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Epic Weapon XP Card Camo

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Weapon XP Card Default, Epic camo in Call of Duty Mobile
Source Name Source Type Currently Available
BR Barrage Event
Board of Honor Event
Brought NODs 2.0 Event
Bump in the Night Event
By the Sea Event
Cannonhead Event
Carnage Event
Class Act (2021-05) Event
Comics (2021-08) Event
Comics! Event
Comics! (2021-05) Event
Comics! (2021-06) Event
Comics! (2021-07) Event
Comics! (2021-09) Event
Comics! (2021-10) Event  
Consolation Prize Crate  
Cranked: Confirmed Event
Deadly Range Event
Desert Dome Event
Desert Sanctuary Event
Extra, Extra! (2021-05) Event
Face Off Event
Friend Recruit (2021-05) Event
Friend Recruit (2021-07) Event
Friend Recruit (2021-09) Event
Games Master Event
Games Master (2021-06) Event
High Noon Chase Event
Monthly Login Calendar (2021-04) Event
Monthly Login Calendar (2021-06) Event
Monthly Login Calendar (2021-08) Event
Monthly Login Calendar (2021-09) Event
Monthly Login Calendar (2021-09) Event
Monthly Login Calendar (2021-10) Event  
Oktoberfest! Event
Pumpkin Confirmed Event
Royal Takedown Event
Royale Overdrive Event
Season's End Event
Season's End (2021-07) Event
Season's End (2021-09) Event
Season's End (2021-11) Event  
Seasonal: BR Buff (2021-04) Event
Seasonal: BR Mastermind Event
Seasonal: BR Mastermind (2021-06) Event
Seasonal: Best-in-Class Event
Seasonal: Blue Ribbon Soldier Event
Seasonal: Blue Ribbon Soldier (2021-11) Event  
Seasonal: Gadget Mule Event
Seasonal: Gold or Nothing (2021-06) Event
Seasonal: Gung Ho Event
Seasonal: Holger Strike Event
Seasonal: In Plain Sight Event  
Seasonal: Knockout Artist Event
Seasonal: Loyal Companion Event
Seasonal: Machete Madness Event
Seasonal: Martyrdom Event
Seasonal: Monster Shotty Event
Seasonal: Operator Ace Event  
Seasonal: Outta the Way! Event  
Seasonal: Overclocked Event
Seasonal: Quick Hands Event
Seasonal: Razor Sharp Event
Seasonal: Rifle Ace Event
Seasonal: Royale Fanatic Event
Seasonal: Royale Specialist Event
Seasonal: Royale Specialist (2021-11) Event  
Seasonal: SMG Supremacy Event
Seasonal: Sawed Off Shenanigans Event
Seasonal: Scorestreak Smash Event
Seasonal: Sharpshooter Event
Seasonal: Steady Breath Event
Seasonal: Survival of the Fittest (2021-10) Event  
Seasonal: Target Practice Event
Seasonal: Under Pressure Event
Seasonal: Unstoppable Streak Event
Sharpened Skills Event
Showdown Event
Slums Scuffle Event
Soldier Return Event (2021-05) Event
Soldier Return Training Event (2021-05) Event
Soldier Return Training Event (2021-09) Event
Solid Gold Event
Stacks Showdown Event
Sugar Rush Event
Summertime Skirmish Event
Surviving Alcatraz (2021-06) Event
Surviving Alcatraz (2021-07) Event
Swords and Stones Event
Temporal Anomaly Event
United Front Event
Item Name Item Type Rarity Item Sources
Pharo SMG Common
Locus Sniper Common
Cordite SMG Common
Cryo Bomb Tactical Common
H.I.V.E. Operator Skill Uncommon
Tempest Operator Skill Common
Annihilator Operator Skill Common
Gravity Spikes Operator Skill Rare
Sparrow Operator Skill Rare
War Machine Operator Skill Common
Purifier Operator Skill Common
Transform Shield Operator Skill Common
Death Machine Operator Skill Common
Care Package Score Streak Common
Counter-UAV Score Streak Common
Hunter Killer Drone Score Streak Common
MQ-27 Dragonfire Score Streak Rare
Predator Missile Score Streak Common
SAM Turret Score Streak Common
Sentry Gun Score Streak Common
Shock RC Score Streak Common
Stealth Chopper Score Streak Common
UAV Score Streak Common
VTOL Score Streak Common
XS1 Goliath Score Streak Rare
Trickster Class Skill Rare
Airborne Class Skill Rare
Outlaw Sniper Common
ASM10 Assault Common
S36 LMG Common
UL736 LMG Common
Type 25 Assault Common
PDW-57 SMG Common
LK24 Assault Common
Arctic .50 Sniper Common
J358 Pistol Common
AK117 Assault Common
Striker Shotgun Common
HG 40 SMG Common
FHJ-18 Launcher Common
M21 EBR Sniper Common
AK-47 Assault Common
RPD LMG Common
SMRS Launcher Common
BY15 Shotgun Common
RUS-79U SMG Common
MW11 Pistol Common
Smoke Grenade Tactical Common
Frag Grenade Lethal Common
Flashbang Grenade Tactical Common
Sticky Grenade Lethal Common
Trip Mine Lethal Common
Concussion Grenade Tactical Common
EMP Tactical Common
Trophy System Tactical Common
DL Q33 Sniper Common
M4 Assault Common
Poltergeist Class Skill Common
GKS SMG Common
KN-44 Assault Common
Trap Master Class Skill Common
Combat Axe Lethal Common
QQ9 SMG Common
Cluster Strike Score Streak Common
Man-O-War Assault Common
HVK-30 Assault Common
Chopper LMG Common
Smoke Bomber Class Skill Common
DR-H Assault Common
HBRa3 Assault Common
Tank Vehicle Common
KRM 262 Shotgun Common
Shadow Blade Operator Skill Common
Shield Turret Score Streak Common
Kilo Bolt-Action Marksman Common
ICR-1 Assault Common
M4LMG LMG Common
Thermite Lethal Common
Molotov Cocktail Lethal Common
HS2126 Shotgun Common
BK57 Assault Common
XPR-50 Sniper Common
Chicom SMG Common
M16 Assault Common
HS0405 Shotgun Common
Razorback SMG Common
Equalizer Operator Skill Common
Echo Shotgun Common
Hacker Class Skill Common
Fennec SMG Common
NA-45 Sniper Common
Advanced UAV Score Streak Common
AGR 556 SMG Common
.50 GS Pistol Common
Ballistic Shield Operator Skill Common
Base Melee Base Melee Common
Refitter Class Skill Common
Peacekeeper MK2 Assault Common
QXR SMG Common
Snowboard Vehicle Common
Desperado Class Skill Common
Gravity Vortex Gun Operator Skill Common
SKS Marksman Common
FR .556 Assault Common
Mythic Card Consumable Mythic
Gas Grenade Tactical Common
AS VAL Assault Common
SP-R 208 Marksman Common
Charly Soldier Common
Cargo Truck Vehicle Common
Napalm Score Streak Common
Shovel Shovel Common
PP19 Bizon SMG Common
Renetti Pistol Common
Bull Charge Operator Skill Common
Double Weapon XP Card Consumable Rare
Spotter Class Skill Common
MK2 Marksman Common
Holger 26 LMG Common
Sickle Sickle Common
Hawk X3 Score Streak Common
Heartbeat Sensor Tactical Common
CR-56 AMAX Assault Common
K9 Unit Operator Skill Common
Shorty Pistol Common
Rewind Class Skill Common
Rytec AMR Sniper Common
Wrench Wrench Common
Machete Machete Common
Storm Ball Tactical Common
Kinetic Armor Operator Skill Common
Muscle Car Vehicle Common
MX9 SMG Common
Swarm Score Streak Common
Double Weapon XP Card Consumable Epic
Weapon XP Card Consumable Rare
Battle Pass Tier Card Consumable Rare
Katana Base Melee Common
Hades LMG Common
Crossbow Pistol Common
Prizefighters Base Melee Common
Lightning Strike Score Streak Common
R9-0 Shotgun Common
Rally Car Vehicle Common
M13 Assault Common
Flash Drone Tactical Common
TAK-5 Operator Skill Common
Swordfish Assault Common
Thumper Launcher Common
Pumped Class Skill Common