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OWC Marksman


Added in version

Significantly increases firing range, controllability and stability. Effective at long and medium range.

  • ADS Bullet Spread Accuracy
  • Damage Range
  • Lateral Recoil Stability
  • ADS Speed
  • Movement Speed
Camo Name Item Name Item Type Item Rarity
2nd Anniversary Limited DR-H Assault Epic
Airspace PDW-57 SMG Epic
Alligator Alley M16 Assault Epic
Assembly ASM10 Assault Epic
Bengal LK24 Assault Epic
Bitmap LK24 Assault Epic
Black Gold ASM10 Assault Epic
Black Gold KN-44 Assault Epic
Black Knight RUS-79U SMG Epic
Bloody Vengeance M16 Assault Epic
Bloody Vengeance HG 40 SMG Epic
Cagebreaker RUS-79U SMG Epic
Calligraphy AK117 Assault Epic
Cardinal Man-O-War Assault Epic
Citrine LK24 Assault Epic
Color Spectrum KN-44 Assault Legendary
Color Spectrum ICR-1 Assault Epic
Comrade .50 GS Pistol Epic
Dark Flare Man-O-War Assault Epic
Dark Matter ICR-1 Assault Epic
Dealer Kilo Bolt-Action Marksman Epic
Direct Heat ASM10 Assault Epic
Doomed Drake ASM10 Assault Epic
Dream Crystal Pharo SMG Legendary
Dustkicker RUS-79U SMG Legendary
Effigy HG 40 SMG Epic
Emergence LK24 Assault Epic
Eruption KN-44 Assault Epic
Firehook LK24 Assault Epic
Frostbrand AK-47 Assault Epic
Geometry HG 40 SMG Epic
Ghoul Bot Razorback SMG Epic
Giftwrapped KN-44 Assault Epic
Heat Stroke ASM10 Assault Epic
Heavy Duty M16 Assault Epic
Hot Heat ICR-1 Assault Epic
Ignition ICR-1 Assault Epic
Industrial Revolution Man-O-War Assault Epic
Jade MSMC SMG Epic
Jade AK-47 Assault Epic
Justicar LK24 Assault Legendary
Karuta RUS-79U SMG Epic
Lava ICR-1 Assault Epic
Lead Launcher HBRa3 Assault Epic
Living Rust KN-44 Assault Epic
Living Rust M4 Assault Epic
Magmacomb AK117 Assault Epic
Magnetic Pulse LK24 Assault Epic
Matchstick AGR 556 SMG Epic
Maximum Security HVK-30 Assault Legendary
Medieval PDW-57 SMG Epic
Meltdown AK117 Assault Legendary
Mirage AK-47 Assault Epic
Mirage Pharo SMG Epic
Misha ASM10 Assault Epic
Mitosis ASM10 Assault Epic
Mob Boss HBRa3 Assault Epic
Moonstone Chicom SMG Epic
Murder PDW-57 SMG Epic
Necessary Diplomacy Razorback SMG Legendary
Noir Razorback SMG Epic
Nosebleed LK24 Assault Epic
Nuclear Fallout RUS-79U SMG Epic
Nuclear Fallout Man-O-War Assault Epic
Oil Spill Chicom SMG Epic
Onomatopoeia Chicom SMG Epic
Pack Leader Man-O-War Assault Epic
Paranormal Prize AK-47 Assault Epic
Pharao Pharo SMG Epic
Plasma ASM10 Assault Epic
Pumpkin Head AK-47 Assault Legendary
Pumpkin Repeater M16 Assault Epic
Reverberation Echo Shotgun Epic
Royal Crimson LK24 Assault Epic
Scabbard ASM10 Assault Epic
Scrap Metal MSMC SMG Epic
Smart Rifle AK117 Assault Epic
Space Station MSMC SMG Legendary
Stakeholder AK-47 Assault Epic
Steam Clock Echo Shotgun Epic
Stirrup Razorback SMG Epic
Strafing Run RUS-79U SMG Epic
Tank AK-47 Assault Epic
Tech Noir Cordite SMG Epic
Toxic Waste PDW-57 SMG Legendary
Vicious Party Man-O-War Assault Epic
Viking RUS-79U SMG Epic
Viking LK24 Assault Epic
Wasteland MSMC SMG Epic
Werewolf Fighter HG 40 SMG Epic
Wicked Claw DR-H Assault Legendary
Wrath Black & Gold AK-47 Assault Legendary
Wrath Black & Gold Razorback SMG Epic
Wreck Diver AGR 556 SMG Epic
Year of the Rat AK117 Assault Epic
Zero-G Cordite SMG Legendary