Source Information

Soldier Return Event (2020-06 post-patch)

Added in version on 2020-06-11

This item source is no longer available in the game.

Only offered to returning players who were offline for more than 14 days. This event replaced the Soldier Return event that was already running before the Season 7 update was rolled out.

  Additional Information

  • Rarity: Common
  • Paid Only: No
Item Name Camo Name Item Type Rarity
ICR-1 Meteors Assault Rare
AK117 Color Burst Assault Rare
Backpack Reticulated Backpack 1 Uncommon
RPD Reticulated LMG Uncommon
PDW-57 Evil Chip SMG Rare
DL Q33 Reticulated Sniper Uncommon
Soldier Special Ops 3 - Malware Soldier Uncommon