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RTC Light Muzzle Brake


Added in version

Made by RTC (Rinfuu Tactical Corporation). Reduces lateral and vertical recoil. Mobility and ADS'ing stability are slightly reduced.

  • Lateral Recoil Stability
  • Vertical Recoil Control
  • ADS Bullet Spread Accuracy
  • ADS Speed
Camo Name Item Name Item Type Item Rarity
Artillery AK-47 Assault Epic
Bats Reunion KN-44 Assault Epic
Bite Size MW11 Pistol Epic
Bloody Vengeance M16 Assault Epic
Dame Fortuna AGR 556 SMG Epic
Demise Type 25 Assault Epic
Ghoul Bot Razorback SMG Epic
Heartbreaker S36 LMG Epic
Heat Stroke M4LMG LMG Epic
Heavy Duty M16 Assault Epic
Hot Spot Locus Sniper Epic
Kinetic AGR 556 SMG Epic
Meltdown HG 40 SMG Epic
Merrymaker J358 Pistol Epic
Mirage RPD LMG Epic
Moonstone AK117 Assault Epic
Narcissist J358 Pistol Epic
Nuclear Fallout MW11 Pistol Epic
Odyssey BK57 Assault Epic
Oil Spill M21 EBR Sniper Epic
Ooze MSMC SMG Epic
Radar MW11 Pistol Epic
Royal Guilt Razorback SMG Epic
Ruby M16 Assault Epic
Ruby J358 Pistol Epic
Swindler KN-44 Assault Epic
Teal Steal UL736 LMG Epic
Tiger's Eye Man-O-War Assault Epic
Untamed KN-44 Assault Epic
Vapor Sunset BK57 Assault Epic