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Credits Store Update (2021-01-27)

Added in version on 2021-01-27

This item source is no longer available in the game.

  Additional Information

  • Rarity: Common
  • Paid Only: No
Item Name Camo Name Item Type Rarity
BK57 Nuclear Fallout Assault Epic
DR-H Gold Glitter Assault Epic
KN-44 Ashen Viper Assault Rare
BK57 Strapped Assault Rare
BK57 Mechanized Rain Assault Rare
M4 First Horseman Assault Rare
HVK-30 Lattice Assault Rare
KN-44 Upper Hand Assault Rare
DR-H Lunar Tide Assault Rare
Backpack Ashen Viper Backpack 2 Rare
Calling Card Monster in the Mask Calling Card Epic
Calling Card Grim Reaped Calling Card Epic
Calling Card Ghosted Calling Card Epic
Calling Card Venerable Brat Calling Card Epic
Calling Card He Looked Back Calling Card Epic
Smoke Bomber Default Class Skill Common
Poltergeist Default Class Skill Common
Trap Master Default Class Skill Common
Trickster Default Class Skill Rare
Airborne Default Class Skill Rare
Knife Red Dragon Knife Rare
Knife Stream Knife Uncommon
RPD Fashion Purple LMG Uncommon
UL736 Nightfall LMG Uncommon
FHJ-18 Stained Glass Launcher Uncommon
SMRS Tree Bark Launcher Uncommon
Equalizer Default Operator Skill Common
Shadow Blade Default Operator Skill Common
Annihilator Default Operator Skill Common
Gravity Spikes Default Operator Skill Rare
Sparrow Default Operator Skill Rare
H.I.V.E. Default Operator Skill Uncommon
Perk Tactician Perk Common
Perk High Alert Perk Common
Perk Amped Perk Common
Perk Quick Fix Perk Common
MW11 Mechanized Rain Pistol Rare
MW11 Purple Geode Pistol Uncommon
MW11 Heliotrope Pistol Uncommon
PDW-57 Royal Crimson SMG Epic
Chicom Oil Spill SMG Epic
RUS-79U Strafing Run SMG Epic
Pharo Turquoise SMG Rare
Chicom Mechanized Rain SMG Rare
PDW-57 Iridescent SMG Rare
GKS Bug Spray SMG Rare
Cordite Upper Hand SMG Rare
PDW-57 Stream SMG Uncommon
HG 40 Purple Geode SMG Uncommon
RUS-79U Purple Geode SMG Uncommon
Cordite Heliotrope SMG Uncommon
Scorestreak Cluster Strike Scorestreak Common
Scorestreak Shock RC Scorestreak Common
Scorestreak XS1 Goliath Scorestreak Common
Scorestreak MQ-27 Dragonfire Scorestreak Common
HS0405 Uncertain Shotgun Uncommon
M21 EBR Royal Crimson Sniper Epic
Arctic .50 Frontier Sniper Rare
Locus Strapped Sniper Rare
Outlaw Copilot Sniper Rare
Locus Cyberline Sniper Rare
M21 EBR Undergrowth Sniper Uncommon
Soldier Merc 2 - Lunar Tide Soldier Rare
Soldier Outrider - Cyberline Soldier Rare
Soldier Nomad - Bug Spray Soldier Rare
Soldier Merc 1 - Persisted Soldier Rare
Soldier Special Ops 5 - Ground Splitter Soldier Rare
Soldier Special Ops 5 - Dead Zebra Soldier Rare
Soldier Battery - Arctic Soldier Uncommon
Soldier Special Ops 3 - Arctic Soldier Uncommon
Spray Spray - Ghost Toy Spray Rare
Cryo Bomb Default Tactical Common