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OWC Light Suppressor


Added in version

Suppressor made by OWC. Increases flexibility at the cost of range.

  • Silenced
  • Damage Range
Camo Name Item Name Item Type Item Rarity
Advanced Artillery DL Q33 Sniper Legendary
Ascending Outlaw Sniper Epic
Bamboo Shoot M4LMG LMG Epic
Basecamp DR-H Assault Epic
Blue Screen DL Q33 Sniper Epic
Cardboard Type 25 Assault Epic
Constable Kilo Bolt-Action Marksman Epic
Contamination UL736 LMG Epic
Echolocation MW11 Pistol Epic
Exosphere Arctic .50 Sniper Epic
FUBAR M16 Assault Epic
Heat Stroke Arctic .50 Sniper Epic
Holidays DL Q33 Sniper Legendary
Junk Punk Locus Sniper Epic
Lazarus Kilo Bolt-Action Marksman Epic
Magmacomb M21 EBR Sniper Epic
Magnetic Engine Type 25 Assault Legendary
Maximum Security HVK-30 Assault Legendary
Moonstone M4LMG LMG Epic
Munitions M4LMG LMG Epic
Pane Kilo Bolt-Action Marksman Epic
Playmaker M4LMG LMG Epic
Politician M21 EBR Sniper Epic
Radar Outlaw Sniper Epic
Red Action DL Q33 Sniper Epic
Saloon Sniper Locus Sniper Epic
Strafing Run DL Q33 Sniper Epic
Verdant Fennec SMG Epic
Visceral Arctic .50 Sniper Epic
Wrath Black & Gold MW11 Pistol Epic