Source Information

Dive! Dive! Draw

Added in version on 2020-08-17

This item source is no longer available in the game.

Lucky Draws can be very expensive! You can calculate the cost using the Lucky Draw Calculator.

  Additional Information

  • Rarity: Legendary
  • Paid Only: Yes
Item Name Camo Name Item Type Rarity
Backpack Dive Bomb Backpack 1 Epic
Calling Card Glide Bomb Calling Card Legendary
Charm Charm - Shark Bite Charm Legendary
Emote Meh-80 Emote Epic
S36 Dive Bomb LMG Epic
UL736 Depth Charge LMG Legendary
Frag Grenade Dive Bomb Lethal Epic
MW11 Dive Bomb Pistol Epic
Soldier Emma Victorova - Archangel Soldier Epic
Spray Spray - Guardian Angel Spray Epic