Posted on 2021-10-12 09:56 AM

Altered DNA Draw, Cloudburst Bundle

Altered DNA Draw, Cloudburst Bundle

Before we start, I forgot posting about yesterday's crate - Tundra Tactician Crate - but since it doesn't contain anything of value I doubt it matters much.

Today's draw is the Altered DNA Draw which contains the first legendary Fennec (there was a mythic one before, though) as well as the new, mysterious soldier Kryptis. The Fennec has a reactive camo but there's very little difference between stages. The Draw also contains the first legendary Spray.

As Tuesday is traditionally "new bundle day" there's also a bundle in the store with the Cloudburst Bundle. It's a recycle of the Rainy Day Crate and contains all the epic parts - which isn't difficult because that crate only had two - plus some rares and uncommons. If you ever wanted Zero in her default outfit this bundle's for you.

CODM.GG 1 week ago
The Draw? Likely 2 weeks as usual.

DiZYT 1 week ago
how long is it staying for