Posted on 2021-11-18 09:08 AM

No more updates

It is not without a heavy heart but I will stop updating the site starting today.

When I began developing CODM.GG the Covid19 crisis was in full effect in Germany. We were in lockdown and I had a lot of time on my hands. There wasn't anything else for me to play so I was full of enthusiasm about the game as well as the site.

Almost two years later, the Covid situation is even worse but I am no longer excited about the game. Updating the site became a chore I had to undertake daily - it was no longer fun. And frankly, I want to have fun when doing something as a hobby. Now I have other things to do and other games to play.

For that reason I have decided to stop updating the site. However, I will not shut it down as long as it is able to support itself financially so anyone interested in the game's history will still have a place to go.

To my volunteers who worked so hard with me to add everything to the site: it's been a blast and I can't thank you enough!

MasterKevlar 2 days ago
Grateful for the info, I appreciate that it was from the Heart

ReiDestruido 3 days ago
Goodbye, mate. I hope you stay well and happy no matter what you do. Thanks for everything.

CODM-is-Beano 1 week ago
We understand take care and much love.