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Attachment Details

Stippled Grip Tape

Rear Grip

Added in version

Stippled grip tape maintains control when moving at a higher speed.

  • ADS Speed
  • Sprint-to-Fire Speed
  • ADS Bullet Spread Accuracy
Camo Name Item Name Item Type Item Rarity
2nd Anniversary Limited M16 Assault Epic
2nd Anniversary Limited ASM10 Assault Epic
2nd Anniversary Limited DR-H Assault Epic
2nd Anniversary Limited Arctic .50 Sniper Epic
Abomination J358 Pistol Epic
Abyssal Agent ASM10 Assault Legendary
Aesir AK117 Assault Legendary
Airspace PDW-57 SMG Epic
Altered Human DR-H Assault Epic
Ancient Mist Locus Sniper Epic
Atlas Corporation Cordite SMG Epic
Azurite MW11 Pistol Epic
Ballista HG 40 SMG Epic
Barricade AK117 Assault Epic
Beekeeper MW11 Pistol Epic
Bengal AK117 Assault Epic
Black Gold J358 Pistol Epic
Bloody Vengeance Type 25 Assault Legendary
Blue Mercury GKS SMG Epic
Bombs Away MW11 Pistol Epic
Boreal Aegis Razorback SMG Legendary
Breach .50 GS Pistol Epic
Breach Outlaw Sniper Epic
Bunker Buster ASM10 Assault Legendary
Byakko AGR 556 SMG Epic
CQB Chicom SMG Epic
CQB LK24 Assault Epic
CQB M4 Assault Epic
Cagebreaker RUS-79U SMG Epic
Cannibal Arctic .50 Sniper Epic
Capacitor HBRa3 Assault Epic
Chained DR-H Assault Epic
Championship Purple LK24 Assault Epic
Cherry Blossom Cordite SMG Epic
Chevalier Chicom SMG Epic
Chevalier MW11 Pistol Epic
Chromatic City LK24 Assault Epic
Chrome Wave M16 Assault Epic
Circuit Board DR-H Assault Epic
Collateral Chopper LMG Epic
Color Spectrum KN-44 Assault Legendary
Color Spectrum MW11 Pistol Epic
Constable Kilo Bolt-Action Marksman Epic
Cordis Die Cordite SMG Epic
Cutting Edge KRM 262 Shotgun Epic
Cyber Security DR-H Assault Epic
Dangerous Waters M4 Assault Epic
Dangerous Waters MW11 Pistol Epic
Dangerous Waters .50 GS Pistol Epic
Death Scythe Man-O-War Assault Legendary
Defibrilator J358 Pistol Epic
Demon Fury Chicom SMG Epic
Desktopper PDW-57 SMG Epic
Direct Heat UL736 LMG Epic
Dive Bomb MW11 Pistol Epic
Down Range .50 GS Pistol Epic
Dragon Dance HBRa3 Assault Epic
Dream Crystal Man-O-War Assault Legendary
Dream Crystal Pharo SMG Legendary
Durandal AGR 556 SMG Legendary
Dusk RUS-79U SMG Epic
Dustkicker RUS-79U SMG Legendary
ENOC KN-44 Assault Epic
ENOC .50 GS Pistol Epic
Eagle Claw KRM 262 Shotgun Epic
Echolocation MW11 Pistol Epic
Echolocation Pharo SMG Epic
Effigy J358 Pistol Epic
Emergence .50 GS Pistol Epic
Enteroctopus Man-O-War Assault Epic
FUBAR M16 Assault Epic
Feral Stalker M4 Assault Epic
Ferrofluid HBRa3 Assault Epic
Firecracker BK57 Assault Epic
Firestorm Fennec SMG Epic
Firestorm Echo Shotgun Epic
Gag PDW-57 SMG Epic
Giftwrapped KN-44 Assault Epic
Glow Fly HBRa3 Assault Epic
Gold Glitter MW11 Pistol Epic
Gold Glitter DR-H Assault Epic
Gold Standard HG 40 SMG Legendary
Halberd HBRa3 Assault Epic
Heartbreaker S36 LMG Epic
Heat Stroke MSMC SMG Epic
Heat Stroke LK24 Assault Epic
Heat Stroke HG 40 SMG Epic
High Voltage Arctic .50 Sniper Epic
Hive Motor PDW-57 SMG Epic
Holidays AK117 Assault Legendary
Holidays MW11 Pistol Epic
Hot Spot J358 Pistol Epic
Ice Crystal MW11 Pistol Epic
Innovator ICR-1 Assault Legendary
Joy Buzzsaw KRM 262 Shotgun Epic
Kit Bag AK117 Assault Epic
Kitsune GKS SMG Epic
Kuromaku AK-47 Assault Legendary
Last Stand LK24 Assault Epic
Lava HG 40 SMG Epic
Lead Launcher HBRa3 Assault Epic
Living Rust HG 40 SMG Epic
Magmacomb M4 Assault Epic
Mainframe RPD LMG Epic
Melting Point QQ9 SMG Legendary
Metallurgy DR-H Assault Epic
Moonlight QQ9 SMG Legendary
Noir J358 Pistol Epic
Noir DR-H Assault Epic
Oil Spill MW11 Pistol Epic
Oil Spill UL736 LMG Epic
Ooze M4LMG LMG Epic
Ooze HS2126 Shotgun Epic
Pane Kilo Bolt-Action Marksman Epic
Party Area MW11 Pistol Epic
Parzival J358 Pistol Epic
Pharao Pharo SMG Epic
Phobos S36 LMG Legendary
Phobos J358 Pistol Epic
Phobos ICR-1 Assault Epic
Plasma Explosion Locus Sniper Epic
Point And Click KRM 262 Shotgun Epic
Practical Joker RPD LMG Legendary
Punchline Cordite SMG Epic
Purebred DR-H Assault Legendary
Radar M4 Assault Epic
Radion Burst .50 GS Pistol Epic
Ready to Blow BK57 Assault Epic
Reverberation Echo Shotgun Epic
Revolt .50 GS Pistol Epic
Revolt J358 Pistol Epic
Revolt DR-H Assault Epic
Revolution MW11 Pistol Epic
Revolution M4LMG LMG Epic
Ripper AGR 556 SMG Legendary
Serpentine MW11 Pistol Epic
Sickle M4 Assault Epic
SigrĂșn QQ9 SMG Legendary
Silver Ghoul M4 Assault Epic
Six Feet M4 Assault Epic
Sludge DR-H Assault Epic
Smart Rifle M4 Assault Epic
Snake Bite GKS SMG Epic
Space Station MSMC SMG Legendary
Sprite Ops AK117 Assault Epic
Spyware Echo Shotgun Epic
Stalker PDW-57 SMG Epic
Starstruck Chicom SMG Epic
Static Discharge HG 40 SMG Epic
Steam Clock Echo Shotgun Epic
Steel Blue Arctic .50 Sniper Epic
Strafing Run ASM10 Assault Epic
Surface Tension J358 Pistol Epic
Tactical Prowl DR-H Assault Epic
Tactical Unicorn GKS SMG Legendary
Tank Wheels AK117 Assault Epic
Tank Wheels Locus Sniper Epic
Tank Wheels .50 GS Pistol Epic
Tank Wheels GKS SMG Epic
Target Lock J358 Pistol Epic
Teal Steal M4 Assault Epic
Tokyo Rain Arctic .50 Sniper Epic
Tourmaline ICR-1 Assault Epic
Toxic Waste PDW-57 SMG Legendary
Trap Shooter Kilo Bolt-Action Marksman Epic
Un-Official Merch AK117 Assault Epic
Uncaged MW11 Pistol Epic
Unstoppable Locus Sniper Epic
Vagabond .50 GS Pistol Epic
Valentine M16 Assault Epic
Venom Coil Fennec SMG Legendary
Viking RUS-79U SMG Epic
Wanderer GKS SMG Legendary
Wastelander DR-H Assault Epic
Waterproof .50 GS Pistol Epic
Waterproof KRM 262 Shotgun Epic
Western Crown AGR 556 SMG Epic
Wicked Claw DR-H Assault Legendary
Wicked Whisper Razorback SMG Epic
Widower DR-H Assault Epic
Wild West MSMC SMG Epic
Wreck Diver AGR 556 SMG Epic
ZX 7000 RUS-79U SMG Legendary
Zero-G Cordite SMG Legendary
Zero-G J358 Pistol Epic