Item Details


Class Skill

Camo Name Rarity Sources
Abnormality Uncommon
Abstract Foil Uncommon
Alarm Uncommon
Alaska Rare
Ancient Runes Uncommon
Angles Uncommon
Arctic Digital Uncommon
Bamboo Uncommon
Bandana Uncommon
Black Marble Uncommon
Black Top Uncommon
Blue Camo Uncommon
Blue Wave Uncommon
Bolted Metal Uncommon
Brain Freeze Uncommon
Broken Road Uncommon
Brush Stroke Uncommon
Brushed Red Uncommon
Bullet Point Uncommon
Candy Cane Rare
Caution Uncommon
Cerulean Uncommon
Color Process Uncommon
Commonwealth Uncommon
Compound Uncommon
Concrete Lightning Uncommon
Conifer Uncommon
Crackle Uncommon
Cyan Cold Rare
Dark Fiber Uncommon
Dark Flower Uncommon
Dark Victorian Rare
Decay Uncommon
Denim Uncommon
Depths Uncommon
Desert Snake Uncommon
Dogfur Uncommon
Duel Uncommon
E-Waste Uncommon
Eagle Feather Uncommon
Easter '20 Uncommon
Evergreen Uncommon
Eyes in the Dark Uncommon
Fashion Purple Uncommon
Fine Art Uncommon
Fireflies Uncommon
Flowing Bronze Rare
Foggy Forest Uncommon
Forest Felt Uncommon
Forest Fiber Uncommon
Frontline Uncommon
Gas Cloud Uncommon
Giraffe Uncommon
Glitch Uncommon
Graceful Blue Uncommon
Graceful Gold Uncommon
Gridiron Football Uncommon
Halloween Rare
Hard Water Uncommon
Head Trauma Uncommon
Helm Uncommon
Holiday Ribbons Uncommon
Honeycomb Uncommon
Horseshoe Uncommon
Infected Uncommon
Irradiate Uncommon
Jack Frost Uncommon
Jingle Bells Uncommon
Kapow Uncommon
Lens Uncommon
Light Show Uncommon
Lighthouse Uncommon
MacTavish Rare
Malware Uncommon
Mardi Gras Uncommon
Melon Uncommon
Meteors Uncommon
Minos Uncommon
Monarch Uncommon
Moss Rock Uncommon
Motherboard Uncommon
Neon Tiger Uncommon
Night Vision Uncommon
Nightfall Uncommon
Old News Uncommon
Orange Rare
Oxidized Uncommon
Paper Fan Uncommon
Paper Star Uncommon
Plated Gray Uncommon
Pocket Shock Uncommon
Preserver Uncommon
Pulsar Rare
Radiant Uncommon
Radioactive Rare
Red Burst Uncommon
Reindeer Uncommon
Reticulated Uncommon
Rewind Uncommon
Ripped Camo Uncommon
Sandbox Uncommon
Scale Up Uncommon
Scarab Uncommon
Scratched Uncommon
Section Rare
Shore Uncommon
Shrine Uncommon
Slate Uncommon
Snowflakes Rare
Splinterburst Rare
St. Patrick's Day Uncommon
Stream Uncommon
Swamp Uncommon
Tagged Uncommon
Taped Uncommon
Tarnished Uncommon
The Ancestors Rare
Tire Chains Uncommon
Topography Uncommon
Tracker Uncommon
Traffic Cone Uncommon
Tropical Uncommon
Tropics Uncommon
Uncertain Uncommon
Urban Yellow Uncommon
Volley Uncommon
Wagon Wheel Uncommon
Warhead Uncommon
Warp Uncommon
Wasteland Red Uncommon
Watcher Uncommon
Wavelength Uncommon
Western Sunset Uncommon
Winterwood Rare
Worker Ant Uncommon
Worn Yellow Uncommon
Wrong Way Uncommon
Zagged Uncommon
Zebra Uncommon