Posted on 2021-06-10 09:41 AM

Two new bundles have been released, bringing back Sheriff

Two new bundles have been released, bringing back Sheriff

Two new bundles have been released today:

  • the Scrapped Together Bundle contains items from the Junk Punk Crate with the most interesting piece being a Locus remodel. The rest is just standard stuff. At the price it's hard to recommend.
  • the The Law Bundle is a selection of items from the really old The Law Crate and re-introduces the Sheriff soldier which is the most interesting item here as well. Considering his extremely low drop rate of 0.5% back in the day this bundle is a steal if you always wanted to represent the law.

I also skipped reporting on yesterday's releases due to time constraints so let's have them here:

  • the Codename Roze Crate includes the "Virago" skin for the Roze soldier, an animated Calling Card and really nothing else to write home about.
  • Seasonal: Unstoppable Streak is all about using scorestreaks - namely the new Hawk X3 - in matches. Rewards a rare AGR 556, a charm and more.
  • Seasonal: Razor Sharp is more interesting as it introduces the Sickle melee weapon as well as a nice Calling Card, a Spray and other stuff. The tasks are a mixed bag of BR and MP and from first glance aren't all that easy.

Don't forget that the World Championship Qualifier Week 2 starts today! You can earn an epic QXR blueprint from reaching 60 points and you'll have to play 10 matches anyway to get Manta Ray in the end.