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Content Update

Released on 2020-12-31 ±1 day depending on your region

Version Set: Season 13

Blueprint Name Item Name Item Type Item Rarity
Arctic Threat Outlaw Sniper Epic
Artifact Peacekeeper MK2 Assault Mythic
Bear Trap MW11 Pistol Epic
Bitter Burst MSMC SMG Epic
Cherry Blossom Cordite SMG Epic
Cold Air Echo Shotgun Epic
Frostbrand AK-47 Assault Epic
Gold Glitter DR-H Assault Epic
Ice Crystal MW11 Pistol Epic
Ice Crystal Man-O-War Assault Epic
Meteor Core ICR-1 Assault Epic
Nosebleed LK24 Assault Epic
Royal Coffer Fennec SMG Epic
Sweet Sniper DL Q33 Sniper Epic
Camo Name Item Name Item Type Item Rarity
Brain Freeze Backpack Backpack Uncommon
Brain Freeze HG 40 SMG Uncommon
Brain Freeze J358 Pistol Uncommon
Brain Freeze M21 EBR Sniper Uncommon
Brain Freeze M4LMG LMG Uncommon
Brain Freeze MW11 Pistol Uncommon
Brain Freeze Mechanic Class Skill Uncommon
Brain Freeze Medic Class Skill Uncommon
Brain Freeze Motorcycle Vehicle Uncommon
Brain Freeze Parachute Parachute Uncommon
Brain Freeze Sticky Grenade Lethal Uncommon
Brain Freeze Trip Mine Lethal Uncommon
Brain Freeze Trophy System Tactical Uncommon
Brain Freeze Wingsuit Wingsuit Uncommon
Burial Ground ATV Vehicle Rare
Burial Ground Arctic .50 Sniper Rare
Burial Ground HVK-30 Assault Rare
Burial Ground PDW-57 SMG Rare
Burial Ground Tank Vehicle Rare
Burial Ground UL736 LMG Rare
Dalmatian Concussion Grenade Tactical Uncommon
Dalmatian Frag Grenade Lethal Uncommon
Dalmatian Knife Knife Uncommon
Dalmatian M16 Assault Uncommon
Dalmatian MSMC SMG Uncommon
Dalmatian MW11 Pistol Uncommon
Dalmatian Smoke Grenade Tactical Uncommon
Dalmatian Type 25 Assault Uncommon
Dark Light Chopper LMG Rare
Dark Light QQ9 SMG Rare
Gold Bar Axe Axe Epic
Gold Bar Motorcycle Vehicle Epic
Gold Bar Parachute Parachute Epic
Gold Bar Trophy System Tactical Epic
Gold Bar Wingsuit Wingsuit Epic
Heliotrope Striker Shotgun Uncommon
Hephaestus Axe Axe Epic
Hephaestus Backpack Backpack Epic
Hephaestus Cluster Grenade Lethal Epic
Hephaestus Tank Vehicle Epic
Ice Crystal Axe Axe Epic
Ice Crystal Backpack Backpack Epic
Ice Crystal Cryo Bomb Tactical Epic
Ice Crystal Knife Knife Epic
Ice Crystal Sticky Grenade Lethal Epic
Ice Crystal Wingsuit Wingsuit Epic
Icefall AK117 Assault Rare
Icefall Antelope A20 Vehicle Rare
Icefall Backpack Backpack Rare
Icefall SMRS Launcher Rare
Icefall Smoke Grenade Tactical Rare
Pine Cone Concussion Grenade Tactical Uncommon
Pine Cone HG 40 SMG Uncommon
Pine Cone J358 Pistol Uncommon
Pine Cone Kilo Bolt-Action Marksman Uncommon
Pine Cone UL736 LMG Uncommon
Snowblind Antelope A20 Vehicle Rare
Snowblind Parachute Parachute Rare
Snowframe Backpack Backpack Rare
Snowframe M16 Assault Rare
Starlight Baseball Bat Baseball Bat Rare
Starlight FHJ-18 Launcher Rare
Starlight Flashbang Grenade Tactical Rare
Starlight GKS SMG Rare
Starlight Striker Shotgun Rare
Wintergreen Defender Class Skill Uncommon
Wintergreen Knife Knife Uncommon
Wintergreen LK24 Assault Uncommon
Wintergreen Locus Sniper Uncommon
Wintergreen M4LMG LMG Uncommon
Camo Name Item Type Item Rarity
Abominable Calling Card Rare
Alex Mason - Piercing Frost Soldier Epic
Charm - Abominable Charm Epic
Charm - Chibi Trooper Charm Epic
Charm - English Breakfast Charm Rare
Charm - Getting Paid Charm Legendary
Charm - Igloo Charm Uncommon
Charm - Meteorite Power Charm Legendary
Charm - Sledder Charm Epic
Charm - Vestige Charm Legendary
Firebreak - Magmageddon Soldier Epic
Grim Reaped Calling Card Epic
Harness the Power Emote Epic
Hidden Power Calling Card Legendary
High Kick Emote Rare
Kreuger - Taiga Soldier Epic
Mace - The Armorer Soldier Epic
Main Stage Calling Card Rare
Make it Rain Emote Epic
Nomad - Snowblind Soldier Rare
Pelt Frame Frame Rare
Senses Red Calling Card Epic
Shiver Emote Rare
Snow Pursuit Calling Card Rare
Special Ops 1 - Burial Ground Soldier Rare
Spray - Stay Frosty Spray Epic
Spray - Thought Bubbles Spray Rare
Sticker - A-Furred of the Dark Sticker Rare
Sticker - Frozen Fiend Sticker Rare
Sticker - Grump Sticker Uncommon
Sticker - Heavy Rain Sticker Rare
Sticker - Motherland Sticker Rare
Sticker - Overheat Sticker Epic
Sticker - Tempest Sticker Rare
Taiga Avatar Rare
Taiga Frame Frame Epic
Terrance Brooks - Deep Snow Soldier Epic
Valorous Calling Card Rare
Source Name Source Type Source Rarity Currently Available
Bento Box Crate Crate Epic
Counter Intelligence Event Common
Credits Store Update (2021-01-08) Credits Store Common
Crevasse Crate Crate Epic
Dog Tag Duty Event Common
Gold Standard Redux Draw Legendary
Lighting Up The World (2021) Event Common
Magma Eruption Mythic Drop Draw Mythic
New Year Offer Special Offer Epic
Seasonal: Deadly Accessories Event Common
Seasonal: Restock Event Common
Set Completion: Ice Crystal Event Epic
Winter Mason Bundle Bundle Epic