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Content Update

Released on 2020-10-29 ±1 day depending on your region

Version Set: Season 11

Blueprint Name Item Name Item Type Item Rarity
Court Jester M4 Assault Legendary
Pantomime BY15 Shotgun Epic
Pantomime J358 Pistol Epic
Camo Name Item Name Item Type Item Rarity
Dark Light ASM10 Assault Rare
Dark Light Backpack Backpack Rare
Dark Light Boat Vehicle Rare
Dark Light Helicopter Vehicle Rare
Dark Light MW11 Pistol Rare
Dark Light Parachute Parachute Rare
Dark Light Wingsuit Wingsuit Rare
Eagle Feather Parachute Parachute Uncommon
Eagle Feather Wingsuit Wingsuit Uncommon
Jack O' Lantern Backpack Backpack Rare
Jack O' Lantern Wingsuit Wingsuit Rare
Neon Army Axe Axe Uncommon
Neon Army Backpack Backpack Uncommon
Neon Army LK24 Assault Uncommon
Neon Army Motorcycle Vehicle Uncommon
Neon Army Parachute Parachute Uncommon
Neon Army RUS-79U SMG Uncommon
Neon Army Trap Master Class Skill Uncommon
Neon Army Wingsuit Wingsuit Uncommon
Pantomime Parachute Parachute Epic
Pantomime Thermite Lethal Epic
Pantomime Wingsuit Wingsuit Epic
River Raid BY15 Shotgun Rare
Yellow Fabric Motorcycle Vehicle Uncommon
Camo Name Item Type Item Rarity
Charm - Luna Charm Legendary
Death Angel Alice - The Fool Soldier Epic
Devil's Horns Calling Card Epic
Fool's Angel Calling Card Legendary
Give Wing to Chance Calling Card Epic
Juggler Emote Epic
River Raid Avatar Rare
River Raid Calling Card Rare
River Raid Frame Frame Rare
Special Ops 2 - Copilot Soldier Rare
Spray - River Raid Spray Rare
Vasquez - Dark Light Soldier Rare
Source Name Source Type Source Rarity Currently Available
Credits Store Update (2020-10-30) Credits Store Common
Dark Light Bundle Bundle Rare
Neon Bundle Bundle Uncommon
Pawn takes Pawn: "Dead Draw" Achievement Rewards Code Redemption Common
The Kingfish Bundle Bundle Epic
Undead Fog Event Common
Wicked Trickster Draw Draw Legendary