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Red Dot Sight 2


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Reflex Sight provides relatively high ADS'ing accuracy.

  • Precision Sight
Camo Name Item Name Item Type Item Rarity
Bear Trap MW11 Pistol Epic
Carnivorous RPD LMG Epic
Color Spectrum ICR-1 Assault Epic
Cruise Missile Pharo SMG Epic
Dive Bomb S36 LMG Epic
Enlightened J358 Pistol Epic
Fright Night M16 Assault Epic
Gimmick BK57 Assault Epic
Going Kawaii BK57 Assault Epic
Gold Glitter MW11 Pistol Epic
Hot Spot PDW-57 SMG Epic
Hot Spot MW11 Pistol Epic
Jade M4 Assault Epic
Kit Bag AK117 Assault Epic
Narcissist J358 Pistol Epic
Neon Lotus AK117 Assault Epic
Noir MW11 Pistol Epic
Oil Spill Chicom SMG Epic
Party Area MW11 Pistol Epic
Silver Ghoul M4 Assault Epic
Sleeping Dragon Echo Shotgun Epic
Thermonuclear Type 25 Assault Epic
Toxic Waste PDW-57 SMG Legendary
Uncaged MW11 Pistol Epic
Volksfrei Issued AGR 556 SMG Epic
Wicked Whisper MW11 Pistol Epic