Camo Details

Gas Cloud

Uncommon Antelope A20 Camo

Added in version


Antelope A20 Gas Cloud, Uncommon camo in Call of Duty Mobile
Source Name Source Type Currently Available
Battle Pass: Day of Reckoning (Free) Battle Pass
Item Name Item Type Rarity Item Sources
Flashbang Grenade Tactical Uncommon
HS2126 Shotgun Uncommon
AK-47 Assault Uncommon
Scout Class Skill Uncommon
Boat Vehicle Uncommon
SMRS Launcher Uncommon
Motorcycle Vehicle Uncommon
Knife Knife Uncommon
Trophy System Tactical Uncommon
Ninja Class Skill Uncommon
Mechanic Class Skill Uncommon
Clown Class Skill Uncommon
Medic Class Skill Uncommon
Defender Class Skill Uncommon
Frag Grenade Lethal Uncommon
Smoke Grenade Tactical Uncommon
Combat Axe Lethal Uncommon