx Rare
Makarov Rare
Man Hunter Epic
Manta Ray Rare
Mara Epic
Mask On Rare
Masquerade Rare
Mecha Rare
Menendez Rare
Merc - Yellow Snake Rare
Metal Phantom Epic
Money Stash Rare
Neon Mandible Epic
Neon Marrow Epic
Night Ops Epic
Nikto Epic
Notice Meow Rare
Nuclear Rare
Odin Epic
Off My Lawn Rare
Osito Rare
Otter Rare
Outlaw Ghost Rare
Pastel Cobra Rare
Phantom Rare
Phantom Rare
Pink Heart Rare
Play! Rare
Price Epic
Primal Epic
Proton Rare
Quenns Guard Rare
Rage Epic
Rank S2 Merc 2 Rare
Reanimate Rare
Reaper Rare
Reckoning Epic
Reflection Epic
Relic Rare
River Raid Rare
Robot Buddy Rare
Ruin Rare
Ruptured Reaper Epic
Scorpion Queen Rare
Searaven Epic
Seeing Death Epic
Seraph Epic
Shoe-In Rare
Siberia Epic
Sickle Rare
Silver Bullet Rare
Ski Patroller Rare
Snowflakes Uncommon
Snowman Epic
Soap Rare
Special Op 2 Rare
Spectral Rare
Spectre Rare
Spectre Rare
T.E.D.D. Rare
TF 141 Rare
Tacticlown Rare
Taiga Rare
Talon Rare
Task Force 141 Avatar Uncommon
Teeth Sinker Epic
Ten Gallon Rare
Tengu Epic
Terracotta Rare
The Astronaut Rare
The Boss Epic
The Horns Rare
The Professional Rare
The Resistance Rare
Time to Die Rare
Trailblazer Rare
Treason Rare
Trickster Rare
UDT Frogman Rare
Updated Rare
Valentine Uncommon
Veteran Rare
Voodoo Man Rare
Waster Rare
Where to Sir? Epic
Wicht Warden Rare
Winterwood Epic
Witch Doctor Epic
Woodman Rare
Woods Rare
Wrecker Rare
Zombie Rare
Zombie Hands Rare
Zombie Santa Uncommon
Zork Rare
Item Name Item Rarity
Firebreak - Carat Thief and Backpack (Bundle) Epic
Firebreak - Carat Thief and Clothing (Bundle) Epic
Firebreak - Carat Thief and Headgear (Bundle) Epic
Firebreak - Panda and Accessories (Bundle) Epic
Item Name Item Rarity
2021 Series 1 Epic
2021 Series 2 Epic
2nd Anniversary Epic
2nd Anniversary Limited Epic
A Curse Unearthed Legendary
A War You Won't Believe Epic
AGR 556 - Weapon Mastery I Rare
AGR 556 - Weapon Mastery III Epic
AK-47 - Weapon Mastery I Rare
AK-47 - Weapon Mastery III Epic
AK117 - Weapon Mastery I Rare
AK117 - Weapon Mastery III Epic
AS VAL - Weapon Mastery I Rare
AS VAL - Weapon Mastery III Epic
ASM10 - Weapon Mastery I Rare
ASM10 - Weapon Mastery III Epic
Abandoned Rare
Abominable Rare
Adam Bomb Rare
Aerial Assault Legendary
Aftershock Rare
Aim Carefully Rare
All Out War Legendary
All Star Rare
Allig8r Rare
Alone on Top Legendary
Ancient Ceremony Rare
Anime Enthusiast Epic
Annihilation Epic
Another Notch Rare
Ant Hill Rare
Arboreal Assault Epic
Arctic .50 - Weapon Mastery I Rare
Arctic .50 - Weapon Mastery III Epic
Artistic Touch Legendary
Asexual Pride Rare
Atlanta Faze Rare
Automatic Shogun Rare
BK57 - Weapon Mastery I Rare
BK57 - Weapon Mastery III Epic
BR Legend Epic
BR Legend Series 4 Epic
BY15 - Weapon Mastery I Rare
BY15 - Weapon Mastery III Epic
Back Stab Rare
Backdraft Legendary
Bandita Rare
Bang Rare
Beach Day Rare
Beast Chained Legendary
Beastly Pursuit Rare
Beatdown Legendary
Before the Storm Legendary
BiSH Epic
Big Game Epic
Bioengineered Rare
Bisexual Pride Rare
Bit Warrior Epic
Blunt Suggestion Rare
Bobbyplays Rare
Boneyard Rare
Breakout Legendary
Bullets for Days Epic
Bury the Hatchet Rare
Bus Ride Epic
CR-56 AMAX - Weapon Mastery I Rare
CR-56 AMAX - Weapon Mastery III Epic
Camper Rare
Carnage Rare
Carrion Crow Rare
Catching Some Air Legendary
Championship Racer Rare
Chaotic Evil Legendary
Check Engine Rare
Chest Pain Rare
Chicom - Weapon Mastery I Rare
Chicom - Weapon Mastery III Epic
Chopper - Weapon Mastery I Rare
Chopper - Weapon Mastery III Epic
Chopper Command Rare
Chummed Waters Epic
City Limits Rare
Clashing Blades Rare
Comedy of Error Codes Legendary
Comfort from the Cold Legendary
Commemoration Epic
Contract Killer Epic
Cordite - Weapon Mastery I Rare
Cordite - Weapon Mastery III Epic
Counterattack Legendary
Covert Operation Epic
Crash Landing Rare
Cyborg Showdown Rare
DL Q33 - Weapon Mastery I Rare
DL Q33 - Weapon Mastery III Epic
DR-H - Weapon Mastery I Rare
DR-H - Weapon Mastery III Epic
Daimyo Legendary
Dallas Empire Rare
Dangerous Elements Rare
Dark Country Legendary
Dark Quill Rare
Dark Sunmmoning Legendary
Darkness Returns Legendary
Dead End Epic
Dead Roses Legendary
Deadlands Rare
Deadly Intuition Legendary
Death Stare Rare
Death Support Epic
Death Vestige Rare
Death at Dawn Legendary
Deep Sea Rare
Deep Sea Battle Epic
Deploy Rare
Desolate Despair Rare
Devil's Horns Epic
Discord Legendary
Do You Want Some More Rare
Don't Look Back Rare
Double Crossed Epic
Double Tap Epic
Downfall Rare
Drag Out Rare
Dragonbreath Rare
Drop Dead Rare
Drop In Common
Dual Cast Epic
Dystopia on TV Rare
Eat Lead! Rare
Echo - Weapon Mastery I Rare
Echo - Weapon Mastery III Epic
Element of Surprise Epic
Embers Rare
Enemy Spotted Epic
Escape in Style Legendary
Evil Clown Rare
Evil Medicine Legendary
Evil Presence Legendary
Extinction Epic
Eye Catcher Epic
Eye of the Storm Legendary
FR .556 - Weapon Mastery I Rare
FR .556 - Weapon Mastery III Epic
FREELO Calling Card Rare
Fantastic Vulture Rare
Fatal Attraction Legendary
Fennec - Weapon Mastery I Rare
Fennec - Weapon Mastery III Epic
Ferocious Rare
Fields of the Fallen Rare
Fill'em Up Legendary
Finisher Rare
Fire Warriors Rare
First Anniversary Rare
First Birthday Epic
Flames of the Fox Legendary
Florida Mutineers Rare
Fool's Angel Legendary
Forces of Good and Evil Legendary
Foreign Substance Legendary
Forest Assault Rare
Forest Fight Legendary
Form Up Epic
Fragged Rare
From Below Legendary
From the Depths Rare
Frostbitten Legendary
Full Moon Rare
Fury Epic
GKS - Weapon Mastery I Rare
GKS - Weapon Mastery III Epic
Game Over Rare
Games of Summer Rare
Gas Cloud Rare
Ghost Town Epic
Ghosted Epic
Ghostly Vessel Rare
Ghoul Whip Rare
Give Wing to Chance Epic
Glide Bomb Legendary
Glowing Eyes Epic
Go Code Epic
Going Ghoul Legendary
Golem Round Up Rare
Grave Robber Rare
Green Army Flak Rare
Green Team Rare
Grim Reaped Epic
Gruesome Howl Epic
Gun Rattler Rare
Gunzo's Folly Legendary
HBRa3 - Weapon Mastery I Rare
HBRa3 - Weapon Mastery III Epic
HG 40 - Weapon Mastery I Rare
HG 40 - Weapon Mastery III Epic
HS0405 - Weapon Mastery I Rare
HS0405 - Weapon Mastery III Epic
HS2126 - Weapon Mastery I Rare
HS2126 - Weapon Mastery III Epic
HVK-30 - Weapon Mastery I Rare
HVK-30 - Weapon Mastery III Epic
Hades - Weapon Mastery I Rare
Hades - Weapon Mastery III Epic
Hamburger or Hot Dog Epic
Hand Cannon Epic
Hand Cannon Epic
Hang Loose Rare
Haunted Sky Rare
Having a Blast Rare
Havoc Created Legendary
He Looked Back Epic
Head Hunter Rare
Heart Breaker Rare
Heartbreaker Legendary
Heat of the Battle Legendary
Heavy Sting Rare
Hidden Power Legendary
Hidden Shot Legendary
High Roller Epic
High Speed Rare
Highwaymen Rare
Hold the Line Legendary
Hold the Perimeter Rare
Holger 26 - Weapon Mastery I Rare
Holger 26 - Weapon Mastery III Epic
Horde Run Rare
Hot Box Rare
Hot Metal Legendary
Hunter Stalker Legendary
Hydra Burst Rare
ICR-1 - Weapon Mastery I Rare
ICR-1 - Weapon Mastery III Epic
In Reverence Epic
In The Stars Legendary
In the Grid Rare
Inbound Rare
Industrial Revolutionary Rare
Inferno Rare
Ink Spiller Epic
Interstellar Dreams Rare
Into the Fire Legendary
Jack of Flames Rare
Joust Rare
Jug Out Rare
Jungle Prince Epic
Just Puuurfect Epic
KN-44 - Weapon Mastery I Rare
KN-44 - Weapon Mastery III Epic
KRM 262 - Weapon Mastery I Rare
KRM 262 - Weapon Mastery III Epic
Kaboom Rare
Kill Command Rare
Kilo Bolt-Action - Weapon Mastery I Rare
Kilo Bolt-Action - Weapon Mastery III Epic
King Cobra Rare
King of the Spine Rare
LGBT Pride Rare
LK24 - Weapon Mastery I Rare
LK24 - Weapon Mastery III Epic
Lesbian Pride Rare
Leviathan Rare
Lightgun Trainer Rare
Lights Out Legendary
Lizard King Rare
Locus - Weapon Mastery I Rare
Locus - Weapon Mastery III Epic
London Royal Ravens Rare
Long Distance Call Legendary
Loose Ends Legendary
Los Angeles Guerrillas Rare
Los Angeles Thieves Rare
M13 - Weapon Mastery I Rare
M13 - Weapon Mastery III Epic
M16 - Weapon Mastery I Rare
M16 - Weapon Mastery III Epic
M21 EBR - Weapon Mastery I Rare
M21 EBR - Weapon Mastery III Epic
M4 - Weapon Mastery I Rare
M4 - Weapon Mastery III Epic
M4LMG - Weapon Mastery I Rare
M4LMG - Weapon Mastery III Epic
MK2 - Weapon Mastery I Rare
MK2 - Weapon Mastery III Epic
MSMC - Weapon Mastery I Rare
MSMC - Weapon Mastery III Epic
MX9 - Weapon Mastery I Rare
MX9 - Weapon Mastery III Epic
Mace Face Rare
Magic Powers Epic
Main Stage Rare
Malignance Legendary
Man-O-War - Weapon Mastery I Rare
Man-O-War - Weapon Mastery III Epic
Mech Attack Rare
Mercenaries Rare
Metal Wall of Death Legendary
Midnight Train Rare
Minnesota ROKKR Rare
Mistakes Were Made Rare
Mobile Common
Monkey Down Rare
Monster in the Mask Epic
Moon Mesas Rare
Mosh Pit Rare
Motor Mechanic Legendary
Multiplayer Legend Season 4 Epic
Mushroom Rare
Mutant Shark Rare
Mystic Flame Epic
NA-45 - Weapon Mastery I Rare
NA-45 - Weapon Mastery III Epic
Nature of War Rare
Neigh Slayer Rare
Neon Horizon Rare
Neon Samurai Rare
Nevermore Rare
New York Subliners Rare
Nice Gun Rare
Night Hunt Rare
Night Watcher Epic
No Saints Rare
Non-Binary Pride Rare
Odin's Call Legendary
Ominous Entrance Rare
On Patrol Legendary
On Target Rare
On the Prowl Legendary
One Hot Ticket Rare
One on One Rare
Optic Chicago Rare
Ordnance Rare
Ornament Rare
Osito En Vivo Epic
Out of the Fire Legendary
Outlaw - Weapon Mastery I Rare
Outlaw - Weapon Mastery III Epic
Outside the Circle Legendary
PDW-57 - Weapon Mastery I Rare
PDW-57 - Weapon Mastery III Epic
PP19 Bizon - Weapon Mastery I Rare
PP19 Bizon - Weapon Mastery III Epic
Para-Shoot Rare
Paris Legion Rare
Party On Rare
Payload Rare
Peacekeeper MK2 - Weapon Mastery I Rare
Peacekeeper MK2 - Weapon Mastery III Epic
Perfect Landing Epic
Phalanx Epic
Pharo - Weapon Mastery I Rare
Pharo - Weapon Mastery III Epic
Phoneix Rare
Piercing Hawk Rare
Poised Rare
Posted Up Rare
Power Play Rare
Powered Wyvern Rare
Prey and Predator Rare
Price's Holiday Epic
Prize of the Horde Legendary
Protective Gear Rare
Pulled Down Rare
Pursuit Legendary
QQ9 - Weapon Mastery I Rare
QQ9 - Weapon Mastery III Epic
QXR - Weapon Mastery I Rare
QXR - Weapon Mastery III Epic
Quick Escape Legendary
R9-0 - Weapon Mastery I Rare
R9-0 - Weapon Mastery III Epic
RPD - Weapon Mastery I Rare
RPD - Weapon Mastery III Epic
RUS-79U - Weapon Mastery I Rare
RUS-79U - Weapon Mastery III Epic
Radio Free Country Rare
Raid Rare
Raze Epic
Razorback - Weapon Mastery I Rare
Razorback - Weapon Mastery III Epic
Re-Entry Legendary
Ready for Action Rare
Reclaimed Rare
Recovered Rare
Red War Rare
Repugnance Legendary
Revive Rare
Ritual Rare
River Raid Rare
Rocket Man Rare
Rott's Fortune Legendary
Royal Guard Rare
Rugged Rare
Rupture Legendary
Rytec AMR - Weapon Mastery I Rare
Rytec AMR - Weapon Mastery III Epic
S36 - Weapon Mastery I Rare
S36 - Weapon Mastery III Epic
SKS - Weapon Mastery I Rare
SKS - Weapon Mastery III Epic
SP-R 208 - Weapon Mastery I Rare
SP-R 208 - Weapon Mastery III Epic
Sacrifices Made Epic
Sacrificial Legendary
Samba School Rare
Samurai Slash Rare
Sanction Legendary
Sandy Treads Rare
Saw Legendary
Scorpion Shoot Rare
Scylla's Gaze Legendary
Sea, Land and Air Rare
Seattle Surge Rare
Security Breach Legendary
Seeing Double Epic
Seeing Red Rare
Senses Red Epic
Shadow Corps Legendary
Shadow Ops: Lerch Epic
Shadow Puppet Legendary
Shadow of Death Rare
Shark Bait Rare
Shot Down Rare
Showdown Legendary
Siege Crisis Legendary
Silent Flight Epic
Siren's Call Legendary
Skull Bash Rare
Skull Ray Rare
Skull Spy Rare
Skulls in Arms Epic
Sleeved Assassin Rare
Smoke Shroud Epic
Snake Strut Epic
Snow Pursuit Rare
Solstice Rare
Space Rations Rare
Speed and Style Legendary
Squad Victory Rare
Squatch Epic
Staging Area Rare
Standoff at Dusk Legendary
Starlight Rare
Strike Team Common
Striker - Weapon Mastery I Rare
Striker - Weapon Mastery III Epic
Submerged Attack Rare
Summer Standoff Rare
Sunken Eyes Rare
Surf's Up Rare
Survival of the Fittest Legendary
Survivor Rare
Swordfish - Weapon Mastery I Rare
Swordfish - Weapon Mastery III Epic
Synthpop Rare
Tac Insertion Legendary
Tactical High Ground Rare
Tactically Aware Rare
Take Cover Legendary
Taken Out Rare
Takeoff Rare
Taker of Souls Legendary
Taking a Dip Rare
Target Acquired Rare
Team Up Rare
Tech Death Rare
Telescopic Rare
That's Gotta Sting Epic
The Big Guns Epic
The Brave Epic
The Drifter Epic
The Fallen Rare
The Horns Epic
The Megastructure Rare
The Omniscient Rare
The Pillager Epic
The Road Less Traveled Rare
The Stack Rare
Thermal Marksman Rare
Throne Room Rare
Thunder Surge Rare
Tiki Warriors Rare
Tools of the Trade Rare
Toronto Ultra Rare
Total Deletion Rare
Tough Choices Legendary
Transgender Pride Rare
Tricked Out Treat Legendary
Try Me Rare
Twelve Terrorists. One Cop. Epic
Type 25 - Weapon Mastery I Rare
Type 25 - Weapon Mastery III Epic
UL736 - Weapon Mastery I Rare
UL736 - Weapon Mastery III Epic
Ultimate Ascension Legendary
Undead Freeze Rare
Under Control Rare
Under Science Legendary
Up In Arms Rare
Up On Infrared Rare
Usurper Legendary
Valiant Attempt Legendary
Valorous Rare
Venerable Brat Epic
Victoria Epic
Vigilant Legendary
Wanderer Rare
War and Peace Rare
Warlock Legendary
Warring Factions Legendary
Weapon Systems Rare
Wetworks Epic
Wild Man Rare
Wild and Vicious Legendary
Wind Speed Shadow Legendary
Wingman Rare
Winter Siege Rare
Winterwood Epic
Wish Granter Epic
Wolf Hunt Rare
World Wide Legendary
XPR-50 - Weapon Mastery I Rare
XPR-50 - Weapon Mastery III Epic
Zen Master Legendary
Zero Gravity Legendary
Zork Rare
Item Name Item Rarity
2021 Series 1 Epic
2021 Series 2 Epic
2nd Anniversary Epic
54eggs Epic
Al Fanous Epic
Amanita Epic
American Flag Epic
Amethyst Epic
Aquanaut Epic
Arcade Cabinet Epic
Armadillo Rare
Astrolabe Epic
At Rest Legendary
Atlas Legendary
Atlas Corporation UAV Epic
Auspicious Epic
Babe Epic
Backup Plan Epic
Ballistic Bubbly Epic
Balloon Animal Legendary
Battle Axe Epic
Bear Trap Rare
Best Dog in Show Legendary
Birthday Cake Rare
Black Jack Epic
Blackout Medal Legendary
Bloodiest Diamond Rare
Bombs Away Epic
Bone Dry Epic
Boom Bits Epic
Boots on the Ground Rare
Bouncy Rare
Bowling Ball Epic
Boxing Glove Rare
Button Masher Epic
Byte Me Epic
Cactus Epic
Celestial Legendary
Cetacean Legendary
Chainsaw Epic
Charging Stallion Legendary
Charm - 2 By 2 Rare
Charm - AP-3X Legendary
Charm - Abominable Epic
Charm - Anniversary Coin Epic
Charm - Bad Luck Buddy Epic
Charm - Bear Trap Epic
Charm - Big Kitty Epic
Charm - Black Widow Epic
Charm - Brain Bucket Epic
Charm - Brain Invader Legendary
Charm - Bullet Rare
Charm - Candy Cane Legendary
Charm - Championship Crown Rare
Charm - Chess Moves Epic
Charm - Chibi Trooper Epic
Charm - Chop Top Epic
Charm - Code Monkey Rare
Charm - Death Comes Epic
Charm - Decked Out Rare
Charm - Dope Scope Epic
Charm - Dragon's Eye Epic
Charm - Eagle Eye Epic
Charm - Eat Crow Legendary
Charm - English Breakfast Rare
Charm - Face of Evil Legendary
Charm - Ferocious Legendary
Charm - Festive Legendary
Charm - Fighter Epic
Charm - Five Knights Helm Epic
Charm - Folk Tale Legendary
Charm - Frosty Epic
Charm - Getting Paid Legendary
Charm - Ghost in the Machine Legendary
Charm - Ghosty Epic
Charm - Gilded Afterlife Rare
Charm - Gilded Glutton Legendary
Charm - Green Skull Epic
Charm - Heat Seeker Epic
Charm - Hello Out There Legendary
Charm - Hive Legendary
Charm - I See All Epic
Charm - Igloo Uncommon
Charm - Key Rex Epic
Charm - Lil' Flame Legendary
Charm - Luna Legendary
Charm - Masked Out Epic
Charm - Matryoshka Epic
Charm - Meteorite Power Legendary
Charm - Mister Ginger Rare
Charm - Monkey Paw Rare
Charm - Nice Kicks Rare
Charm - Night Light Legendary
Charm - Noble Epic
Charm - Nyan Nyan Epic
Charm - Outburst Legendary
Charm - Panzer Epic
Charm - Pearly Whites Epic
Charm - Pineapple Uncommon
Charm - Poison Sting Legendary
Charm - Pumpkin Smile Epic
Charm - Pvt. Ducky Epic
Charm - Racecar Epic
Charm - Reclawed Epic
Charm - Retro UFO Legendary
Charm - Rodent Trap Rare
Charm - Safety First Rare
Charm - Sailboat Epic
Charm - Sanguine Skull Epic
Charm - Series 7 Epic
Charm - Series 8 Epic
Charm - Set to Blow Legendary
Charm - Shark Bite Legendary
Charm - Shocker Epic
Charm - Skin Free Legendary
Charm - Sledder Epic
Charm - Smoke Grenade Rare
Charm - Snowflake Epic
Charm - Space Blaster Rare
Charm - Space Race Legendary
Charm - Statuesque Epic
Charm - Stone Cold Epic
Charm - Submarine Rare
Charm - Tasty Treat Rare
Charm - The Barbarian Epic
Charm - The Challenger Epic
Charm - The One-Four-One Rare
Charm - Toy Soldier Rare
Charm - True North Epic
Charm - Tunes Epic
Charm - UAC Helm Epic
Charm - Vacuum Sealed Epic
Charm - Vampire Epic
Charm - Vestige Legendary
Charm - Werewolf Epic
Charm - Wolf Pup Epic
Charm - Zero One Legendary
Charm - Zombie Metal Epic
Choo Choo Epic
Claw Hammer Legendary
Coffin Legendary
Cold Refreshments Legendary
Cordis Die UAV Epic
Courage Epic
Cowboy Up Epic
Crow Feather Epic
Cursed Seal Epic
Cymbal Monkey Rare
Dark Capacitor Legendary
Dead Smiley Legendary
Death Rattler Epic
Diamond Jim Epic
Dinosaur Epic
Dog Tags Epic
Donu-Corn Epic
Dragon Epic
Drama Queen Legendary
Dream Catchin' Epic
E-Chatter Rare
Elektromagnet Rare
Elite Operation Medal Epic
Emergency Supply Legendary
Expendable Epic
Federation MW11 Epic
Fill 'Er Up Epic
Fire Oni Epic
Firewater Epic
First Aid Rare
Fish Bones Rare
Five Knights Epic
Flip Trick Epic
Gas This! Epic
Gears Epic
Ghosts MW11 Epic
Good Luck Epic
Griggs Epic
Gunzo's Toy Legendary
Hannya Epic
Hazmat Legendary
Heart Spike Legendary
Hedron Legendary
Heritage Epic
Horned Up Epic
Jalapeño, Picante Epic
Joystick Epic
Killer Whale Epic
Kitsune Legendary
Knuckle Up Epic
L8R G8R Legendary
Lantern Epic
Lantern Epic
Laudanum Legendary
Launched Epic
Lerch Forward Epic
Let's Play a Game Epic
Light Speed Epic
Lil Devil Epic
Lil Ghillie Epic
Lil' Ashura Legendary
Lil' Jug Epic
Lil' Ray Epic
Macaw Epic
Malpractice Legendary
Medusa Epic
Memoriam Legendary
Metallic Ghost Legendary
Mighty Mantis Epic
Mind Blown Legendary
Mine Over Matter Epic
Mr. Smuggypuss Epic
Noble Sacrifice Epic
Nova 6 Epic
Oh Crab! Epic
Oni Epic
Orizuru Epic
Pager Epic
Pallid Oni Epic
Payload Rare
Pickle Epic
Pocketed Epic
Poison Apple Epic
Presidential Throne Epic
Puffer Punk Rare
R-C8 Epic
Ramen-tic Epic
Re-Up Epic
Reap This Epic
Remotely Raging Rare
Rhinestone Panther Rare
Rollin Dubs Epic
Sacred Sigil Legendary
Saddled Rare
Salty Epic
Samurai Epic
Samurai Tuna Rare
Sardines Rare
Scorpion Epic
Scorpion King Epic
Screwdriver Epic
Series 3 Epic
Series 4 Legend Epic
Serpentine Knot Legendary
Serraded Legendary
Sinister Coin Legendary
Skull Drip Epic
Snow Survivor Epic
Soul in a Bottle Legendary
Spooky Goodies Epic
Spun Relic Legendary
Squid Epic
Stage Hazard Legendary
Stay Frosty Epic
Sushi Rare
Tamborim Rare
Target Practice Legendary
Tentacle Epic
The Works Rare
Tire Epic
Todd Epic
Torch Epic
Tracker's Best Friend Legendary
Transmission Legendary
Trophy Legendary
Tugboat Epic
UAC Epic
Ushanka Epic
Vulture Epic
Wall Hacks Epic
Whoopee Cushion Epic
Wolf's Head Legendary
World's Greatest Rare
Worth the Weight Rare
Zeppelin Rare
Zom-bale Epic
Item Name Item Rarity
After You Rare
Aha! Epic
Artistic Integrity Epic
Backyard Boogie Rare
Bat Cauldron Epic
Beast Claw Epic
Becoming Snowman Epic
Bee Stung Epic
BiSH Epic
Black Belt Epic
Blind Luck Rare
Body Scan Epic
Bomb Juggle Epic
Bookworm Epic
Bow Rare
Brain Pain Rare
Break You Rare
Bubble Blaster Epic
Build A Snowman Epic
Bus Driver Rare
Cash Caller Epic
Cat Like Rare
Champ Rare
Check Your Shoulder Rare
Cheers! Epic
Chest Thumping Rare
Choked Up Epic
Chosen One Rare
Claimed! Epic
Claw Rare
Close Call Uncommon
Clucked Up Rare
Courtesy Rare
Cursed Mask Epic
Curses! Rare
Cut-throat Uncommon
Dabbing Rare
Disappointment Rare
Disconnected Rare
Do-Si-Dead Epic
Doing Work Rare
Don't Shoot Rare
Don't Think So Rare
Drone Assist Epic
Drone Control Epic
Electrocuted Epic
Evil Plan Rare
Face Palm Rare
Feral Blast Epic
Fine Tuning Epic
Fire Tricks Epic
Fist Pump Uncommon
Fists to a Gun Fight Epic
Five Elements Rare
Flame Flourish Epic
Flying Kick Rare
Fowl Moves Rare
Generous Giver Epic
Get Back In There! Epic
Give a Gift Rare
Good On Ya Rare
Got It! Rare
Grand Gesture Rare
Gunslinger Rare
Gunsmith Epic
Hard Day's Work Epic
Hardstyle Epic
Harness the Power Epic
Haunt Rare
Heart Epic
High Kick Rare
Holiday Magic Epic
Hopak Rare
Howl at the Moon Rare
I Give Up Rare
ICU Epic
Insane Mechanics Epic
Invisible Enemy Epic
Joy Rare
Juggle and Shoot Epic
Juggler Epic
Kick Fu Rare
Knife Tricks Epic
Lasso Dance Epic
Left Hanging Rare
Let Loose Epic
Let it Out Rare
Limber Up Rare
Lookout Rare
Lord of Death Epic
Love and Peace Rare
Lumberjack Chop Rare
Mad Respect Uncommon
Mad Science Epic
Magic Skull Epic
Make it Rain Epic
Meh-80 Epic
Mobile Ops Epic
Monkey Dance Rare
Monstrosity Epic
Muscle Show Rare
Near Miss Rare
Neck Crack Rare
No Passing Rare
Nosedive Rare
Now What? Epic
Nunchokes Rare
On My Watch Rare
Outburst Epic
Outer Space Shuffle Epic
Overly Respectful Rare
PT Time Rare
Party Animal Epic
Peace Rare
Perfect 10 Rare
Ping Pong Epic
Point Uncommon
Poison Gas Rare
Pop Boogie Rare
Poplock Rare
Poppin' Grapes Epic
Pose on Em Rare
Power Move Epic
Practice Makes Perfect Rare
Prepare for Liftoff Rare
Pumped Up Epic
Pumpkin Dance Epic
Put It Out Epic
Put on a Show Epic
Quick 360 Rare
Quick Draw Epic
Rage Quit Epic
Razor Sharp Epic
Ready for Pain Rare
Really? Rare
Recognize Me Uncommon
Recoil Realism Epic
Robot Dance Rare
Rock the House Rare
Rocket Barrage Epic
Roll on Through Rare
Run it Back Rare
Salute Uncommon
Scan for Threats Epic
Scythe Spin Epic
Selfie Epic
Shadowboxing Rare
Sharp Serenade Epic
Shimmy and Shake Epic
Shiver Rare
Shoulder Shot Rare
Silence Rare
Six Chamber Shooter Epic
Skull Crush Epic
Slow Clap Rare
Smoke Drop Epic
Snowball Fight Epic
So Fresh Rare
Strange Brew Epic
Surrender Epic
Sweep This Rare
Swerve Epic
Swerve (Alt) Rare
Swim Up Epic
Sword Stance Epic
There It Is! Rare
Time's Up Rare
Too Easy Rare
Too Easy Rare
Too Hot! Rare
Too Much For Me Rare
Too Young to Die Rare
Trample Uncommon
Triumphant Rare
Two Thumbs Up Rare
Ultimate Technique Rare
Unholy Attempt Epic
Vicious Taunt Rare
Waiting! Rare
War Cry Epic
Wavedance Epic
Way of the Sword Epic
We Have Liftoff Epic
Weightless Epic
What I'll Do to You Rare
What Was That? Rare
What a Fool! Rare
Whatever Uncommon
Whiskey Hotel Alpha Tango Rare
Who's Next Rare
Who's Out There? Rare
Wild Man Rare
Win with Spin Rare
Yeah Buddy Uncommon
You Missed It? Rare
Zombified Epic
Item Name Item Rarity
1 Year Vet Frame Epic
2021 Competitor Frame Epic
2021 Series 1 Frame Epic
2021 Series 2 Frame Epic
2nd Anniversary Epic
2nd Anniversary Limited Epic
AGR 556 - Weapon Mastery II Epic
AK-47 - Weapon Mastery II Epic
AK117 - Weapon Mastery II Epic
AS VAL - Weapon Mastery II Epic
ASM10 - Weapon Mastery II Epic
Abnormality Frame Uncommon
Abyssal Frame Epic
Adaptable Frame Rare
Aether Rare
Alabaster Frame Rare
Alaska Frame Rare
All Hands Frame Rare
Alloy Frame Rare
Amity Frame Rare
Anime Frame Rare
Applied Frame Epic
Arctic .50 - Weapon Mastery II Epic
Assault Rifle Frame Uncommon
Atlas Corporation Frame Epic
B.A.T. Frame Rare
BK57 - Weapon Mastery II Epic
BP S1 Frame Uncommon
BP S1 Ghost Frame Rare
BY15 - Weapon Mastery II Epic
Baroque Wreath Epic
Battleworn Frame Rare
Beeswax Frame Epic
Berserker Frame Uncommon
Bitten Frame Rare
Black Heart Frame Epic
Bloodless Frame Rare
Bloody Frame Rare
Bloody Vengeance Frame Epic
Bolted Green Frame Epic
Bomber Frame Epic
Bonepile Frame Epic
Bootstraps Frame Rare
Bounty Frame Epic
Breaking Frame Rare
Bull Frame Rare
Bullion Frame Epic
Bus Window Frame Rare
Bushido Frame Rare
CR-56 AMAX - Weapon Mastery II Epic
CTSFO Frame Rare
Cable Frame Epic
Cable Roped Rare
Cactus Frame Epic
Cat Attack Rare
Chain Link Frame Rare
Chained Frame Epic
Championship 2020 Frame Rare
Chemical Frame Rare
Chemical Leak Frame Epic
Chicom - Weapon Mastery II Epic
Chopper - Weapon Mastery II Epic
Chopper Command Frame Rare
Chromatic Frame Epic
Coalition Frame Epic
Coiled Chrome Rare
Color Spectrum Frame Epic
Convergence Frame Uncommon
Cordis Die Frame Epic
Cordite - Weapon Mastery II Epic
Cordite Frame Epic
Crewman Frame Rare
Crimson Phoenix Rare
Cyber Clown Frame Epic
DL Q33 - Weapon Mastery II Epic
DR-H - Weapon Mastery II Epic
Danger Frame Rare
Dark Freeze Frame Epic
Dark Vision Frame Epic
Dauntless Frame Uncommon
Death Mask Frame Rare
Deep Diver Frame Rare
Deputized Frame Rare
Die Hard Frame Epic
Digital Frame Rare
Diversion Frame Rare
Doomed Frame Rare
Downpour Frame Rare
Dragon Frame Rare
Dragon Head Frame Rare
Drake Frame Rare
Dustkicker Frame Epic
Easter '20 Frame Uncommon
Echo - Weapon Mastery II Epic
Elite Slayer Epic
Enforcer Frame Epic
Exacting Edge Rare
Exe Frame Epic
Exile Frame Epic
Exotic Bird Rare
FR .556 - Weapon Mastery II Epic
Facility Frame Rare
Faint Blue Frame Uncommon
Fallen Frame Rare
Federation Frame Epic
Fennec - Weapon Mastery II Epic
Fighter Frame Rare
First Horseman Frame Epic
Five Knights Frame Epic
Fixed Frame Rare
Flag Flyin' Frame Rare
Flicker Frame Rare
Floating Lotus Frame Rare
Forces Frame Epic
Fortress Frame Epic
Fox Frame Epic
Frame designed with Merc - Yellow Snake Camo Rare
Freelo Rare
Frontier Frame Rare
Frozen Frame Rare
Full Moon Frame Rare
Full Power Frame Epic
GKS - Weapon Mastery II Epic
Gallows Frame Rare
Geode Frame Rare
Ghosts Frame Epic
Giftwrapped Frame Rare
Gilded Frame Rare
Glowing Frame Epic
Gold Clan Frame Rare
Gold Flake Rare
Grass Frame Uncommon
Gravedigger Frame Epic
Graveyard Frame Epic
Groovy Frame Rare
Guardian Frame Epic
Guilty Frame Rare
Gunslinger Frame Rare
HBRa3 - Weapon Mastery II Epic
HG 40 - Weapon Mastery II Epic
HS0405 - Weapon Mastery II Epic
HS2126 - Weapon Mastery II Epic
HVK-30 - Weapon Mastery II Epic
Hacked In Frame Rare
Hades - Weapon Mastery II Epic
Hallowmas Epic
Hazardous Frame Rare
Heartbreak Epic
Hellfire Frame Uncommon
Hemorrhage Rare
Hidden Frame Rare
Holger 26 - Weapon Mastery II Epic
Holo Frame Rare
Honeycomb Frame Rare
Horde Rare
Hunter Frame Rare
Hunter Frame Rare
ICR-1 - Weapon Mastery II Epic
Ignition Frame Rare
Industry Frame Rare
Infiltration Frame Epic
Intelligence Frame Epic
Jingle Bells Frame Uncommon
John Rambo Frame Epic
Jungle Militia Epic
Justicar Frame Epic
KN-44 - Weapon Mastery II Epic
KRM 262 - Weapon Mastery II Epic
Kaboom Frame Rare
Kilo Bolt-Action - Weapon Mastery II Epic
Knighted Frame Epic
Kraken Frame Epic
LK24 - Weapon Mastery II Epic
Latched Frame Rare
Liftoff Frame Rare
Lightning Frame Uncommon
Lilypad Frame Rare
Locus - Weapon Mastery II Epic
Luminous Frame Rare
M13 - Weapon Mastery II Epic
M16 - Weapon Mastery II Epic
M21 EBR - Weapon Mastery II Epic
M4 - Weapon Mastery II Epic
M4LMG - Weapon Mastery II Epic
MK2 - Weapon Mastery II Epic
MP Legend Epic
MSMC - Weapon Mastery II Epic
MX9 - Weapon Mastery II Epic
MacTavish Frame Rare
Malpractice Frame Epic
Man-O-War - Weapon Mastery II Epic
Master Slayer Epic
Melting Point Frame Epic
Memory Frame Rare
Metal One Frame Rare
Meteors Frame Rare
Minefield Frame Epic
Monarch Frame Rare
Motif Frame Epic
Munitions Frame Rare
NA-45 - Weapon Mastery II Epic
Neon Demise Rare
Nettle Rare
Network Frame Rare
Nuclear Frame Rare
Null Frame Rare
Odin's Arches Rare
Ominous Frame Rare
One Year Frame Epic
Operator Frame Rare
Opportunist Rare
Ops Frame Rare
Orchid Frame Epic
Outlaw - Weapon Mastery II Epic
Outlaw Frame Epic
Overgrown Frame Uncommon
Overload Frame Rare
PDW-57 - Weapon Mastery II Epic
PP19 Bizon - Weapon Mastery II Epic
Patched In Frame Rare
Patchwork Frame Rare
Peacekeeper MK2 - Weapon Mastery II Epic
Pelt Frame Rare
Pharo - Weapon Mastery II Epic
Phobos Frame Epic
Pilot Frame Rare
Plated Red Frame Rare
Practical Joker Frame Epic
Pressure Plated Rare
Pride Frame Rare
Prison Break Frame Epic
Prop Fallen Rare
Pumpkin Carver Epic
Punchline Frame Rare
QQ9 - Weapon Mastery II Epic
QXR - Weapon Mastery II Epic
Quartz Frame Rare
R9-0 - Weapon Mastery II Epic
RPD - Weapon Mastery II Epic
RUS-79U - Weapon Mastery II Epic
Rambo Frame Epic
Ranger Frame Rare
Rank S1 Frame Rare
Rank S2 Merc 2 Frame Rare
Razorback - Weapon Mastery II Epic
Rebel Frame Rare
Red Hot Frame Epic
Red Tide Rare
Reinforced Frame Rare
Reptile Frame Rare
Retro Robot Frame Rare
Revolution Frame Rare
Revolver Frame Epic
Rhinestone Frame Rare
Ring Leader Rare
River Raid Frame Rare
Riverboat Frame Rare
Robot Frame Rare
Robot Tokyo Frame Epic
Rusted Frame Rare
Rytec AMR - Weapon Mastery II Epic
S36 - Weapon Mastery II Epic
SKS - Weapon Mastery II Epic
SP-R 208 - Weapon Mastery II Epic
Saloon Frame Rare
Samurai Frame Epic
Sandboard Frame Epic
Scarlet Frame Rare
Scepter Frame Uncommon
Scythe Epic
Scythe Frame Rare
Series 4 BR Legend Epic
Series 4 Legend Epic
Series 4 Master Rare
Series 8 Frame Epic
Serpent Frame Epic
Serpentine Epic
Shades Frame Rare
Shooter Frame Uncommon
Shotgun Frame Uncommon
Siberia Frame Rare
Silicone Circuit Rare
Silver Clan Frame Uncommon
Sinister Frame Epic
Skeletal Refraction Epic
Sniper Frame Uncommon
Snowman Frame Epic
Spacer Frame Rare
Special Ops 4 Uncommon
Spiderlegs Frame Epic
Splatter Frame Rare
Spray Bomb Rare
Stalker Frame Rare
Steel Legion Frame Rare
Steeled Frame Epic
Stinger Frame Rare
Stockpile Rare
Stone Frame Rare
Striker - Weapon Mastery II Epic
Sub-Aquatic Frame Epic
Summer Rare
Sunset Frame Rare
Survivalist Rare
Survivor Frame Rare
Sword Frame Epic
Swordfish - Weapon Mastery II Epic
Taiga Frame Epic
Task Force 141 Frame Uncommon
Terracotta Frame Rare
Tidal Wave Frame Epic
Tomb Trap Rare
Tourmaline Alloy Rare
Tourmaline Frame Epic
Tranquility Frame Rare
Trapdoor Frame Epic
Type 25 - Weapon Mastery II Epic
UAC Frame Epic
UL736 - Weapon Mastery II Epic
Urban Frame Epic
Utopia Frame Rare
Valentine Frame Uncommon
Valiant Frame Uncommon
Valor Frame Epic
Venus Frame Rare
Victory Wrapped Epic
Wanted Frame Epic
War Horse Frame Epic
War at Sea Frame Epic
Waster Frame Rare
Wavy Frame Rare
Werewolf Fighter Frame Rare
Western Royalty Epic
Wild West Frame Epic
Wirey Frame Rare
Wirey Frame Epic
Wispy Frame Rare
Woodman Rare
World of Ozuna Epic
Wrath Black Frame Uncommon
Wrath Frame Epic
XPR-50 - Weapon Mastery II Epic
Zipper Frame Rare
Zombies Frame Rare
Zork Frame Rare
Item Name Item Rarity
Adler - Civilian Epic
Adler - Mountain Drab Epic
Adler - Route 66 Epic
Ajax Epic
Ajax - Convict Epic
Ajax - Hired Gun Epic
Alex Epic
Alex - Bounty Hunter Epic
Alex Mason Epic
Alex Mason - Piercing Frost Epic
Alias Epic
Alias - Battleworn Epic
Alias - Deep Diver Epic
American Bulldog Epic
American Bulldog - Buckskin Epic
American Bulldog - Defected Epic
Archangel - Militant Epic
Artery Epic
Artery - Exoskeleton Epic
Artery - Lunar Maria Epic
Artery - Maiden of Death Epic
Artery - Nosferatu Epic
Bailout Epic
Bailout - Haunted Rare
Bailout - Raven's Wing Rare
Bathysphere Epic
Bathysphere - 10,000 Leagues Epic
Battery - Alpine Infinite Rare
Battery - Arctic Uncommon
Battery - Ardent Epic
Battery - Birthstone Rare
Battery - Capital Epic
Battery - Demolitions Rare
Battery - Droplets Rare
Battery - Going Dark Rare
Battery - Halfpipe Valentine Epic
Battery - Indomitable Epic
Battery - Mosaic Rare
Battery - Propaganda Rare
Battery - Queens Guard Epic
Battery - Shuttle Rare
Battery - Skulls & Blood Epic
Battery - Sleight of Hand Rare
Battery - Sting Epic
Battery - Subterfuge Rare
Battery - Torque Epic
Battery - Wasteland Warrior Epic
Battle Hardened Epic
Battle Hardened - Axon Epic
Battle Hardened - Red Shock Epic
Battle Hardened - Snow Owl Rare
Blackjack Epic
Captain Rare
Captain - Arctic Blizzard Rare
Captain - BDU Rare
Captain - Black Lime Rare
Captain - Crossed Cables Rare
Captain - Depth Metal Rare
Captain - Ghosts Rare
Captain - Labyrinth Rare
Captain - Leather & Lead Rare
Captain Park Epic
Captain Park - Ranger Epic
Captain Price Epic
Carver Butcher Epic
Carver Butcher - Cash Flow Rare
Carver Butcher - Shredded Rare
Cassius - Cold Blood Epic
Charly Common
Charly - Angel of Death Epic
Charly - Coalition Rare
Charly - Huntress Epic
Charly - Knighted Rare
Charly - Sinister Epic
Competitor - Alternate Epic
Competitor - Primary Epic
Cosmic Silverback Epic
Dame Epic
Dame - Usurper Epic
Dark Shepherd Epic
Dark Shepherd - Soul Reaper Epic
David Mason Epic
David Mason - Enforcer Epic
Death Angel Alice Epic
Death Angel Alice - The Fool Epic
Death Angel Alice - Trench Epic
Death Angel Alice - Vicious Epic
Demir Epic
Domino - Lynx Epic
Domino - Revolutionary Epic
Elite PMC Rare
Elite PMC - Alpine Infinite Rare
Elite PMC - Crisis Rare
Elite PMC - Going Dark Rare
Elite PMC - Gravestone Rare
Elite PMC - Red Curtain Rare
Elite PMC - Ultramarine Rare
Elite PMC - Upper Hand Rare
Elite PMC - Woodland Rare
Emma Victorova - Archangel Epic
Ethan Epic
Ether - Network Epic
FTL Epic
FTL - Power Line Epic
FTL - Second Stage Epic
Farah - Jinn Epic
Firebreak - Carat Thief Epic
Firebreak - Eviction Epic
Firebreak - Fire Squad Rare
Firebreak - Magmageddon Epic
Firebreak - Panda Epic
Firebreak - Searaven Epic
Firebreak - Sinister Epic
Firebreak - The Astronaut Epic
Firebreak - The Fire Team Epic
Frank Woods Epic
Gaz Epic
Gaz - Broadsword Epic
Gaz - Forward Deployment Epic
General Shepherd Epic
Ghost Epic
Ghost - Azrael Epic
Ghost - Cowboy Epic
Ghost - Dark Vision Epic
Ghost - Hazmat Epic
Ghost - Jawbone Epic
Ghost - Loose Ends Epic
Ghost - Plasma Epic
Ghost - Retribution Legendary
Ghost - Stealth Epic
Golem - Black Forest Epic
Golem - Everglade Epic
Golem - Grim Heaper Epic
Golem - Killer Whale Rare
Golem - Siberia Epic
Griggs - Sarge Epic
Grinch - Blood in the Water Epic
Grinch - Gilded Assassin Epic
Grinch - Nightfang Epic
Grinch - Polar Sentry Epic
Grinch - The Lionheart Epic
Grinch - Wreath Havoc Epic
Gunzo Epic
Gunzo - Clown Coded Epic
Gunzo - Tacticlown Epic
Hazmat Bomber Epic
Hidora - The Boss Epic
Hidora Kai Epic
High Priest of Chaos Epic
Iskra - Arachnis Epic
Javier Salazar Rare
Javier Salazar - Airstrike Rare
Javier Salazar - Bronze Arrow Rare
Javier Salazar - Static Electricity Rare
John McClane Epic
Kamarov Rare
Kamarov - Moonlight Wisp Rare
Kamarov - Strongbox Rare
Keegan Epic
Kingsley Epic
Kreuger - Alchemist Epic
Kreuger - Beast of Prey Epic
Kreuger - Black Hat Epic
Kreuger - Firestarter Epic
Kreuger - Reaper Epic
Kreuger - Ruptured Steel Epic
Kreuger - Taiga Epic
Kreuger - The Resistance Epic
Kreuger - Waster Epic
Kryptis Epic
Lerch - Behemoth Epic
Lerch - Penalty Kick Epic
Lev Kravchenko Rare
Lev Kravchenko - Digital Hide Rare
Lev Kravchenko - General Frost Epic
Lev Kravchenko - Soviet Dragon Epic
Lev Kravchenko - Tin Stitched Rare
Mace - Back For More Epic
Mace - Final Guard Legendary
Mace - Metal Phantom Epic
Mace - The Armorer Epic
Mace - Tombstone Epic
Makarov - Splinter Epic
Manta Ray Epic
Manta Ray - 2021 MVP Epic
Manta Ray - Full Bloom Epic
Manta Ray - Silver Infiltrator Epic
Mara - Awakening Epic
Mara - Notice Meow Epic
Mara - Valkyrie Epic
Menendez Epic
Merc 1 Uncommon
Merc 1 - Brushed Chrome Rare
Merc 1 - Green Terror Rare
Merc 1 - Persisted Rare
Merc 2 Rare
Merc 2 - Copilot Rare
Merc 2 - Desolate Rare
Merc 2 - Great White Rare
Merc 2 - Lunar Tide Rare
Merc 2 - Raven's Wing Rare
Merc 5 Uncommon
Merc 5 - 2021 Champ Epic
Merc 5 - Aurora Rare
Merc 5 - Batalla Epic
Merc 5 - Blood in the Water Rare
Merc 5 - Bug Spray Rare
Merc 5 - Championship Streak Rare
Merc 5 - Going Dark Rare
Merc 5 - Going Gold Epic
Merc 5 - Immortal Rare
Merc 5 - Ozuna Epic
Merc 5 - Yellow Snake Epic
Merc Combat Rig Epic
Merrick Epic
Mil-Sim - Balkan Special ATU Epic
Mil-Sim - Brute Epic
Mil-Sim - CTSFO Epic
Mil-Sim - Force Sweeper Epic
Mil-Sim - JW Grom Epic
Mil-Sim - Shadow Company III Epic
Mil-Sim - Special Warfare Epic
Mil-Sim - Trench Dropper Epic
Minotaur - Baroque Epic
Minotaur - Gungnir Epic
Morte - Billy Epic
Morte - Conciliatore Epic
Nikolai - Airborne Epic
Nikolai Belinski Epic
Nikto Epic
Nikto - Armored Sentry Epic
Nikto - Bloodletter Epic
Nikto - Dark Side Legendary
Nikto - Scarecrow Epic
Nikto - Stronghold Epic
Nomad - Alegria Rare
Nomad - Artisan Rare
Nomad - Aurora Rare
Nomad - Bug Spray Rare
Nomad - Colorweave Rare
Nomad - Cyberline Rare
Nomad - Druid Epic
Nomad - Garden Epic
Nomad - Going Dark Rare
Nomad - Greyscale Epic
Nomad - Lattice Rare
Nomad - Lunar Tide Rare
Nomad - Snowblind Rare
Nomad - The Distraction Epic
Nomad - Wild Snake Rare
Otter - Backstroke Epic
Otter - Irradiated Epic
Otter - Safeguard Epic
Otter - Snow Drift Epic
Otter - TF141 Epic
Outrider - Amazonas Epic
Outrider - Arctic Rare
Outrider - Carnival Rare
Outrider - Cyberline Rare
Outrider - Dark Strobe Epic
Outrider - Going Dark Rare
Outrider - Jungle Uncommon
Outrider - Jungle Cat Rare
Outrider - Lovestruck Rare
Outrider - Mystic Epic
Outrider - Purple Prism Rare
Outrider - Radio Current Rare
Outrider - Rune Weave Rare
Outrider - Vaporwave Rare
Outrider - de los Muertos Epic
Park - Safehouse Epic
Park - Spirit Epic
Phantom Epic
Phantom - Al Layl Epic
Phantom - Championship 2020 Epic
Phantom - Null Epic
Police Rare
Price - Bravo 6 Epic
Price - Chem 141 Epic
Price - Dead of Night Epic
Price - The Captain Epic
Prophet - Archangel Rare
Prophet - Desolate Rare
Prophet - Dust Bowl Epic
Prophet - Electric Wilds Rare
Prophet - Geist Epic
Prophet - High Voltage Epic
Prophet - Mantis Epic
Prophet - Sight Epic
Proton Epic
Raines - Bunyan Epic
Raines - Mariner Epic
Rambo Epic
Reaper Epic
Reaper - Ashura Legendary
Reaper - Premium Epic
Reaper - Puzzle Epic
Reaper - The Grinder Epic
Reaper - Time to Die Epic
Reaper - Trailblazer Epic
Recon - Flickering Shadow Epic
Recon - Frogman Epic
Recon - Honorbound Epic
Recon - Samurai Epic
Reznov Epic
Reznov - Winterwood Epic
Richtofen Epic
Richtofen - Turned Epic
Rodion - Infiltration Epic
Rodion - On Guard Epic
Ronin - Hagakure Epic
Ronin - Lone Dragon Epic
Rorke - Man Hunter Epic
Rosa Epic
Rosa - Double Agent Epic
Rott Epic
Rott - Tomb Bound Epic
Roze - Foreshadow Epic
Roze - Murk Epic
Roze - Virago Epic
Ruin - Action Figure Epic
Ruin - Arctic Blizzard Rare
Ruin - Bioluminescence Rare
Ruin - Blood in the Water Rare
Ruin - Bone Warrior Epic
Ruin - Boom Scrawl Rare
Ruin - Championship Purple Epic
Ruin - Goblin King Epic
Ruin - Going Dark Rare
Ruin - Industrial Revolution Epic
Ruin - Jade Epic
Ruin - Jaguar Rare
Ruin - Jungle Rare
Ruin - Odin's Omen Epic
Ruin - Spades Rare
Ruin - Tangled Web Rare
Russian Merc - Forest Epic
Russian Merc - Hounded Rare
Russian Merc - Iron Hunter Rare
Russian Merc - Jaguar Rare
Russian Merc 1 - Hard Tech Rare
Russian Merc 1 - Nucleobase Rare
Scarlett Rhodes Epic
Scarlett Rhodes - Carmine Epic
Scarlett Rhodes - Cutthroat Epic
Scarlett Rhodes - Hallowmas Epic
Scarlett Rhodes - Machina Epic
Scout 2 Common
Scout 2 - Fire Walker Epic
Scout 2 - Construct Rare
Scout 2 - Federation Rare
Scout 2 - Ghosts Rare
Scout 2 - Steam Engine Rare
Scout 2 - Viscous Shoal Rare
Scylla Epic
Scylla - Dark Quill Epic
Scylla - Dusted Epic
Scylla - Future Vice Epic
Scylla - Pink Hearted Epic
Scylla - Sleigher Epic
Sentinel Recon Epic
Sentinel Recon - Ice Kraken Epic
Sentinel Recon - Primal Epic
Sentinel Recon - Shogun Epic
Seraph Epic
Seraph - Crimson Lotus Epic
Seraph - Desperada Epic
Seraph - Fallen Fiend Epic
Seraph - Freak Show Epic
Seraph - Gravekiller Epic
Seraph - Kitty Six Epic
Seraph - Precious Metal Epic
Seraph - Sicaria Epic
Seraph - Silver Bullet Epic
Seraph - Terracotta Epic
Seraph - The Professional Epic
Seraph - Tombstone Epic
Sheriff Rare
Sheriff - Adaptable Rare
Siren Epic
Siren - Artifice Epic
Siren - Hydrodynamic Epic
Soap Epic
Soap - Hazmat Epic
Soap - Jungle Ops Epic
Soap - Takedown Epic
Spec Ops 3 - Winter Uncommon
Special Ops 1 Common
Special Ops 1 - Air Brush Rare
Special Ops 1 - Burial Ground Rare
Special Ops 1 - Championship Charge Rare
Special Ops 1 - Desert Uncommon
Special Ops 1 - Fiber Mesh Rare
Special Ops 1 - Pitch Black Epic
Special Ops 1 - Radio Current Rare
Special Ops 1 - Scarlet Kingsnake Uncommon
Special Ops 1 - Sewed Snake Rare
Special Ops 2 Uncommon
Special Ops 2 - Copilot Rare
Special Ops 2 - Green Terror Rare
Special Ops 2 - Sewed Leather Rare
Special Ops 2 - Side Scale Rare
Special Ops 3 Common
Special Ops 3 - Air Brush Rare
Special Ops 3 - Arctic Uncommon
Special Ops 3 - Connection Rare
Special Ops 3 - Iridescent Rare
Special Ops 3 - Malware Uncommon
Special Ops 3 - Sea Serpent Rare
Special Ops 3 - Static Electricity Rare
Special Ops 3 - Umber Rare
Special Ops 4 Uncommon
Special Ops 4 - Coiled Rare
Special Ops 4 - Cut Wave Rare
Special Ops 4 - Freight Train Rare
Special Ops 4 - Obstacle Rare
Special Ops 4 - Shipwrecked Rare
Special Ops 4 - Stencil Strike Rare
Special Ops 5 Uncommon
Special Ops 5 - Action Scene Rare
Special Ops 5 - Dead Zebra Rare
Special Ops 5 - Ground Splitter Rare
Special Ops 5 - Imprint Rare
Special Ops 5 - Liquid Mercury Rare
Special Ops 5 - Monster Green Uncommon
Special Ops 5 - Rainforest Rare
Special Ops 5 - Snowframe Rare
Special Ops 5 - Stencil Strike Rare
Special Ops 5 - Taped Flecktarn Rare
Special Ops 5 - Trance Rare
Spectre Epic
Spectre - Ayakashi Epic
Spectre - Chrome Epic
Spectre - Crash Test Epic
Spectre - Geist Epic
Spectre - Mannequin Epic
Spectre - Ninja Epic
Spectre - Pixel Spy Epic
Spectre - Spectral Epic
Spectre - The Prepper Epic
Spectre - U.L.T.R.A.9 Epic
T.E.D.D. Epic
T.E.D.D. - Hardware Update Epic
T.E.D.D. - Where to Sir? Epic
Takeo Epic
Takeo - Sensei Epic
Tank Dempsey Epic
Tank Dempsey - Turned Epic
Tank Dempsey - Wrecker Epic
Templar Epic
Templar - Royal Knight Epic
Tengu - Black Gold Epic
Tengu - Insulated Rare
Tengu - Rebar Rare
Tengu - Undead Crusade Epic
Terrance Brooks Rare
Terrance Brooks - Catacombs Rare
Terrance Brooks - Deep Snow Epic
Terrance Brooks - Digital Hide Rare
Terrance Brooks - Doubloons Rare
Terrance Brooks - Green Terror Rare
Tian Zhao Epic
Tian Zhao - Sieged Epic
UDT Frogman Epic
Urban Tracker Epic
Urban Tracker - BiSH Epic
Urban Tracker - By Night Epic
Urban Tracker - Exile Epic
Vag Modir Epic
Vanguard Epic
Vanguard - Ridge Rider Epic
Vanguard - Ski Patroller Epic
Vasquez - Dark Light Rare
Vasquez - Digital Desert Rare
Vasquez - Fission Rare
Vasquez - Grating Rare
Velikan - Megalith Epic
Velikan - Volcanic Ash Epic
Velikan - Woodman Epic
Vivian Harris - B.A.T. Agent Epic
Vivian Harris - Periwinkle Epic
Vladimir Makarov Epic
Witch Doctor Epic
Witch Doctor - Rigor Mortis Epic
Witch Doctor - Wrong Medicine Epic
Woods - Cold Snap Epic
Yegor - Cerulean Epic
Yegor - Diplomat Epic
Yegor - Drawstring Epic
Yegor - Guerilla Epic
Zero Epic
Zero - Dark Ops Epic
Zero - Escape Epic
Zero - Nebula Epic
Zero - Scorpion Queen Epic
Zero - Sultana Epic
Zombie - Mob Guard Epic
Zombie - Wicht Warden Epic
Item Name Item Rarity
2nd Anniversary Epic
Airborne Valour Rare
Bang! Rare
Best Gamer Rare
Big Bad Toot Rare
Big Man Rare
Biohazard Epic
Caught in the Act Epic
Cauldron Card Epic
Chill Hangout Rare
City Escape Epic
Close Counts Rare
Coalition Epic
Cold Refreshments Rare
Conquered Epic
Domination Epic
Embers of the Night Rare
Eternal Slumber Rare
Extra Everything Rare
False Reality Epic
Fiona on Vacay Rare
Game On Rare
Gaming Afloat Epic
Ghost of 1,000 bits Epic
Ghoul Troupe Epic
Golden Hunter Rare
Good Boy Rare
Got 'Em Rare
Hip Hop Rare
Intimidate Rare
Job Well Done Rare
Jug Epic
Kill in Style Epic
Launch Code Epic
Light Up the Memory Rare
Lit Beacon Rare
Masks On Epic
Natural Instinct 101 Epic
Not Left Behind Epic
Omega Doge Rare
One Team One Fight Rare
Ortega Rare
Osito Epic
Patrol Rare
Peel Out Epic
Plain Sight Epic
Prost! Epic
Punk Skull Rare
Relic of the Past Epic
Sashimi Shiba Epic
Save Us Rare
Shark Rodeo Rare
Sight of Sorrow Rare
Slasher Double Feature Rare
Smoked Out Epic
Soul Guide Rare
Spider Climb Epic
Spray - Ace in the Hole Epic
Spray - Alex & Frank Rare
Spray - All Hands on Deck Epic
Spray - Anniversary Epic
Spray - Arachnid Rare
Spray - Arrowhead Rare
Spray - Art Forms Epic
Spray - Astro 1 Rare
Spray - Avarice Rare
Spray - Avenged Epic
Spray - Aviator Rare
Spray - Bees Knees Epic
Spray - Beserk Epic
Spray - BiSH Epic
Spray - Biohazard Uncommon
Spray - Blazes Rare
Spray - Bloodshot Epic
Spray - Bombard Epic
Spray - Bombed Out Epic
Spray - Bomberanian Rare
Spray - Booted Rare
Spray - Bulldog Epic
Spray - Bullets Uncommon
Spray - Bullies Epic
Spray - Bullseye Uncommon
Spray - Bus Driver Rare
Spray - Butchered Epic
Spray - Buzzkill Epic
Spray - Calavera Rare
Spray - Carrion Rare
Spray - Celebration Uncommon
Spray - Cerberus Rare
Spray - Championship Trophy Rare
Spray - Changes Epic
Spray - Charge! Rare
Spray - Charged Epic
Spray - Chill Rare
Spray - Chopper Command Rare
Spray - Color Burst Rare
Spray - Compound Rare
Spray - Cool Cat Rare
Spray - Cowboy Big Cat Rare
Spray - Crash Rare
Spray - Cybergaze Rare
Spray - Dart Frog Epic
Spray - Dead on Alive Rare
Spray - Deadshot Rare
Spray - Death Arch Rare
Spray - Death Jam Epic
Spray - Death on Radar Epic
Spray - Demon Lock Epic
Spray - Dioxide Epic
Spray - Discarded Epic
Spray - Dog Tag Uncommon
Spray - Double Crossed Rare
Spray - Dragon Delight Rare
Spray - Dragonbreath Epic
Spray - Eagle Eye Epic
Spray - Enamel Epic
Spray - FMJ Uncommon
Spray - Fanged Rare
Spray - Fashion Parrot Rare
Spray - Feel That Burn Epic
Spray - Fiona Rare
Spray - Fool Epic
Spray - Foreheads Epic
Spray - Full Power Epic
Spray - Funny Bone Rare
Spray - Future Sight Epic
Spray - G-Series Rare
Spray - Gas Mask Rare
Spray - Ghillie Warrior Epic
Spray - Ghost Jailbreak Rare
Spray - Ghost Toy Rare
Spray - Gilded Epic
Spray - Good Vibes Rare
Spray - Goop Ghost Rare
Spray - Gorilla King Rare
Spray - Grandma Wolf Rare
Spray - Guardian Angel Epic
Spray - Handshake Uncommon
Spray - Hang In There Rare
Spray - Happy Accident Rare
Spray - Hard to Swallow Rare
Spray - Hay Baler Rare
Spray - Hazmat Savior Rare
Spray - Helicopter Rare
Spray - Hercules Epic
Spray - Holiday Stocking Rare
Spray - Hothead Rare
Spray - Hotshot Rare
Spray - Humane Extinction Rare
Spray - Ice Cream Headache Epic
Spray - Irradiated Amethyst Uncommon
Spray - Jester Epic
Spray - Jumbo Frank Rare
Spray - Jungle Hunter Epic
Spray - Kaboom Rare
Spray - Life (Re)Cycle Epic
Spray - Lil Devil Rare
Spray - Lion Rare
Spray - Love Never Dies Epic
Spray - Lucky Dragon Rare
Spray - MW1 Uncommon
Spray - MW2 Uncommon
Spray - MW3 Uncommon
Spray - MacTavish Rare
Spray - Mad Clown Rare
Spray - Mara Cat Epic
Spray - Maverick Rare
Spray - Mecha Epic
Spray - Metal One Epic
Spray - Metalhead Rare
Spray - Metamorphosis Rare
Spray - Missile Rare
Spray - Mobius Bandolier Epic
Spray - Molotov Cocktail Rare
Spray - Monster Truck Rare
Spray - Morning Regret Epic
Spray - Musing Rare
Spray - My Bad Rare
Spray - Neo-Noir 1 Rare
Spray - Neo-Noir 2 Rare
Spray - Nice Kitty Rare
Spray - Night Terror Rare
Spray - Nightmare 1 Uncommon
Spray - Nucleon Epic
Spray - Oh Naoko Epic
Spray - Omen Rare
Spray - Optimist Rare
Spray - Ourobouros Rare
Spray - Peace Piggy Rare
Spray - Perplexing! Epic
Spray - Pixel SMG Uncommon
Spray - Pixel Scorestreak 1 Rare
Spray - Pixel Scorestreak 2 Rare
Spray - Pixel Scorestreak 3 Rare
Spray - Planetary Primal Epic
Spray - Polluted Rare
Spray - Primeval Rare
Spray - Prowl Rare
Spray - Pulsar Rare
Spray - Pumpkin Head Rare
Spray - Purr Producer Epic
Spray - Radiation Uncommon
Spray - Radical Rare
Spray - Recon Rare
Spray - Reindeer Uncommon
Spray - River Raid Rare
Spray - Rotted Rare
Spray - Rusty Hoedown Rare
Spray - Sage Horn Rare
Spray - Shell Drake Rare
Spray - Shock Rock Rare
Spray - Short Fuse Rare
Spray - Skull Beret Epic
Spray - Skull Cap Rare
Spray - Skunk Bomb Rare
Spray - Snakevenom Epic
Spray - Snowman Rare
Spray - Space Cowboy Epic
Spray - Spectroscopic Rare
Spray - Spinner Rare
Spray - Spliced Rare
Spray - Spoof Angry Uncommon
Spray - Spoof Cry Uncommon
Spray - Spoof Proud Uncommon
Spray - Spoof Terrified Uncommon
Spray - Spoof Threat Uncommon
Spray - Spooky Night Rare
Spray - Spring Piggy Rare
Spray - Stay Frosty Epic
Spray - Steel Saloon Rare
Spray - Stockpile Rare
Spray - Summer Games Epic
Spray - Summoned Beast Epic
Spray - Sure Shot Epic
Spray - Survivalist Epic
Spray - Target Practice Rare
Spray - Task Force 141 Rare
Spray - Tech Blind Epic
Spray - The Killing Floor Rare
Spray - Thought Bubbles Rare
Spray - Tragedy Rare
Spray - Tree of Life Epic
Spray - Unlawful Rare
Spray - Wiseguy Leopard Rare
Spray - Wushu 1 Uncommon
Spray - Wushu 2 Uncommon
Spray - Wushu 3 Uncommon
Spray - Wushu 4 Uncommon
Spray - Wushu 5 Uncommon
Spray - Wushu 6 Uncommon
Spray - Yellowjacket Rare
Spray - Zork Rare
Squad Attack Rare
Standoff Rare
Stare of the Deep Epic
Sword Swipe Rare
The Big Guns Rare
The Cavalry Epic
The Choice is Yours Legendary
The Vessel Epic
True Legend Rare
Trustworthy Rare
Two Guys Chilling Rare
Unmovable Force Rare
Weightless Shot Legendary
Item Name Item Rarity
2021 BR Series 3 Rare
2021 MP Series 3 Rare
2021 Series 1 Rare
2021 Series 2 Rare
2nd Anniversary Epic
ARENAS Protection Rare
Aces High Rare
Ancient Ram Rare
And Burn Rare
Apocalypse Vision Rare
Azure Protector Rare
Badge of Honor Epic
Bite Your Tongue Rare
Blind Side Rare
Bomb Blast Rare
Bomb Out Rare
Bomb Out Rare
Boosters Off Rare
Broadcaster Rare
Caramelo Rare
Carnival Mask Rare
Chivalry Rare
Chrome Lip Rare
Cleaved Uncommon
Coiled Dagger Rare
Cordis Dead Rare
Corporal Punishment Rare
Crack Skull Rare
Cranial Rare
Cranked Rare
Croaked Rare
Crystal Clutter Rare
Curious Kitten Rare
Cute Cadet Rare
Cyber Soldier Rare
D.M.A.C Rare
Data Chip Rare
Dead Eye Rare
Dead of Night Rare
Deadly Lamp Rare
Deep Sigil Epic
Demon Gate Rare
Depths of the West Epic
Desert DOA Rare
Discard Pile Uncommon
Doomsday Rare
Dune Demon Rare
Electric Siren Epic
Eternal Death's Head Rare
Exposed Wiring Rare
Extra Bolt Rare
Fang Frequency Rare
Fanged Maze Rare
Full Battery Rare
Fumigator Rare
Gilded Currency Rare
Golden Silence Rare
Good Appetite Rare
Guardian King Rare
Guardian Spirit Rare
Hazard Ahead Rare
Heart in Neon Rare
Hellcatraz Rare
Illuminated Rare
Juggernaut Rare
Jump Master Rare
Kitten Emperor Rare
Lance Epic
Lion Rare
Masked Watch Rare
Mors Mihi Lucrum Rare
Musk Deer Rare
Not Forgotten Rare
Owl Watcher Rare
Piranha Crunch Rare
Piñata Rare
Play Me Epic
Plugged Crisis Rare
Poison Arrow Rare
Prepared Rare
Price on Point Rare
Prickly Rare
Pure Energy Epic
Put in Drive Rare
Reaped Rare
Red Digit Rare
Red Head Rare
Ruby Visor Rare
Savage Champion Rare
Screech Rare
Scythe Time Rare
Seabed Head Rare
Seeing Scarlet Rare
Series 4 BR Legend Rare
Series 4 Legend Rare
Shades Down Rare
Shark Breach Rare
Sleep Mask Rare
Slither Shot Rare
Snake 'Splode Rare
Snake Shogun Rare
Snake Sight Rare
Song for the Fallen Rare
Special Head Rare
Spirit of the Spring Rare
Spread Eagle Rare
Spriteflame Rare
Squad Patrol Rare
Stare of the Accursed Rare
Sticker - 12 Point Buck Rare
Sticker - A-Furred of the Dark Rare
Sticker - Afterparty Rare
Sticker - Anniversary Epic
Sticker - Army Green Rare
Sticker - Bombshell Rare
Sticker - Buckshot Rare
Sticker - Cash Grab Rare
Sticker - Cat Eyes Rare
Sticker - Cow Trapper Rare
Sticker - Crash Landed Rare
Sticker - Deadlocks Rare
Sticker - Deadly Compound Rare
Sticker - Desert Fox Rare
Sticker - Dual Wield Rare
Sticker - Feline Good Rare
Sticker - Fletching Rare
Sticker - Fresh Slice Rare
Sticker - Frozen Fiend Rare
Sticker - Full Bloom Rare
Sticker - Future Crisis Rare
Sticker - Grump Uncommon
Sticker - Hard Focus Epic
Sticker - Heavy Rain Rare
Sticker - Hidden Attacker Rare
Sticker - High Jump Rare
Sticker - Hot Head Rare
Sticker - Hot Headed Rare
Sticker - Iron Knight Rare
Sticker - Kick Back Rare
Sticker - Many Masters Rare
Sticker - Master Sergeant Uncommon
Sticker - Medicine Man Rare
Sticker - Motherland Rare
Sticker - Neolithic Rare
Sticker - Neon Shotgun Rare
Sticker - Nice Shot Rare
Sticker - No Rules Rare
Sticker - Overheat Epic
Sticker - Pocket Aces Rare
Sticker - Poison Head Rare
Sticker - Resistance Rare
Sticker - Riveting Rare
Sticker - Seeing Cobalt Rare
Sticker - Seeking Rare
Sticker - Series 7 Rare
Sticker - Series 8 Rare
Sticker - Shot Collar Rare
Sticker - Simon's Shade Rare
Sticker - Skulk Rare
Sticker - Slacker Rare
Sticker - Slasher Rare
Sticker - Speedster Rare
Sticker - Steel Toe Rare
Sticker - Stocked Up Rare
Sticker - Summoner Rare
Sticker - Tagged Rare
Sticker - Tempest Rare
Sticker - The Face of Spades Rare
Sticker - Tiki Mask Rare
Sticker - Toy Boat Rare
Sticker - Wrecking Ball Rare
Sticker - Zombie's Horns Rare
Street Trouble Rare
Striker Rare
Sushi Beast Rare
Synth Gaze Rare
Tactical Edge Rare
Tentacles Rare
The G.O.A.T. Rare
The Order Epic
Tough Win Rare
Trash Panda Rare
Try Harder Rare
Undeniable Ocean King Rare
Under the Hammer Rare
Undertaken Epic
Underwater Colossus Epic
Unfathomable Jungle Rare
Unsinkable Rare
Ursa Roar Rare
Venomous Spike Rare
Voltage Rare
Wave Demon Rare
Wings of Valor Rare