Item Details

Combat Axe


Retrievable axe that kills instantly on impact.


Damage: 100


Radius: 35

Combat Axe Lethal in Call of Duty Mobile
Camo Name Rarity Sources
Ancient Mist Epic
Apparition Rare
Bloody Vengeance Epic
Brush Stroke Uncommon
Buoy Uncommon
Cathedral Uncommon
Default Common
Denim Uncommon
Desert Sunset Rare
Exosphere Epic
Eyes in the Dark Uncommon
Gas Cloud Uncommon
Glow Fly Epic
Hard Water Uncommon
Hazardous (Epic) Epic
Lighthouse Uncommon
Merrymaker Epic
Metallurgy Epic
Night Vision Uncommon
Paper Fan Uncommon
Parasol Rare
Ready to Blow Epic
Ripped Camo Uncommon
Runic Fire Epic
Sprite Ops Epic
Tracker Uncommon
Undead Crusade Rare
Visceral Epic
Volley Uncommon
Wagon Wheel Uncommon