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Increases damage.

  • Bullet Penetration
Camo Name Item Name Item Type Item Rarity
All Angles HG 40 SMG Epic
Anodized Holger 26 LMG Epic
Atlas Corporation Cordite SMG Epic
Backwoods LK24 Assault Epic
Bear Fist HBRa3 Assault Epic
Black Market DL Q33 Sniper Epic
Blood Money ICR-1 Assault Epic
Breach Outlaw Sniper Epic
Bullet Ants QQ9 SMG Epic
Bullet Ants MW11 Pistol Epic
Bullet Ants .50 GS Pistol Epic
Circuit Board MW11 Pistol Epic
Circuit Board DR-H Assault Epic
Citrine LK24 Assault Epic
Citrine M21 EBR Sniper Epic
Close Catch QXR SMG Epic
Constrictor MK2 Marksman Epic
Counter Stealth Unit BK57 Assault Epic
Dangerous Waters M4 Assault Epic
Dangerous Waters MW11 Pistol Epic
Dangerous Waters RUS-79U SMG Epic
Dangerous Waters .50 GS Pistol Epic
Deep Tech AK-47 Assault Epic
Devilfish PP19 Bizon SMG Epic
Down Range Renetti Pistol Epic
ENOC KN-44 Assault Epic
Enlightened J358 Pistol Epic
Enteroctopus Man-O-War Assault Epic
Enteroctopus PP19 Bizon SMG Epic
Exosphere Arctic .50 Sniper Epic
FUBAR M16 Assault Epic
Firewall (Unique) Chopper LMG Epic
Flash Freeze BK57 Assault Legendary
Flesh Wound (Unique) M21 EBR Sniper Epic
Fool Square Holger 26 LMG Epic
Forester UL736 LMG Epic
Foxfire Arctic .50 Sniper Legendary
Gag PDW-57 SMG Epic
Ghost of the Sea FR .556 Assault Epic
Graveyard Watch Arctic .50 Sniper Epic
Hard Spike RUS-79U SMG Epic
Hazardous (Epic) Man-O-War Assault Epic
Heat Stroke Arctic .50 Sniper Epic
Hot Spot PDW-57 SMG Epic
Hot Spot J358 Pistol Epic
Imperial Guard KN-44 Assault Epic
Infiltrate Type 25 Assault Epic
Knife Arts Fennec SMG Epic
Magnetic Engine Type 25 Assault Legendary
Mainframe RPD LMG Epic
Meteoric .50 GS Pistol Epic
Mire QQ9 SMG Epic
Mother of Pearl DR-H Assault Epic
Nightwind AK117 Assault Epic
Nightwind Black AK117 Assault Epic
Nightwind Red AK117 Assault Epic
Nightwind Silver AK117 Assault Epic
Ooze PDW-57 SMG Epic
Outcast Vengeance M4 Assault Epic
Pack Hunter SKS Marksman Epic
Pack Hunter PP19 Bizon SMG Epic
Patriotic M16 Assault Epic
Patriotic MK2 Marksman Epic
Patriotic MW11 Pistol Epic
Phobos ICR-1 Assault Epic
Prototype Omega QXR SMG Epic
Radion Burst Renetti Pistol Epic
Radion Burst .50 GS Pistol Epic
Ready to Blow BK57 Assault Epic
Rebreather DR-H Assault Epic
Regicide Arctic .50 Sniper Epic
Regicide Renetti Pistol Epic
Revati Rytec AMR Sniper Epic
Revolt DR-H Assault Epic
Royal Guilt Razorback SMG Epic
Runic Fire Peacekeeper MK2 Assault Epic
Runic Fire .50 GS Pistol Epic
Salamander M4LMG LMG Legendary
Shoulder Cannon Hades LMG Epic
Slapstick S36 LMG Epic
Slicked Chopper LMG Epic
Space Race BK57 Assault Legendary
Spores MSMC SMG Epic
Sprite Ops .50 GS Pistol Epic
Sprite Ops Arctic .50 Sniper Epic
Stalker PDW-57 SMG Epic
Stalker Renetti Pistol Epic
Summerburst Type 25 Assault Epic
Surface Tension Holger 26 LMG Epic
Tattered Shot CR-56 AMAX Assault Epic
The Standard Issue MW11 Pistol Epic
The Stripe M16 Assault Epic
Tiger's Eye DL Q33 Sniper Epic
Tokyo Rain Arctic .50 Sniper Epic
Tokyo Rain Renetti Pistol Epic
Unstoppable Locus Sniper Epic
Visceral Arctic .50 Sniper Epic
Waterproof .50 GS Pistol Epic
Wrapped AK117 Assault Epic
Wyrm Renetti Pistol Epic
Wyrm Outlaw Sniper Epic
X Marks the Spot UL736 LMG Epic
Zealot DL Q33 Sniper Legendary