Source Information

Clan Store (2021-07)

Added in version on 2021-07-29

This item source is no longer available in the game.

  Additional Information

  • Rarity: Epic
  • Paid Only: No
Item Name Camo Name Item Type Rarity
M16 Viscous Shoal Assault Rare
ASM10 Ambush Assault Uncommon
BK57 Piranha Assault Uncommon
AK117 Piranha Assault Uncommon
Backpack Ronin's Backpack Backpack Epic
Clothing Ronin's Chestpiece Clothing Epic
Clothing The Fire Team Clothing Epic
Headgear Ronin's Helmet Headgear Epic
Headgear The Fire Team Headgear Epic
Knife Ambush Knife Uncommon
Knife Piranha Knife Uncommon
Chopper Ambush LMG Uncommon
SMRS Ambush Launcher Uncommon
Frag Grenade Ambush Lethal Uncommon
Frag Grenade Piranha Lethal Uncommon
J358 Piranha Pistol Uncommon
QXR Rebirth SMG Epic
RUS-79U Cagebreaker SMG Epic
RUS-79U Brushed Chrome SMG Rare
QXR Brushed Chrome SMG Rare
QQ9 Viscous Shoal SMG Rare
MSMC Piranha SMG Uncommon
DL Q33 Ambush Sniper Uncommon
Soldier Firebreak - The Fire Team Soldier Epic
Soldier Ronin - Hagakure Soldier Epic
Flashbang Grenade Ambush Tactical Uncommon
Smoke Grenade Piranha Tactical Uncommon