Source Information

Vermillion Arsenal Crate

Added in version on 2021-08-27

This item source is no longer available in the game.
Dupe Protection

This item source is dupe protected. Items marked with will not drop again after you obtained them. Instead, the remaining dupe protected items' drop chance is increased.

  Additional Information

  • Rarity: Epic
  • Paid Only: Yes
Item Name Camo Name Item Type Rarity Drop Chance
AS VAL Red Action Assault Epic 0.25%
Man-O-War Red Action Assault Epic 0.25%
Backpack Red Electro Backpack Epic 0.65%
Calling Card Phalanx Calling Card Epic 0.65%
Chopper Red Action LMG Epic 0.25%
.50 GS Red Electro Pistol Epic 0.45%
AK117 Polar Assault Uncommon 8.75%
Knife Feathered Mail Knife Rare 5.50%
Knife Polar Knife Uncommon 8.75%
FHJ-18 Polar Launcher Uncommon 8.75%
Frag Grenade Polar Lethal Uncommon 8.75%
Trip Mine Polar Lethal Uncommon 8.75%
MW11 Feathered Mail Pistol Rare 5.50%
QQ9 Feathered Mail SMG Rare 5.50%
HG 40 Polar SMG Uncommon 8.75%
Outlaw Polar Sniper Uncommon 8.75%
Sticker Bite Your Tongue Sticker Rare 5.50%
Flashbang Grenade Feathered Mail Tactical Rare 5.50%
Cryo Bomb Polar Tactical Uncommon 8.75%