Mod Name Description
Dense Fire Mods Reduces spread.
Extend Mods Increases ammo capacity and reduces reload time.
Flashlight Mods Flashes when ADS'ing.
Light Trigger Mods Enables burst shooting for a high-speed sniper rifle. Equippable to XPR-50 and M21 EBR.
Longshot Mods Increases weapon range.
Muffled Mods Gunfire is hidden on enemy minimap.
QRF Mods Damaging the enemy significantly increases accuracy.
Runner Mods Increases movement speed after exiting scope.
Slider Mods Reloads when sliding.
Stabilizer Mods Controls recoil and maintains stability when attacked.
Void Mods Significantly increases ammo capacity and reduces reload time. Remaining ammo will be discarded after reload.