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Content Update

Released on 2020-08-20 ±1 day depending on your region

Version Set: Season 9

Blueprint Name Item Name Item Type Item Rarity
Artillery AK-47 Assault Epic
Bunker Buster ASM10 Assault Legendary
Rosie MSMC SMG Epic
Camo Name Item Name Item Type Item Rarity
Ammo Box Concussion Grenade Tactical Uncommon
Ammo Box J358 Pistol Uncommon
Ammo Box M4LMG LMG Uncommon
Ammo Box Outlaw Sniper Uncommon
Ammo Box Trip Mine Lethal Uncommon
Artillery Backpack Backpack Epic
Artillery SMRS Launcher Epic
Artillery Trip Mine Lethal Epic
Blood in the Water M4LMG LMG Rare
Blood in the Water Outlaw Sniper Rare
Blood in the Water SMRS Launcher Rare
Eagle Feather Arctic .50 Sniper Uncommon
Eagle Feather M16 Assault Uncommon
Eagle Feather Scout Class Skill Uncommon
Sewed Snake AK117 Assault Rare
Sewed Snake Frag Grenade Lethal Rare
Sewed Snake HS0405 Shotgun Rare
Sewed Snake Knife Knife Rare
Camo Name Item Type Item Rarity
Charm - Outburst Charm Legendary
Dark Shepherd Soldier Epic
Death at Dawn Calling Card Legendary
Monstrosity Emote Epic
Nature of War Calling Card Rare
Nikolai Belinski Soldier Epic
Red Hot Frame Frame Epic
Red War Calling Card Rare
Spray - Sure Shot Spray Epic
Veteran Avatar Rare
Source Name Source Type Source Rarity Currently Available
Finest Hour Event Common
Hell on Shells Draw Draw Legendary
Seasonal: Fully Loaded Event Common
Seasonal: Retribution Event Common
Set Completion: Tanker Event Epic