Item Details

Trip Mine


Proximity mine that launches into the air before detonating.

Heads up! Weapon stats have changed in version 10.26.0


Damage: 65


Radius: 50

Trip Mine Lethal in Call of Duty Mobile
Camo Name Rarity Sources
Action Scene Rare
Afterlife Rare
Ammo Box Uncommon
Angles Uncommon
Artillery Epic
Azurite Epic
Blend Uncommon
Blue Hazard Uncommon
Bolted Metal Uncommon
Brain Freeze Uncommon
Brushed Red Uncommon
Bullet Point Uncommon
Cactus Rare
Carrion Uncommon
Catacombs Rare
Catch of the Day Uncommon
Cerulean Uncommon
Championship Streak Rare
Chevalier Epic
Collapse Rare
Constrictor Epic
Crackle Uncommon
Crayon Uncommon
Dark Victorian Rare
Data Blocks Uncommon
Default Common
Drone Uncommon
Eyes in the Dark Uncommon
Festival Uncommon
Flannel Uncommon
Flora Epic
Fractal Sight Uncommon
Glitch Uncommon
Graceful Blue Uncommon
Hard Water Uncommon
Heliotrope Uncommon
Immortal Rare
Infected Uncommon
Lighthouse Uncommon
Lost Gothic Legendary
Lovestruck Rare
Mail Blade Uncommon
Moss Rock Uncommon
Night Time Uncommon
Old News Uncommon
Paper Fan Uncommon
Phobos Epic
Pocket Shock Uncommon
Polar Uncommon
Pulsar Rare
Purple Prism Rare
Radar Epic
Record Scratch Uncommon
Red Sun Uncommon
Rewind Uncommon
Rock Cairn Uncommon
Ropework Uncommon
Ruby Epic
Sea Serpent Rare
Shell Hell Uncommon
Shuttle Rare
Signal Marking Uncommon
Skulls & Blood Rare
Snakelike Uncommon
Spiral Scale Uncommon
Strafing Run Epic
Tracker Uncommon
Urban Blue Navy Uncommon
Vagabond Epic
Volution Epic
Warhead Uncommon
Watcher Uncommon
Yellow Abstract Uncommon
Zero-G Epic