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Credits Store Update (2019-12-19)

Added in version

This item source is no longer available in the game.

  Additional Information

  • Rarity: Common
  • Paid Only: No
Item Name Camo Name Item Type Rarity
LK24 Survival of Fittest Assault Rare
AK117 Balloons Assault Rare
LK24 Metal Note Assault Rare
LK24 Yellow Triangle Assault Uncommon
Type 25 Neon Tiger Assault Uncommon
M4LMG Black Gold LMG Epic
UL736 Zombie Gene LMG Uncommon
FHJ-18 Stained Glass Launcher Uncommon
Molotov Cocktail Default Lethal Common
Sparrow Default Operator Skill Rare
RUS-79U Dawn SMG Rare
RUS-79U Metal Note SMG Rare
RUS-79U Neon Tiger SMG Uncommon
Striker Lightwave Shotgun Rare
M21 EBR Royal Crimson Sniper Epic
M21 EBR On Fire Sniper Rare
XPR-50 Melon Sniper Uncommon
Spray Spray - Ghost Toy Spray Rare