Posted on 2021-10-21 12:59 PM

Season 9/21: Nightmare now live!

Season 9/21: Nightmare now live!

It's pretty scary how fast the previous season went by and to ensure you remain frightened here's Season 9/21: Nightmare!

But here it is and here's what's new and interesting:

  • new functional weapon is the Swordfish assault rifle which is included in the free Battle Pass. The paid Battle Pass has a nice remodel.
  • new Operator Skill is the TAK-5 which heals and buffs your team's health, also available in the free Battle Pass
  • the daily mission crate has been replaced by the aptly named Daily Mission Crate. It's still comprised of previous free rewards so you might already have most of its contents.
  • the first crate of the season is the Deranged Marionette Crate containing a Spectre skin and a remodel for the AK117
  • the first featured event is Drop Zone to accompany the new game mode with the same name
  • two new seasonal events are live:

    • In Plain Sight awards the new Flash Drone tactical equipment and other stuff
    • Survival of the Fittest is nothing new really - it's there every season, wants you to play Battle Royale and awards an epic Razorback blueprint and more

  • the Monthly Login Calendar includes a really cool skin for Seraph
  • if you want to invite friends to the game, a new Friend Invite event is up with unique rewards
  • last but not least, Zombie Mode is back but unchanged so far

No changes to the Credits Store yet by the way, which feels a bit off.