Posted on 2021-06-12 09:55 AM

Drillhead Draw, High Noon Chase, new Events, Credits Store

Drillhead Draw, High Noon Chase, new Events, Credits Store

I must have forgotten to push the update yesterday, my apologies. -Editor

This season's themed event is High Noon Chase which deviates from the past few themed events in being entirely linear. You collect Sheriff Stars by playing matches (1v1 duels net you more) and unlock rewards along the way to the main prize which is Tengu - Black Gold and an epic Echo blueprint.

Also new is the Drillhead Draw offering the first legendary MK2 as well as the new soldier "Rosa". The other epic items use the "Volution" camo which looks quite cool especially on the motorcycle. The legendary weapon isn't reactive so it's probably not the most interesting but the model is decent enough.

Then there are two new featured objectives:

  • Royale Overdrive sends you to Battle Royale to perform various - rather easy - tasks. Rewards are a legendary (!) Calling Card as well as a rare ATV and other things. The Calling Card was likely a mistake as the event's picture shows an entirely different one but we'll take what we can get, right?
  • Showdown is all about 1v1 duels. Personally I hate them with passion because of how the Cordite was acquired in Season 6 (you had to do a lot of 1v1 to get it) but then again 1v1 grants more Sheriff Stars for the High Noon Chase ... rewards include a rare ASM10 and a Sticker.

Finally the Credits Store has been updated again with an epic Arctic .50 and Calling Card plus some other items. I've yet to add the new Credits Store data so no link here yet, sorry.

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Trying to figure out what QRF "significantly" means as a value.