Source Information

Sharkbait Crate

Added in version on 2020-10-12

This item source is no longer available in the game.
Dupe Protection

This item source is dupe protected. Items marked with will not drop again after you obtained them. Instead, the remaining dupe protected items' drop chance is increased.

  Additional Information

  • Rarity: Epic
  • Paid Only: Yes
Item Name Camo Name Item Type Rarity Drop Chance
LK24 Sharkbait Assault Epic 0.40%
Charm Charm - Zombie Metal Charm Epic 0.75%
UL736 Quartz LMG Epic 0.60%
MW11 Sharkbite Pistol Epic 0.50%
Smoke Grenade Quartz Tactical Epic 0.75%
KN-44 Chroma Assault Rare 2.50%
M16 Chroma Assault Rare 2.50%
HBRa3 Crayon Assault Uncommon 3.50%
Calling Card Leviathan Calling Card Rare 9.00%
Knife Chroma Knife Rare 2.50%
Knife Crayon Knife Uncommon 3.50%
FHJ-18 Chroma Launcher Rare 2.50%
FHJ-18 Crayon Launcher Uncommon 3.50%
SMRS Crayon Launcher Uncommon 5.00%
Trip Mine Crayon Lethal Uncommon 5.00%
Sticky Grenade Crayon Lethal Uncommon 5.00%
MW11 Crayon Pistol Uncommon 5.00%
PDW-57 Crayon SMG Uncommon 3.50%
HS2126 Crayon Shotgun Uncommon 2.50%
Striker Crayon Shotgun Uncommon 2.50%
M21 EBR Crayon Sniper Uncommon 3.50%
Sticker Sticker - Zombie's Horns Sticker Rare 9.00%
Concussion Grenade Chroma Tactical Rare 2.50%
Concussion Grenade Crayon Tactical Uncommon 7.50%
Flashbang Grenade Crayon Tactical Uncommon 7.50%
Smoke Grenade Crayon Tactical Uncommon 9.00%