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MIP Strike Stock


Added in version

Heavy Stock of poor mobility, but increased accuracy.

  • ADS Bullet Spread Accuracy
  • Flinch Stability
  • Lateral Recoil Stability
  • ADS Movement Speed
Camo Name Item Name Item Type Item Rarity
Alligator Alley M16 Assault Epic
Arachnophobia XPR-50 Sniper Epic
Atlas Corporation Cordite SMG Epic
Black Gold ASM10 Assault Epic
Boreal Aegis Razorback SMG Legendary
Cardboard RUS-79U SMG Epic
Cherry Blossom Cordite SMG Epic
Chromatic City LK24 Assault Epic
Chrome Wave HVK-30 Assault Epic
Color Spectrum KN-44 Assault Legendary
Cordis Die Cordite SMG Epic
Cyber Security DR-H Assault Epic
Dance of Death KN-44 Assault Legendary
Dark Flare Man-O-War Assault Epic
Dark Matter Razorback SMG Epic
Down Range LK24 Assault Epic
Dragon Maw Cordite SMG Epic
Dream Crystal Pharo SMG Legendary
Dune Fire QQ9 SMG Epic
Emergence LK24 Assault Epic
Eye Candy QQ9 SMG Epic
Firehook LK24 Assault Epic
Frostbrand AK-47 Assault Epic
Giftwrapped KN-44 Assault Epic
Gold Glitter M16 Assault Epic
Golden Talon KN-44 Assault Epic
Heat Stroke ASM10 Assault Epic
Heat Stroke PDW-57 SMG Epic
Industrial Revolution Man-O-War Assault Epic
Jumper Cable HVK-30 Assault Epic
Justicar LK24 Assault Legendary
Living Rust M4 Assault Epic
Melting Point QQ9 SMG Legendary
Mitosis ASM10 Assault Epic
Moonlight QQ9 SMG Legendary
Necessary Diplomacy Razorback SMG Legendary
Nettle Bloom HVK-30 Assault Epic
Nosebleed LK24 Assault Epic
Plasma ASM10 Assault Epic
Pseudoscience HVK-30 Assault Epic
Pumpkin Head AK-47 Assault Legendary
Punchline Cordite SMG Epic
Purebred DR-H Assault Legendary
Royal Crimson LK24 Assault Epic
Scabbard ASM10 Assault Epic
Silver Patriot KN-44 Assault Epic
Strafing Run Cordite SMG Epic
Sweet Sniper DL Q33 Sniper Epic
Swindler KN-44 Assault Epic
Tech Noir Cordite SMG Epic
Technic Razor Cordite SMG Epic
Third Rail Cordite SMG Epic
Tourmaline KN-44 Assault Epic
Troika RUS-79U SMG Epic
Vagabond Razorback SMG Epic
Werewolf Fighter M4 Assault Epic
Wrath Black & Gold AK-47 Assault Legendary
Year of Ox AK-47 Assault Epic
ZX 7000 RUS-79U SMG Legendary
Zero-G Cordite SMG Legendary