Version Details

Version 10.26.0

Season Update

Released on 2021-07-28 ±1 day depending on your region

Version Set: 2021 Season 6

Blueprint Name Item Name Item Type Item Rarity
Slicked Chopper LMG Epic
Camo Name Item Name Item Type Item Rarity
Abominable Machete Machete Common
Abominable Rytec AMR Sniper Common
Abominable Wrench Wrench Common
Aether Crystal .50 GS Pistol Common
Aether Crystal AGR 556 SMG Common
Aether Crystal AK-47 Assault Common
Aether Crystal AK117 Assault Common
Aether Crystal AS VAL Assault Common
Aether Crystal ASM10 Assault Common
Aether Crystal Arctic .50 Sniper Common
Aether Crystal Axe Axe Common
Aether Crystal BK57 Assault Common
Aether Crystal BY15 Shotgun Common
Aether Crystal Baseball Bat Baseball Bat Common
Aether Crystal CR-56 AMAX Assault Common
Aether Crystal Chicom SMG Common
Aether Crystal Chopper LMG Common
Aether Crystal Cordite SMG Common
Aether Crystal DL Q33 Sniper Common
Aether Crystal DR-H Assault Common
Aether Crystal Echo Shotgun Common
Aether Crystal FHJ-18 Launcher Common
Aether Crystal FR .556 Assault Common
Aether Crystal Fennec SMG Common
Aether Crystal GKS SMG Common
Aether Crystal HBRa3 Assault Common
Aether Crystal HG 40 SMG Common
Aether Crystal HS0405 Shotgun Common
Aether Crystal HS2126 Shotgun Common
Aether Crystal HVK-30 Assault Common
Aether Crystal Holger 26 LMG Common
Aether Crystal ICR-1 Assault Common
Aether Crystal J358 Pistol Common
Aether Crystal KN-44 Assault Common
Aether Crystal KRM 262 Shotgun Common
Aether Crystal Kilo Bolt-Action Marksman Common
Aether Crystal Knife Knife Common
Aether Crystal LK24 Assault Common
Aether Crystal Locus Sniper Common
Aether Crystal M16 Assault Common
Aether Crystal M21 EBR Sniper Common
Aether Crystal M4 Assault Common
Aether Crystal M4LMG LMG Common
Aether Crystal MK2 Marksman Common
Aether Crystal MSMC SMG Common
Aether Crystal MW11 Pistol Common
Aether Crystal Machete Machete Common
Aether Crystal Man-O-War Assault Common
Aether Crystal NA-45 Sniper Common
Aether Crystal Outlaw Sniper Common
Aether Crystal PDW-57 SMG Common
Aether Crystal PP19 Bizon SMG Common
Aether Crystal Peacekeeper MK2 Assault Common
Aether Crystal Pharo SMG Common
Aether Crystal QQ9 SMG Common
Aether Crystal QXR SMG Common
Aether Crystal RPD LMG Common
Aether Crystal RUS-79U SMG Common
Aether Crystal Razorback SMG Common
Aether Crystal Renetti Pistol Common
Aether Crystal Rytec AMR Sniper Common
Aether Crystal S36 LMG Common
Aether Crystal SKS Marksman Common
Aether Crystal SMRS Launcher Common
Aether Crystal SP-R 208 Marksman Common
Aether Crystal Shorty Pistol Common
Aether Crystal Shovel Shovel Common
Aether Crystal Sickle Sickle Common
Aether Crystal Striker Shotgun Common
Aether Crystal Type 25 Assault Common
Aether Crystal UL736 LMG Common
Aether Crystal Wrench Wrench Common
Aether Crystal XPR-50 Sniper Common
Airborne Strike AK-47 Assault Rare
Airborne Strike Backpack Backpack Rare
Airborne Strike Molotov Cocktail Lethal Rare
Airborne Strike Parachute Parachute Rare
Airborne Strike Wingsuit Wingsuit Rare
Anaconda Machete Machete Common
Anaconda Rytec AMR Sniper Common
Anaconda Wrench Wrench Common
Angles (Grindable) Machete Machete Common
Angles (Grindable) Rytec AMR Sniper Common
Angles (Grindable) Wrench Wrench Common
Arctic Abstract Machete Machete Common
Arctic Abstract Rytec AMR Sniper Common
Arctic Abstract Wrench Wrench Common
Arctic Seafoam Machete Machete Common
Arctic Seafoam Rytec AMR Sniper Common
Arctic Seafoam Wrench Wrench Common
Asphalt Machete Machete Common
Asphalt Rytec AMR Sniper Common
Asphalt Wrench Wrench Common
Autumn Dazzle Machete Machete Common
Autumn Dazzle Rytec AMR Sniper Common
Autumn Dazzle Wrench Wrench Common
Black Top (Grindable) Machete Machete Common
Black Top (Grindable) Rytec AMR Sniper Common
Black Top (Grindable) Wrench Wrench Common
Blue Iguana Machete Machete Common
Blue Iguana Rytec AMR Sniper Common
Blue Iguana Wrench Wrench Common
Blue Tiger Machete Machete Common
Blue Tiger Rytec AMR Sniper Common
Blue Tiger Wrench Wrench Common
Bullsnake Machete Machete Common
Bullsnake Rytec AMR Sniper Common
Bullsnake Wrench Wrench Common
Canopy Machete Machete Common
Canopy Rytec AMR Sniper Common
Canopy Wrench Wrench Common
Chain Link Machete Machete Common
Chain Link Rytec AMR Sniper Common
Chain Link Wrench Wrench Common
China Lake Machete Machete Common
China Lake Rytec AMR Sniper Common
China Lake Wrench Wrench Common
Chupacabra Machete Machete Common
Chupacabra Rytec AMR Sniper Common
Chupacabra Wrench Wrench Common
Commando Machete Machete Common
Commando Rytec AMR Sniper Common
Commando Wrench Wrench Common
Crime Scene Machete Machete Common
Crime Scene Rytec AMR Sniper Common
Crime Scene Wrench Wrench Common
Damascus Machete Machete Common
Damascus Rytec AMR Sniper Common
Damascus Wrench Wrench Common
Dank Forest Machete Machete Common
Dank Forest Rytec AMR Sniper Common
Dank Forest Wrench Wrench Common
Default Machete Machete Common
Default Rytec AMR Sniper Common
Default Wrench Wrench Common
Desert Cat Machete Machete Common
Desert Cat Rytec AMR Sniper Common
Desert Cat Wrench Wrench Common
Desert Hybrid Machete Machete Common
Desert Hybrid Rytec AMR Sniper Common
Desert Hybrid Wrench Wrench Common
Desert Snake (Grindable) Machete Machete Common
Desert Snake (Grindable) Rytec AMR Sniper Common
Desert Snake (Grindable) Wrench Wrench Common
Diamond Machete Machete Common
Diamond Rytec AMR Sniper Common
Diamond Wrench Wrench Common
Dirt Machete Machete Common
Dirt Rytec AMR Sniper Common
Dirt Wrench Wrench Common
Faded Veil Machete Machete Common
Faded Veil Rytec AMR Sniper Common
Faded Veil Wrench Wrench Common
Feral Beast Machete Machete Common
Feral Beast Rytec AMR Sniper Common
Feral Beast Wrench Wrench Common
Foggy Forest Flashbang Grenade Tactical Uncommon
Foggy Forest M16 Assault Uncommon
Foggy Forest MSMC SMG Uncommon
Foliage Machete Machete Common
Foliage Rytec AMR Sniper Common
Foliage Wrench Wrench Common
Frostbite (Grindable) Machete Machete Common
Frostbite (Grindable) Rytec AMR Sniper Common
Frostbite (Grindable) Wrench Wrench Common
Gartersnake Machete Machete Common
Gartersnake Rytec AMR Sniper Common
Gartersnake Wrench Wrench Common
Gecko Machete Machete Common
Gecko Rytec AMR Sniper Common
Gecko Wrench Wrench Common
Gold Machete Machete Common
Gold Rytec AMR Sniper Common
Gold Wrench Wrench Common
H2O (Grindable) Machete Machete Common
H2O (Grindable) Rytec AMR Sniper Common
H2O (Grindable) Wrench Wrench Common
Ice Breaker Machete Machete Common
Ice Breaker Rytec AMR Sniper Common
Ice Breaker Wrench Wrench Common
Kill Brush Machete Machete Common
Kill Brush Rytec AMR Sniper Common
Kill Brush Wrench Wrench Common
Komodo Machete Machete Common
Komodo Rytec AMR Sniper Common
Komodo Wrench Wrench Common
Marshland Machete Machete Common
Marshland Rytec AMR Sniper Common
Marshland Wrench Wrench Common
Modern Woodland Machete Machete Common
Modern Woodland Rytec AMR Sniper Common
Modern Woodland Wrench Wrench Common
Moroccan Snake Machete Machete Common
Moroccan Snake Rytec AMR Sniper Common
Moroccan Snake Wrench Wrench Common
Moss (Grindable) Machete Machete Common
Moss (Grindable) Rytec AMR Sniper Common
Moss (Grindable) Wrench Wrench Common
Mudslide Machete Machete Common
Mudslide Rytec AMR Sniper Common
Mudslide Wrench Wrench Common
Neon Pink Machete Machete Common
Neon Pink Rytec AMR Sniper Common
Neon Pink Wrench Wrench Common
Nightfall (Grindable) Machete Machete Common
Nightfall (Grindable) Rytec AMR Sniper Common
Nightfall (Grindable) Wrench Wrench Common
Nightfrost Machete Machete Common
Nightfrost Rytec AMR Sniper Common
Nightfrost Wrench Wrench Common
Overgrown Machete Machete Common
Overgrown Rytec AMR Sniper Common
Overgrown Wrench Wrench Common
Pink Python Machete Machete Common
Pink Python Rytec AMR Sniper Common
Pink Python Wrench Wrench Common
Pinstripe Suit Machete Machete Common
Pinstripe Suit Rytec AMR Sniper Common
Pinstripe Suit Wrench Wrench Common
Pitter Patter Machete Machete Common
Pitter Patter Rytec AMR Sniper Common
Pitter Patter Wrench Wrench Common
Platinum Machete Machete Common
Platinum Rytec AMR Sniper Common
Platinum Wrench Wrench Common
Python Machete Machete Common
Python Rytec AMR Sniper Common
Python Wrench Wrench Common
Rainforest DR-H Assault Rare
Rainforest J358 Pistol Rare
Rattlesnake Machete Machete Common
Rattlesnake Rytec AMR Sniper Common
Rattlesnake Wrench Wrench Common
Red Tiger Machete Machete Common
Red Tiger Rytec AMR Sniper Common
Red Tiger Wrench Wrench Common
Rip 'N Tear Machete Machete Common
Rip 'N Tear Rytec AMR Sniper Common
Rip 'N Tear Wrench Wrench Common
Ruins Machete Machete Common
Ruins Rytec AMR Sniper Common
Ruins Wrench Wrench Common
Sand Dance Machete Machete Common
Sand Dance Rytec AMR Sniper Common
Sand Dance Wrench Wrench Common
Sharp Edges Machete Machete Common
Sharp Edges Rytec AMR Sniper Common
Sharp Edges Wrench Wrench Common
Smoke Machete Machete Common
Smoke Rytec AMR Sniper Common
Smoke Wrench Wrench Common
Snakelike Parachute Parachute Uncommon
Snakelike Wingsuit Wingsuit Uncommon
Swamp (Grindable) Machete Machete Common
Swamp (Grindable) Rytec AMR Sniper Common
Swamp (Grindable) Wrench Wrench Common
Tagged (Grindable) Machete Machete Common
Tagged (Grindable) Rytec AMR Sniper Common
Tagged (Grindable) Wrench Wrench Common
Tiger Stripes Machete Machete Common
Tiger Stripes Rytec AMR Sniper Common
Tiger Stripes Wrench Wrench Common
Trailblazer Machete Machete Common
Trailblazer Rytec AMR Sniper Common
Trailblazer Wrench Wrench Common
Tundra Machete Machete Common
Tundra Rytec AMR Sniper Common
Tundra Wrench Wrench Common
Undergrowth (Grindable) Machete Machete Common
Undergrowth (Grindable) Rytec AMR Sniper Common
Undergrowth (Grindable) Wrench Wrench Common
Warcom Blues Machete Machete Common
Warcom Blues Rytec AMR Sniper Common
Warcom Blues Wrench Wrench Common
Warcom Greens Machete Machete Common
Warcom Greens Rytec AMR Sniper Common
Warcom Greens Wrench Wrench Common
Camo Name Item Type Item Rarity
Airborne Valour Spray Rare
Fury Calling Card Epic
Jump Master Sticker Rare
Nikolai - Airborne Soldier Epic
Special Ops 5 - Rainforest Soldier Rare
Source Name Source Type Source Rarity Currently Available
Consolation Prize Crate Epic
Day of the Airborne Bundle Bundle Epic
Lucky Board (2021-07) Lucky Board Epic
Soldier Return Event (2021-07) Event Rare
Soldier Return Training Event (2021-07) Event Epic