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MIP Extended Light Barrel


Added in version

Extended barrel with slightly increased weight to improve stability and increase fire rane. Effective at medium range.

  • ADS Bullet Spread Accuracy
  • Damage Range
  • ADS Speed
Camo Name Item Name Item Type Item Rarity
Automaton Waster Cordite SMG Epic
BiSH AK117 Assault Epic
Bloody Vengeance Type 25 Assault Legendary
Boreal Aegis Razorback SMG Legendary
Cardboard M21 EBR Sniper Epic
Citrine BY15 Shotgun Epic
Cold Air Echo Shotgun Epic
Cyberspace RPD LMG Epic
Cyberspace Type 25 Assault Epic
Dangerous Waters .50 GS Pistol Epic
Dark Matter Razorback SMG Epic
Data Miner BK57 Assault Epic
Demise Type 25 Assault Epic
Digital Death Kilo Bolt-Action Marksman Epic
Dive Bomb S36 LMG Epic
Down Range .50 GS Pistol Epic
Eruption BY15 Shotgun Epic
Flash Freeze BK57 Assault Legendary
Flesh Wound (Unique) M21 EBR Sniper Epic
Full Moon Echo Shotgun Epic
Gag PDW-57 SMG Epic
Gimmick BK57 Assault Epic
Going Kawaii BK57 Assault Epic
Guardian Spirit BK57 Assault Epic
Heat Stroke PDW-57 SMG Epic
Hive Motor PDW-57 SMG Epic
Lazarus Kilo Bolt-Action Marksman Epic
New Year '20 BK57 Assault Epic
Oni Type 25 Assault Epic
Orbit RPD LMG Epic
Outcast AK117 Assault Epic
Pantomime BY15 Shotgun Epic
Radion Burst .50 GS Pistol Epic
Railgun Kilo Bolt-Action Marksman Legendary
Royal Coffer Fennec SMG Epic
Royal Crimson M21 EBR Sniper Epic
Ruby Type 25 Assault Epic
Ruby Razorback SMG Epic
Runic Fire .50 GS Pistol Epic
Sapphire Razorback SMG Epic
Space Race BK57 Assault Legendary
Spyware Echo Shotgun Epic
Stalker PDW-57 SMG Epic
Strafing Run Cordite SMG Epic
Tank Wheels .50 GS Pistol Epic
Technic Razor Cordite SMG Epic
Vagabond Razorback SMG Epic
Wasteland BK57 Assault Epic
Waterproof .50 GS Pistol Epic
Wild West BK57 Assault Epic