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Maintenance Update

Released on 2021-05-03 ±1 day depending on your region

Version Set: 2021 Season 3

Blueprint Name Item Name Item Type Item Rarity
Cutting Edge J358 Pistol Epic
Cutting Edge KRM 262 Shotgun Epic
Cutting Edge Type 25 Assault Epic
Effigy HG 40 SMG Epic
Effigy J358 Pistol Epic
Floating Lotus Locus Sniper Epic
Glow Fly HBRa3 Assault Epic
Glow Fly MW11 Pistol Epic
Innovator ICR-1 Assault Legendary
Invocation PP19 Bizon SMG Legendary
Koi Pond AK-47 Assault Epic
Koi Pond Arctic .50 Sniper Epic
Last Stand LK24 Assault Epic
Metal Phantom Renetti Pistol Legendary
Metallurgy DR-H Assault Epic
Revolt DR-H Assault Epic
Robot Samurai SKS Marksman Epic
Camo Name Item Name Item Type Item Rarity
Bamboo Clown Class Skill Uncommon
Bamboo Defender Class Skill Uncommon
Bamboo Mechanic Class Skill Uncommon
Bamboo Medic Class Skill Uncommon
Bamboo Ninja Class Skill Uncommon
Bamboo Parachute Parachute Uncommon
Bamboo Scout Class Skill Uncommon
Bamboo Wingsuit Wingsuit Uncommon
Birthstone Baseball Bat Baseball Bat Rare
Birthstone HVK-30 Assault Rare
Birthstone ICR-1 Assault Rare
Blossom Branch Airborne Class Skill Rare
Blossom Branch Antelope A20 Vehicle Rare
Blossom Branch Boat Vehicle Rare
Blossom Branch ORV Vehicle Rare
Blossom Branch Parachute Parachute Rare
Blossom Branch Trap Master Class Skill Rare
Blossom Branch Wingsuit Wingsuit Rare
Color Process M4 Assault Uncommon
Cutting Edge Parachute Parachute Epic
Cutting Edge Smoke Grenade Tactical Epic
Cutting Edge Wingsuit Wingsuit Epic
Default Spotter Class Skill Common
Dragonfly Axe Axe Uncommon
Dragonfly Echo Shotgun Uncommon
Dragonfly Flashbang Grenade Tactical Uncommon
Dragonfly Frag Grenade Lethal Uncommon
Dragonfly Outlaw Sniper Uncommon
Dragonfly PDW-57 SMG Uncommon
Dragonfly Trophy System Tactical Uncommon
Duel ASM10 Assault Uncommon
Duel Backpack Backpack Uncommon
Duel Boat Vehicle Uncommon
Duel Clown Class Skill Uncommon
Duel Concussion Grenade Tactical Uncommon
Duel FHJ-18 Launcher Uncommon
Duel Flashbang Grenade Tactical Uncommon
Duel KRM 262 Shotgun Uncommon
Duel Kilo Bolt-Action Marksman Uncommon
Duel MW11 Pistol Uncommon
Duel Mechanic Class Skill Uncommon
Duel ORV Vehicle Uncommon
Duel Smoke Grenade Tactical Uncommon
Effigy Frag Grenade Lethal Epic
Effigy Parachute Parachute Epic
Effigy Wingsuit Wingsuit Epic
Floating Lotus Baseball Bat Baseball Bat Epic
Floating Lotus Frag Grenade Lethal Epic
Floating Lotus Knife Knife Epic
Floating Lotus Parachute Parachute Epic
Floating Lotus Wingsuit Wingsuit Epic
Glow Fly Backpack Backpack Epic
Glow Fly Karambit Base Melee Epic
Glow Fly Molotov Cocktail Lethal Epic
Glow Fly SMRS Launcher Epic
Holster AK-47 Assault Rare
Holster Backpack Backpack Rare
Holster Molotov Cocktail Lethal Rare
Koi Pond Katana Base Melee Epic
Koi Pond Sticky Grenade Lethal Epic
Metallurgy Axe Axe Epic
Metallurgy Backpack Backpack Epic
Metallurgy Combat Axe Lethal Epic
Metallurgy Wingsuit Wingsuit Epic
Palanquin Cargo Truck Vehicle Epic
Palanquin Helicopter Vehicle Epic
Palanquin Motorcycle Vehicle Epic
Palanquin ORV Vehicle Epic
Palanquin Tank Vehicle Epic
Paper Fan Mechanic Class Skill Uncommon
Paper Star Boat Vehicle Uncommon
Paper Star Clown Class Skill Uncommon
Paper Star J358 Pistol Uncommon
Paper Star Knife Knife Uncommon
Paper Star M16 Assault Uncommon
Paper Star M4 Assault Uncommon
Paper Star MW11 Pistol Uncommon
Paper Star Scout Class Skill Uncommon
Paper Star XPR-50 Sniper Uncommon
Perfect Balance Fennec SMG Rare
Perfect Balance Knife Knife Rare
Perfect Balance M4 Assault Rare
Perfect Balance MW11 Pistol Rare
Periwinkle Ice Axe Base Melee Epic
Refined AGR 556 SMG Rare
Refined Antelope A20 Vehicle Rare
Refined Backpack Backpack Rare
Refined J358 Pistol Rare
Refined Motorcycle Vehicle Rare
Refined Parachute Parachute Rare
Refined Wingsuit Wingsuit Rare
Rock Cairn Antelope A20 Vehicle Uncommon
Rock Cairn Backpack Backpack Uncommon
Rock Cairn Boat Vehicle Uncommon
Rock Cairn Frag Grenade Lethal Uncommon
Rock Cairn HS2126 Shotgun Uncommon
Rock Cairn HVK-30 Assault Uncommon
Rock Cairn J358 Pistol Uncommon
Rock Cairn MW11 Pistol Uncommon
Rock Cairn Ninja Class Skill Uncommon
Rock Cairn Scout Class Skill Uncommon
Rock Cairn Trip Mine Lethal Uncommon
Rock Cairn Trophy System Tactical Uncommon
Rock Cairn XPR-50 Sniper Uncommon
Sea Serpent Backpack Backpack Rare
Sea Serpent Boat Vehicle Rare
Sea Serpent DR-H Assault Rare
Sea Serpent SMRS Launcher Rare
Sea Serpent Trip Mine Lethal Rare
Side Scale Arctic .50 Sniper Rare
Side Scale Backpack Backpack Rare
Side Scale Helicopter Vehicle Rare
Side Scale Parachute Parachute Rare
Water Lantern Backpack Backpack Rare
Water Lantern Echo Shotgun Rare
Water Lantern Knife Knife Rare
Water Lantern ORV Vehicle Rare
Water Lantern Smoke Grenade Tactical Rare
Camo Name Item Type Item Rarity
Automatic Shogun Calling Card Rare
Azure Protector Sticker Rare
Battery - Birthstone Soldier Rare
Breakout Calling Card Legendary
Clashing Blades Calling Card Rare
Cleaved Sticker Uncommon
Drop Dead Calling Card Rare
Electric Siren Sticker Epic
Element of Surprise Calling Card Epic
Fang Frequency Sticker Rare
Floating Lotus Frame Frame Rare
High Priest of Chaos Soldier Epic
Honored Avatar Rare
Into the Fire Calling Card Legendary
Jalapeño, Picante Charm Epic
Kitten Emperor Sticker Rare
Kreuger - The Resistance Soldier Epic
MacTavish Frame Frame Rare
Mace - Final Guard Soldier Legendary
Mecha Avatar Rare
Memoriam Charm Legendary
Merc 5 - Batalla Soldier Epic
Now What? Emote Epic
Orizuru Charm Epic
Piñata Sticker Rare
Really? Emote Rare
Reap This Charm Epic
Recon - Honorbound Soldier Epic
Revolution Frame Frame Rare
Robot Tokyo Frame Frame Epic
Sacred Sigil Charm Legendary
Sacrificial Calling Card Legendary
Samurai Charm Epic
Siren - Artifice Soldier Epic
Slow Clap Emote Rare
Special Ops 2 - Side Scale Soldier Rare
Spray - Calavera Spray Rare
Spray - Death Jam Spray Epic
Spray - Dragon Delight Spray Rare
Spray - Feel That Burn Spray Epic
Spray - Summer Games Spray Epic
Street Trouble Sticker Rare
Surf's Up Calling Card Rare
Sushi Charm Rare
Sushi Beast Sticker Rare
The Resistance Avatar Rare
Unholy Attempt Emote Epic
Victoria Calling Card Epic
Vivian Harris - Periwinkle Soldier Epic
Source Name Source Type Source Rarity Currently Available
Class Act (2021-05) Event Rare
Credits Store Update (2021-05-07) Credits Store Epic
Dystopian Crate Crate Epic
Enlightened Lotus Crate Crate Epic
Extra, Extra! (2021-05) Event Common
Fie5ta de Mayo Bundle Bundle Epic
Fly as a Samurai Crate Crate Epic
Forged Steel Draw Draw Legendary
Games Master Event Rare
Light Strips Bundle Bundle Rare
Perfect Harmony Crate Crate Epic
Polished Bundle Bundle Epic
Seasonal: Gadget Mule Event Rare
Seasonal: Quick Hands Event Rare
Seasonal: Royale Fanatic Event Rare
Swords and Stones Event Rare
Synaptic Crash Draw Draw Legendary
Target Locked Event Rare
The Order Draw Draw Legendary