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Content Update

Released on 2020-10-17 ±1 day depending on your region

Version Set: Season 11

Blueprint Name Item Name Item Type Item Rarity
All Business Locus Sniper Epic
BiSH AK117 Assault Epic
Black Knight RUS-79U SMG Epic
Quartz J358 Pistol Epic
Quartz S36 LMG Epic
Camo Name Item Name Item Type Item Rarity
Blue Camo ORV Vehicle Uncommon
Chopper Command AK-47 Assault Rare
Citrine Parachute Parachute Epic
Citrine Wingsuit Wingsuit Epic
Kaboom Striker Shotgun Rare
Kapow Backpack Backpack Uncommon
Kapow Baseball Bat Baseball Bat Uncommon
Kapow Clown Class Skill Uncommon
Kapow Concussion Grenade Tactical Uncommon
Kapow Flashbang Grenade Tactical Uncommon
Kapow Frag Grenade Lethal Uncommon
Kapow HS2126 Shotgun Uncommon
Kapow HVK-30 Assault Uncommon
Kapow J358 Pistol Uncommon
Kapow Knife Knife Uncommon
Kapow M16 Assault Uncommon
Kapow M21 EBR Sniper Uncommon
Kapow Mechanic Class Skill Uncommon
Kapow Medic Class Skill Uncommon
Kapow Motorcycle Vehicle Uncommon
Kapow Ninja Class Skill Uncommon
Kapow Parachute Parachute Uncommon
Kapow SMRS Launcher Uncommon
Kapow Scout Class Skill Uncommon
Kapow Smoke Grenade Tactical Uncommon
Kapow Sticky Grenade Lethal Uncommon
Kapow Tank Vehicle Uncommon
Kapow Trap Master Class Skill Uncommon
Kapow Type 25 Assault Uncommon
Kapow Wingsuit Wingsuit Uncommon
Lightweight Backpack Backpack Epic
Persisted Helicopter Vehicle Rare
Quartz Backpack Backpack Epic
Quartz Frag Grenade Lethal Epic
Quartz Parachute Parachute Epic
Quartz Wingsuit Wingsuit Epic
Sleight of Hand Antelope A20 Vehicle Rare
Sleight of Hand Axe Axe Rare
Sleight of Hand BK57 Assault Rare
Sleight of Hand Backpack Backpack Rare
Sleight of Hand FHJ-18 Launcher Rare
Sleight of Hand Flashbang Grenade Tactical Rare
Sleight of Hand ORV Vehicle Rare
Sleight of Hand Parachute Parachute Rare
Sleight of Hand RUS-79U SMG Rare
Sleight of Hand Wingsuit Wingsuit Rare
Urban Orange ATV Vehicle Uncommon
Zork BK57 Assault Rare
Camo Name Item Type Item Rarity
After You Emote Rare
Afterlife Avatar Rare
Battery - Queens Guard Soldier Epic
Battery - Sleight of Hand Soldier Rare
Battle Hardened - Red Shock Soldier Epic
BiSH Calling Card Epic
BiSH Emote Epic
Charm - Ghosty Charm Epic
Charm - Noble Charm Epic
Chopper Command Avatar Rare
Chopper Command Calling Card Rare
Chopper Command Frame Frame Rare
Fortress Frame Frame Epic
Ghost - Loose Ends Soldier Epic
Haunt Emote Rare
Joust Calling Card Rare
Kaboom Avatar Rare
Kaboom Calling Card Rare
Quartz Frame Frame Rare
Quenns Guard Avatar Rare
Spray - BiSH Spray Epic
Spray - Chopper Command Spray Rare
Spray - Gilded Spray Epic
Spray - Kaboom Spray Rare
Spray - Zork Spray Rare
Sticker - Iron Knight Sticker Rare
Sticker - Simon's Shade Sticker Rare
Tactical High Ground Calling Card Rare
Urban Tracker - BiSH Soldier Epic
Zork Avatar Rare
Zork Calling Card Rare
Zork Frame Frame Rare
Source Name Source Type Source Rarity Currently Available
BiSH Bundle Bundle Epic
Ghost - Loose Ends Bundle Bundle Epic
Pawn Takes Pawn: "Sure Shot" Achievement Rewards Code Redemption Common
Pawn takes Pawn: "Beneath the Surface" Achievement Rewards Code Redemption Common
Pawn takes Pawn: "Foot Soldier" Achievement Rewards Code Redemption Common
Pawn takes Pawn: "Overachiever" Achievement Rewards Code Redemption Common
Set Completion: Quartz Event Epic
Sword & Shield Crate Crate Epic