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Content Update

Released on 2020-12-21 ±1 day depending on your region

Version Set: Season 13

Blueprint Name Item Name Item Type Item Rarity
Blast Off Peacekeeper MK2 Assault Epic
Festive RPD LMG Epic
Giftwrapped KN-44 Assault Epic
Merrymaker J358 Pistol Epic
Merrymaker QQ9 SMG Epic
Midnight Fennec SMG Epic
Moonstone AK117 Assault Epic
Pack Leader Man-O-War Assault Epic
Pack Warrior GKS SMG Epic
Radar Outlaw Sniper Epic
Secret Santa QXR SMG Legendary
Top Dog BY15 Shotgun Epic
Troika RUS-79U SMG Epic
Camo Name Item Name Item Type Item Rarity
BDU Defender Class Skill Rare
BDU Helicopter Vehicle Rare
BDU ORV Vehicle Rare
BDU Parachute Parachute Rare
BDU Scout Class Skill Rare
BDU Tank Vehicle Rare
BDU Wingsuit Wingsuit Rare
Candy Cane Backpack Backpack Rare
Candy Cane Defender Class Skill Rare
Candy Cane Knife Knife Rare
Candy Cane Mechanic Class Skill Rare
Candy Cane Medic Class Skill Rare
Candy Cane Parachute Parachute Rare
Candy Cane Wingsuit Wingsuit Rare
Crackle Flashbang Grenade Tactical Uncommon
Crackle M4 Assault Uncommon
Crackle SMRS Launcher Uncommon
Cyberline Locus Sniper Rare
Default Snowboard Vehicle Common
Festive Backpack Backpack Epic
Festive Baseball Bat Baseball Bat Epic
Festive Knife Knife Epic
Festive Parachute Parachute Epic
Festive Wingsuit Wingsuit Epic
Gulag Tech Medic Class Skill Epic
Gulag Tech Tank Vehicle Epic
Gulag Tech Wingsuit Wingsuit Epic
Hearth Backpack Backpack Rare
Hearth Cordite SMG Rare
Hearth ICR-1 Assault Rare
Hearth J358 Pistol Rare
Hearth Wingsuit Wingsuit Rare
Heliotrope Cordite SMG Uncommon
Heliotrope MW11 Pistol Uncommon
Hereafter Backpack Backpack Uncommon
Hereafter Boat Vehicle Uncommon
Hereafter Clown Class Skill Uncommon
Hereafter Concussion Grenade Tactical Uncommon
Hereafter DL Q33 Sniper Uncommon
Hereafter FHJ-18 Launcher Uncommon
Hereafter Frag Grenade Lethal Uncommon
Hereafter HS2126 Shotgun Uncommon
Hereafter Knife Knife Uncommon
Hereafter M4 Assault Uncommon
Hereafter Parachute Parachute Uncommon
Hereafter Scout Class Skill Uncommon
Hereafter Smoke Grenade Tactical Uncommon
Hereafter Wingsuit Wingsuit Uncommon
Ice Shelf Backpack Backpack Epic
Insulated Antelope A20 Vehicle Rare
Insulated Backpack Backpack Rare
Insulated Knife Knife Rare
Insulated Motorcycle Vehicle Rare
Insulated Parachute Parachute Rare
Insulated RUS-79U SMG Rare
Insulated Wingsuit Wingsuit Rare
Labyrinth RUS-79U SMG Rare
Labyrinth UL736 LMG Rare
Merrymaker Backpack Backpack Epic
Merrymaker Combat Axe Lethal Epic
Merrymaker Parachute Parachute Epic
Merrymaker Wingsuit Wingsuit Epic
Moonstone Frag Grenade Lethal Epic
Moonstone Smoke Grenade Tactical Epic
Nocturnal Ice Axe Base Melee Epic
Nonconformist Parachute Parachute Uncommon
Nonconformist Wingsuit Wingsuit Uncommon
Permafrost Chopper LMG Rare
Permafrost HS0405 Shotgun Rare
Permafrost Outlaw Sniper Rare
Permafrost QQ9 SMG Rare
Pine Cone Knife Knife Uncommon
Pine Cone MW11 Pistol Uncommon
Pine Cone NA-45 Sniper Uncommon
Snow Stream Airborne Class Skill Rare
Snow Stream Axe Axe Rare
Snow Stream Frag Grenade Lethal Rare
Snow Stream HBRa3 Assault Rare
Snow Stream J358 Pistol Rare
Snow Stream Kilo Bolt-Action Marksman Rare
Snow Stream Motorcycle Vehicle Rare
Snow Stream ORV Vehicle Rare
Snow Stream Parachute Parachute Rare
Snow Stream Trap Master Class Skill Rare
Snow Stream Wingsuit Wingsuit Rare
Snowblind ATV Vehicle Rare
Snowframe Cordite SMG Rare
Snowframe NA-45 Sniper Rare
Tire Chains Antelope A20 Vehicle Uncommon
Tire Chains Boat Vehicle Uncommon
Tire Chains Clown Class Skill Uncommon
Tire Chains Defender Class Skill Uncommon
Tire Chains Mechanic Class Skill Uncommon
Tire Chains Medic Class Skill Uncommon
Tire Chains Motorcycle Vehicle Uncommon
Tire Chains Ninja Class Skill Uncommon
Tire Chains Parachute Parachute Uncommon
Tire Chains Scout Class Skill Uncommon
Tire Chains Wingsuit Wingsuit Uncommon
Tracker Clown Class Skill Uncommon
Tracker Combat Axe Lethal Uncommon
Tracker Defender Class Skill Uncommon
Tracker Flashbang Grenade Tactical Uncommon
Tracker Helicopter Vehicle Uncommon
Tracker Scout Class Skill Uncommon
Tracker Trip Mine Lethal Uncommon
Wintergreen Antelope A20 Vehicle Uncommon
Winterwood AGR 556 SMG Rare
Winterwood Axe Axe Rare
Winterwood Backpack Backpack Rare
Winterwood Boat Vehicle Rare
Winterwood Chopper LMG Rare
Winterwood FHJ-18 Launcher Rare
Winterwood HVK-30 Assault Rare
Winterwood Helicopter Vehicle Rare
Winterwood KRM 262 Shotgun Rare
Winterwood Mechanic Class Skill Rare
Winterwood Motorcycle Vehicle Rare
Winterwood Parachute Parachute Rare
Winterwood Razorback SMG Rare
Winterwood Tank Vehicle Rare
Winterwood Trophy System Tactical Rare
Winterwood Wingsuit Wingsuit Rare
Camo Name Item Type Item Rarity
Adler - Mountain Drab Soldier Epic
Aftershock Calling Card Rare
Charm - Candy Cane Charm Legendary
Charm - Frosty Charm Epic
Charm - Mister Ginger Charm Rare
Charm - Series 8 Charm Epic
Charm - Snowflake Charm Epic
Charm - The Barbarian Charm Epic
Charm - Werewolf Charm Epic
Comfort from the Cold Calling Card Legendary
Dark Vision Frame Frame Epic
Deploy Calling Card Rare
Ghost - Dark Vision Soldier Epic
Giftwrapped Frame Frame Rare
Give a Gift Emote Rare
Golem - Siberia Soldier Epic
Loose Ends Calling Card Legendary
Outrider - Cyberline Soldier Rare
Park - Safehouse Soldier Epic
Price's Holiday Calling Card Epic
Radio Free Country Calling Card Rare
Reznov - Winterwood Soldier Epic
Ruin - Arctic Blizzard Soldier Rare
Scylla - Sleigher Soldier Epic
Series 8 Frame Frame Epic
Siberia Avatar Epic
Siberia Frame Frame Rare
Ski Patroller Avatar Rare
Snowball Fight Emote Epic
Snowflakes Avatar Uncommon
Snowman Avatar Epic
Snowman Frame Frame Epic
Spray - Holiday Stocking Spray Rare
Spray - Humane Extinction Spray Rare
Spray - Life (Re)Cycle Spray Epic
Spray - Space Cowboy Spray Epic
Sticker - 12 Point Buck Sticker Rare
Sticker - No Rules Sticker Rare
Sticker - Series 8 Sticker Rare
Tengu - Insulated Soldier Rare
Vanguard - Ski Patroller Soldier Epic
Vasquez - Fission Soldier Rare
Winterwood Avatar Epic
Winterwood Calling Card Epic
Source Name Source Type Source Rarity Currently Available
Arctic Blizzard Offer Special Offer Epic
Battle Pass: Winter War (Bundle) Battle Pass Epic
Battle Pass: Winter War (Free) Battle Pass Common
Battle Pass: Winter War (Premium) Battle Pass Epic
Candy Cane Bundle Bundle Rare
Cozy Up Bundle Bundle Rare
Credits Store Update (2020-12-22) Credits Store Common
Fireside Draw Draw Legendary
Lucky Board (2020-12) Lucky Board Common
Seasonal: Blowout Event Common
Seasonal: Run & Gun Event Common
Series 8 Battle Royale Ranked Rewards Ranked Reward Common
Series 8 Ranked Match Rewards Ranked Reward Common
Siege Crate Crate Epic
Snowy Slopes Crate Crate Epic
Sugar Rush Event Common